Abarenbou Princess: Characters, Part 1


Rouge Victoire , age 18. The hero of the game!

Seiyuu: Mitsuishi Kotono

The heroine of the game. Princess and first in line to the throne of Silverbell. She may be a selfish tomboy in part, but justice burns strong within this 18 year-old. She inherited the royal family’s Dragon Power, a dragon with a mighty force in the form of a tattoo on her right arm.  However, the fact that she cannot even control the power on her own has proven to be a drawback.

In order to save the kingdom from its brewing inner turmoil, she took it upon herself to form the Ally of Justice Brigade.

“Blue dragon on arm! And justice at heart! Feast your eyes on the rowdy princess!!”


Shion Earthland, age 18. The player character!

Seiyuu: Seki Tomokazu

He is Rouge’s childhood friend, and also the character that players will control. After Rouge inherited the Dragon Power, Shion left to undergo training to learn how to suppress the unruly might of the dragon, and after 10 years, he has finally completed that training. In order to set Rouge free, he has become a full-fledged Holy Knight. Despite his timid personality, Rouge appoints him Deputy Chief of Military Operations in the Ally of Justice Brigade.


Ashe Guardia, age 18. The long-lost childhood friend.

Seiyuu: Kosugi Jūrōta

A childhood friend of both Rouge and Shion. While he and Shion have polar opposite personalities, they have been best friends since their childhood, and always trusted and acknowledged one another. Like Shion, he left to train to solve the mystery behind the rampant Dragon Power, but has since disappeared.


Jasmine W. Rosetti, age 29(+x). Rouge’s escort and bodyguard.

Seiyuu: Fujita Toshiko

The lovely, super-elite swordsman that serves the royal family. Originally served as a personal escort for the queen. She aims to unravel the mysteries behind the uncontrollable Dragon Power that Rouge inherited from the queen and how it may have become impossible to tame. People are envious of her good looks, but as a matter of fact…


Coco, age unknown. A girl from the Miu Tribe.

Seiyuu: Ikue Ōtani

A survivor from the Miu Tribe, exiled from the capital for an attempt at harming the royal family. She has lived to avoid the public eye, but… her kleptomania has earned her a rather sizable bounty. So far, her stealing habits have netted her a good sum of money.


Phill Kirr, age 13.  A young prodigy of magic.

Seiyuu: Takayama Minami

From the kingdom of Tohria, he serves as King Henry’s escort. Despite his most unusual knack for magic, he’s only 13 years old. Thanks to that, he is caught showing his childish side on occasion. However, with his great abilities, King Henry trusts him a great deal, and you can rest assured that Phill will become a great strength for the Ally of Justice Brigade.


King Henry O’lion, age unknown. Ruler of the Tohrian Kingdom.

Seiyuu: Ebara Masashi

King of Tohria, a neighboring nation to Silverbell. He has a big, broad-hearted personality, but once, while having gone into exile once, he took refuge in Silverbell. This time, he’s comes to the kingdom on business of raising a proposal to Princess Rouge (for an arranged marriage). …However, when caught amongst a hectic crowd in the town, just who do you suppose he saw…

This wraps things up for all of the major characters. NPCs are mentioned in Part 2.

All Romanizations of character names(i.e. Shion Earthland) were taken straight from the game’s manual.

All images and original Japanese texts were taken and translated from the official site.

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