Sakura Wars 2 – Continuation of The Dream (夢のつづき) Singable English Lyrics

Hi guys, I’m being a dweeb again. I’m really hyped up for the New Sakura Wars game, and it’s got me wanting to replay the series. (Or, at the very least, 3, since I’m so busy and blah-blah.)

Anyway, this song from SW2 is so heart-warming, and it’s one of my absolute favorite theme songs out there. I’m on a quest to get kinda-sorta good at translyrics, so I thought I’d tackle this one, since with the beat and all it seems hard as heck.

Anyhoo, enjoy under the cut!

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Tenshi Doumei (PSX) – Story Translation 02/??


Honest to goodness, I don’t really know the world history well enough to round out exactly where this would take place in history. My guess is WWI because of a specific salmon one character talks about later in the story. You have a mech story and the characters waste ample time talking about salmon.  It’s very Gundam in that sense.

Anyway, enjoy.

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Tenshi Doumei (PSX) – Story Translation 01/??

Morning all. Sorry for the radio silence for a while. I’ve been rounding out stuff for Napple Tale lately(and losing a LOT of sleep), so hopefully I’ll have some good news to share on that subject very soon.

Anyway, I thought I’d post something else to the blog. With certain sites vanishing in the past year, I’ve felt that a couple projects can afford to be let loose, so I’ve decided not to go through with a Tenshi Doumei/Angel Alliance patch project. It’s rare, it’s not exactly fun to play, and it didn’t feel worth it to round people up and force people to dick with it for the two people that’d take an interest in it.

I’ve been sitting on the story translation for a while, however, so I thought I’d stick it to a Let’s Play from niconico (I’m using the one by a user named hagane(I’ve literally never seen or read of anyone playing this game without cheats, pfft.). The cutscenes and world are really distinct, and there are some tie-ins to another TGL game called TILK, so I still think it’s a valuable game for PSX fans to be aware of, and I hope those curious will enjoy it.

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Namja Town Theme Park: Story and Character Bios

Hi all! It’s been a few months since I’ve posted to the blog (sorry, sorry…), but things are going really well with Napple Tale! I have a lot I’d like to share soon, but please hang tight just a little longer! ❤ Today’s post will be a bit big and not (totally) related to video games, but I hope you get a kick out of it.

See, I didn’t mention this on the blog much, if at all, but I went to Japan in November! It was my first time, but hopefully not my last. There was so much we got to explore, but one thing that pleasantly surprised me and stuck with me was Namja Town. See, Namja Town is a small theme park located on the second floor inside Sunshine City(a large mall in Ikebukuro, Tokyo), just below J-World!

Anyway, Namja Town is an old-timey little town(mostly Showa era/1950s in theme) and home to a variety of interesting denizens. You mostly have cat people, but also birds and ghosts! There are also lots of collaboration events, attractions restaurants inside. They make lots of adorable desserts and are mostly known for their gyoza. Unfortunately, a lot else beyond the food and the sight-seeing is cut off from foreign visitors due to the high language gap. I thought I’d take the time and translate at least the basic introductions of the town and characters from the official website right here!

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Shaman King: Funbari Spirits Story LP Translation (17/17) (BBQ EVENT)

It’s cute that they let Yoh and the rest in on the Mountain Training sausagefest from the manga. Regardless of the circumstances in the manga, I thought it was interesting and a little sad that Yoh didn’t spend crazy amounts of time with his dad, since they both seem to have a mutual love/trust/respect for one another.

Also, this is it for the Funbari Spirits story translations I’ll be done. It doesn’t mean I won’t take the time to translate the Battle Mode endings here and there, but for now, I’m satisfied with the little break this gave me, and I hope it entertained you SK fans as well!

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