Abarenbou Princess: Story

ImageThat was all just a brief time in the past…
In the peaceful kingdom of Silverbell, although she was but a child, there lived a young, somewhat tomboyish girl. The name of the girl was Rouge. She was a single child, and sole heir to the kingdom. Princess Rouge was always playing with her two childhood companions. One was Shion, worrisome and gentle; and the other was the mischievous, albeit dependable boy, Ashe.

One day, the kingdom would lose their queen in an accident. Rouge, still young, had realized her mother’s dangerous fate, and decided to have the royal family inheritance, the Dragon Power, transmitted from the Queen to her.

“You guys, I mean, I want you two to become my Holy Knights……or else!!”

To be a Holy Knight with secret arts, able to stop the uncontrollable dragon and protect his queen. That was what Rouge’s two childhood friends desired. …And there was only one thing: “If there comes a time when I can’t be stopped, kill me!”

For these three, still so young, it was a heavy, heavy promise.

Soon, time had passed, and Rouge had come to grow up ever so slightly. The king of Silverbell has fallen ill, and the country itself has started to grow stormy. The troubled Prime Minister has approached Rouge about a politically-arranged marriage between the young adult Rouge, now 18, and the king of a neighboring country. Shocked by this news, Rouge was unable to control her emotions any longer, and the untamed Dragon Power within her was unleashed at last.

Precisely at this time, Shion had just returned to Silverbell, having completed his 10 years of training to become a Holy Knight. Shion has finally mastered the Dragon Mulceo Secret Technique. It is dangerous work, a burden that grinds away at his very lifespan; if he uses the secret technique three times at any point in his life, he will die. Shion made a decision.

“I dedicate my life to calming your soul…”

To stop the princess, Shion would use the secret technique. It would cost him a hefty fraction on his life…

After his initial review, the king had appointed Shion as Rouge’s personal bodyguard. The next test merely awaited them. After Rouge finally managed to calm down, she immediately offered to take the problems and incidents occurring within the city into her own hands, so she may prove that she has what it takes to stand on her own as an “honorable Queen.”

“In the name of Heaven, we punish evil, The Ally of Justice Brigade!!
To vanquish demons that plague our world, The Ally of Justice Brigade!!
     So? Sounds AWESOME, doesn’t it?”

Persuaded by the tomboy princess, Shion was thereby appointed Deputy Chief of Military Operations within “The Ally of Justice Brigade”, and from there, he works to bring peace to the kingdom. From this day forth, Rouge and crew are ready to take on the streets of Silverbell.

“Alright, Get ready to move out. Ally of Justice Brigade… CHARGE!!”

Japanese story excerpt taken and translated from the official website.


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