Abarenbou Princess, Production Staff

Introducing the lively staff behind Abarenbou Princess!

Director: Shoji Masuda, (TL Note: He’s the dude behind Alpha Systems.)
The crazy creator (laughs),  that somehow churned out the most quirky, peculiar games like Linda Cubed Again and “Over My Dead Body“. (TL Note: He did start working on the first Tengai Makyou game about half-way through its development as well, from what I remember reading, and directed the recently released, Time and Eternity)You can say he’s Abarenbou Princess’ very “brain”. Has a reputation as a frequent user of surprise endings and rich scenarios (chock-full of humor and genuity), and loves to create gameplay with a great deal of depth, things that make him very popular amongst female players.

Artist: Kohime Ohse
When it comes to drawing goblin-like little girls that really pop out, she’s the cream of the crop (I mean, just look at the art on this website!). Her masterful artwork has been behind games like (Eternal Eyes, and) Atelier Marie, as well as her own anime-adapted comic, GRANDEEK, (TL Note: Grandeek Reel is an ongoing alternate retelling). In a way, she is a “pupil” to Abarenbou Princess. The way she creates highly fashionable, highly elaborated and beautifully ornate character designs has made her very popular with female fans as well.

(TL Note: I’m going to be “that guy” that simply leaves things she deems obvious or unimportant alone. I’ve still provided the links and such for the sake of those curious.)

Publisher: Kadokawa Shoten

Production: Esp

(TL Note: Esp merged with D3 Publishing back in 2010, so the link will carry you there.)

Development: Alpha System

Graphics, Models, Movies: Polygon Magic

Translated from the official website.

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