Abarenbou Princess, World Overview

The World:
The world of Abarenbou Princess is, outright, is a world of magic and swordplay. It may be said that the world’s technology matches that of Medieval Europe, and advances as magic further develops. There are several countries in the world, one of which is the kingdom of Silverbell, the main stage of our story. Not all people are human beings, however, as there are very unusual races, for example the Miu Tribe, that exist in the world.

The Kingdom of Silverbell:
This is the main locale you will see in the game, Silverbell. Princess Rouge is first in line  to the throne, and the player character, Shion, is also from this country. To the east, Silverbell has a very tight-knit alliance with the kingdom of Tohria.  To the west lies the very militarized nation, the Kingdom of Zeich. While a relatively prosperous country, things changed ever since Silverbell lost its queen several years ago. With the king currently ill, the wealth of the country has suffered, and there seems to be a very disturbing presence within the capital city.

The Miu Tribe:
While Silverbell is seemingly very peaceful at first glance, it can’t be said for certain that equality is spread throughout all of its citizens. For instance, the Miu Tribe is a very different race from the average human being, combining features of both man and beast into one. Along with having these different features, they also have remarkably different abilities from humans. Accused of being the cause of the queen’s most unfortunate condition, they have been expelled from the capital city. Thing is, some might still be lurking about somewhere in  the capital city…
The Kingdom of Tohria:
Ruled by King Henry O’lion, this country lies to the east of Silverbell.  Curing the time in which King Henry was previously ousted from his own kingdom, he had no choice but to stay in exile within Silverbell, and that was a mighty experience for him. To this day, there are still very strong relations between Silverbell and Tohria. In recent years, its expanding forces have helped Tohria become one of the leading nations in the world.
The Kingdom of Zeich:
This military superpower lies directly to the west of Silverbell. It is understood that their brutal military power has had several smaller countries under their control, and the reason they have not dared invade Silverbell was the great fear of the Dragon Power the queen had in her posession. However, now that Silverbell has lost their queen, rumors have surfaced that steady preparations for an all-out invasion have been advised.

Images and Japanese texts were taken and translated from the official website.

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