Abarenbou Princess: Characters, Part 2

A continuation of my previous post, this time featuring NPCs in the game.


Lailai , age unknown. The dragon possessing Rouge’s arm.

Seiyuu: Nagai Ichiro

This dragon possesses the right arm of the queen of Silverbell from generation to generation, and serves as a guardian over the kingdom.  Lailai may not say much, but it has long lived outrageously anyway, and is indeed tremendously powerful. Sometimes, he will appear without being summoned, spitting some unprecedented snark at his own leisure.

The people of Silverbell:


King Karl

Seiyuu: Yanami Jōji

Ruler of the Silverbell kingdom. He has been of poor health ever since his queen was turned to stone.


Prime Minister Camus

He’s the one who truly runs the nation. His petphrase: “Off the record.”


Officer Ragroy

He is the Chief of Police(Captain of the Guard) in the Silverbell Kingdom.

Supporting Voice Cast:

Touma Yumi (as Queen Diana Victoire)

Soumi Soko

Aono Takeshi

Nagasako Takashi

Aoyama Yutaka

Shika Katsuya

Saizen Tadahisa

Mizuhara Rin

Bandou Naoki

Numata Yūsuke

Yanagisawa Mayumi

Officer Ragroy’s game isn’t Romanized in the manual, so I decided upon it myself.

All images and original Japanese texts were taken and translated from the official site.

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