Sengoku Turb, Prologue and Episode 01- “Visitor” Translation

Sup’ everyone. Decided to start off the year with some Sengoku Turb, a game I’ve been itching to replay since I got a physical copy a couple months ago on the cheap. I wasted some time trying to get into the iso itself with no luck, so I have to diagnose just what I’m doing wrong still. Anyway, it’s a simply action game taking place in some fictional galaxy. Just a heads up that the game has a particularly lax writing style. Some character’s are just  max chill at all times, and that will show up in the writing.

Anyway, anyway, anyway… I thought I’d do a basic write-up of the prologue+the first chapter(the latter is mostly seen in this clip but use your imagination for the prologue until I can link to something better), so here goes:

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End of the year post

Hi there! This is just a quick hello to before closing the book on 2016. 

I wish I had more time atm to do a proper reflection, but so far nothing major has particularly happened, except I’ve wrapped up a first-draft translation of an old friend to the blog, The Adventures of Robin Lloyd! Esper saw me make a few tweets in the game earlier this month as I finished translating an old trashy dump I made years ago and he surprised me with proper  insertable text dumps of his own, so starting next year I will most likely be rewriting that bad boy from scratch before we can dig out the menus/UI text and test play the little sucker.

Someone posted on RHDN that they are looking for a translator for the itty bitty AC1: Cardcaptor Sakura on PSX so cross your fingers for me~♡ 

Baby Progress Post


‘Sup, wassup, it’s pushing 5 A.M. here. I super hate sleeping through the night on my weekends, as that’s the best time for me to work out of the entire week, but here we are. Anyhow, I spend a chunk of the afternoon chattin’ it up with Esper. After we talked about how freaky it is that there are, like, 120 more episodes of Naruto than there are the Simpson’s, we threw some updates at one another.

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Just a very quick update to say

Erasing my little ditty of excitement for Shiei no Sona Nyl, as I sounded like a super drunk person (which I wasn’t. I only drink like once a year and just this last Thursday I played to win. Any other times you see me write like an idiot it’s just because I’m an idiot.<3) For now, I’m simply going to edit my last update into a new one so I’m not wasting space.

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