Abarenbou Princess, Gameplay Overview

Abarenbou Princess is a RPG that takes full advantage of the PS2’s high-polygon capabilities, bringing  its 3D world to great heights .
Players will follow Shion, the appointed Deputy Chief of the Ally of Justice Brigade (AoJB), led by Princess Rouge. Under her command, Shion will sally forth and solve the strange mysteries surrounding the troubled kingdom of Silverbell. That being said, each individual member of the AoJB has their own tricky quirks and bad habits. Your job in the game is keep each of your haughty teammates under control while heading out to finish off the ringleader behind all of the cities troubles.

To put it simply, this is not your typical RPG, but the staff made one universal decision to develop a game on a road less traveled. The game’s unique system helps unravel its charm little by little. Get ready to explore an entirely new style in Abarenbou Princess as never seen before!

1. Watch the story completely expand. Like any TV drama, the suspense thickens!

Like any TV series, the story of Abarenbou Princess is split up into individual episodes, and the story progresses little by little throughout each chapter.
The flow of the story is like this:

Chapter Prologue

Chapter Title

Scenario Mode

Climax/Combat Mode

Chapter Epilogue

On to the next Chapter!

With this system, when one story ends, another begins! Since each individual story is just a part of the entire adventure, you, as the player, get to see the world of Abarenbou Princess really come alive!

As seen in the chart, each chapter has a Scenario Mode and a Combat Mode. In each scenario, you lead the AoJB on an investigation, hunting for clues. Help Shion explore the city, connect clues, corner a suspect and nab the dastardly villain behind the crime!

In Scenario Mode, the world is seen from an isometric POV, your party’s cute little character models running about the screen. Like in cutscenes, you can travel the map and explore the lively Capital City, talking to the townsfolk or even exploring shifty dungeons.  As you explore and examine things, you will trigger different conversations and events between your party members. The game still keeps its 3D charm in the midst of it all. Once you find your evildoer red-handed, the game shifts straight into Combat Mode.

It’s up to Deputy Chief Shion to lead the lovingly selfish, rowdy party into battle. Since grinding in battles and churning for experience is such a drag, we entirely scrapped it out! Once you reach the climax of the chapter, the battle is decided entirely by YOU, so strategy is a necessity. The battle system in Abarenbou Princess is entirely unique, but we believe it’s a very refreshing take on a tried and true genre.

Either way, we hope you enjoy yourself when diving into our next game!
2. The SECRET to scenario battles!

In his previous works, including Linda Cubed, Next King and Over my Dead Body, Masuda has a familiar quirky charm that proceeds him: the surprise endings, the slew of deep characters… His storylines unfold like a slow drug, unraveling what ultimately becomes a very powerful piece of work. Of course, Abarenbou Princess is no different.

The Scenario mode comes first in the world of Abarenbou Princess. (What do you mean “comes first”? While battling is a staple in RPGs, who doesn’t have an appetizer before the main course!)

In Scenario Mode, the player controls Shion directly, free to run about the 3D world map. While in the city, your job is to research the incident, hit the scene of the crime, and dig out the evidence  by travelling inside out of the castle, buildings and dungeons!  Catch the wicked evildoers in their tracks!


Of course, in this story, it’s not just petty mischief that threatens Silverbell. Watch mysteries unravel and learn the secrets of the entire world of Abarenbou Princess.

  • What is the truth behind Rouge’s Dragon Power?
  • Was the Miu Tribe really behind the misfortune that befell Rouge’s mother, the beautiful queen of Silverbell– or was it something ELSE?
  • Where on Earth has Ashe run off to?
  • And… is the Ally of Justice Brigade really DOING anything for the country? (laughs)

The answers to all of the mysteries are strategically sprinkled throughout the game’s storyline. As we mentioned previously, there is so much to discover thanks to the isometric POV.


During notable scenes, characters are honed in on, using dozens upon dozens of expressions that help tell the story like a movie or a TV drama in a way very, very special for a video game. These aren’t all just static pictures either. Watch the characters really come to life in fluid, exhilarating real-time!


In this game, while the main storyline leads you along, the real meat of the scenario comes from events and conversations you share with your party members!

Each of your party members have quirks, habits and expressions entirely exclusive to them! It’s up to you to use your wits and help Shion boost the morale of his fellow AoJB members. To help him along, you can also purchase gifts in town to help lift the spirits of your teammates.

In addition, boosting enthusiasm and morale will help enhance character abilities in the ides of battle! Pay close attention to what happens in climax mode, since characters with high morale will unleash wild abilities that will significantly alter the strategies for the better!
3. Life is a stage– and so is the warzone!

Part 1. Drama, drama and MORE drama!

To complete the expanding storyline behind Abarenbou Princess, we have made it so you can watch each of the smaller mysteries come to a close once you reach the Climax within each chapter. As mentioned before, the Climax goes hand-in-hand with Combat Mode.

“So these battles are just like those in any JRPG, huh,” you ask? It’s cute that you think that way. In fact, Abarenbou Princess brings a whole new flare to JRPG battles that doesn’t run stale.

In Abarenbou Princess, combat is only seen once you reach the Climax near the end of every chapter, so this isn’t the kind of game where you have to run around and grind for experience points. You also have to think everything through, you can’t just go willy nilly when handling things. Rouge and company will have all sorts of items, weapons and abilities on hand to help you keep your ground in the midst of battle. Depending on the player, you can either blast your foes away without mercy or they will send you home with your tail between your beatn little legs. This is a game of TRUE strategy!

Another major feature in Abarenbou Princess is how dialogue and drama is incorporated right within the battles. Characters don’t just fight quietly like 99% of other RPGs; they actually speak to the enemy and other allies, and critical story scenes play out right as the battle wages on!

  • Jasmine:  Shion! To serve the princess, even if it costs you your life, is a splendid thing!
  • Rouge: Ohh yummy! Is it my turn to deal the finishing blow? Say yes!!”

…..By the way! Dialogue can change on the fly depending on your battle strategy.


For instance, depending on what Shion does, Rouge can go from saying something like, “Well this is a fine pinch!! But once again, justice will turn a decisive battle clear on its head. Isn’t that right, Shion?” to something along the lines of “Why so fickle with the enemy, Shion? Or are you just teasing them slowly♪?”

In some circumstances, characters don’t say the same things they normally do. Sometimes, enemies can chime in with something good, along the lines of, “I’ll just wiggle your ear, as a souvenir from the underworld!” But… that’s just a maybe–  there are some things you will never get to hear when you actually battle with a good strategy.

Part 2: You’re not the only one thinking of your actions!

While the battle system in and of itself is relatively standard, we have sprinkled a lot of colorful features that help make Abarenbou Princess a thing of its own!

First off, all characters will attack or act in unison, as in, if you cast a spell, you don’t have to wait around like a fuddy duddy until the spell finally activates. If you rush in with a quick attack, you may just be able to finish off the enemy before they even have a chance to activate a spell they previously started to cast! “Speed” and “Turn order” will also be important factors you need to consider when in Combat Mode.
There is also an “attack attribute” system. For attacks, while there are normal attacks, there are also Red, Blue and Yellow attributes of magic attacks to keep in mind. This may sound a bit confusing, but to put it loosely, this is the attribute system seen in Abarenbou Princess:

When opponents attack eachother using the same attribute (i.e. you and the enemy both select Yellow attributed skills), the attacks will simply cancel out. This is called a “Counter.”
Red beats Yellow, Yellow beats Blue, Blue beats Red… one attack can completely thwart another. (But you could also risk forming a 3-way standoff) (TL Note: Think Rock, Paper, Scissors, if three people are playing and all choose something different, the round is null. The entire battle system is pretty much RPS, though, so hey). …Forget about it. Anyhow, just be aware that there are attributes.

There is also the previously mentioned “Morale” system. Characters will build up morale, which has effects on their overall cooperation, in conversations and events you have with each of them during Scenario Mode. For allies to cooperate with your battle strategies, you can boost morale. If you choose to bicker with your teammates, you will have compeltely opposite results. This just graces the surface of how the battle system really works!

So, do you understand at least a little bit of how the battle system works? If not, stay tuned! In our next update, we will go over one such battle step by step! (TL Note: Miracle never happen.)
4. Abarenbou Princess isn’t some comedy act! (variety act)!

Coming soon! This is more of a journal/diary segment, so odds are I won’t be translating this anytime soon. If I decide to do anything fancy, odds are the interviews will be translated first.

Images and  texts were taken and translated from the official website.

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