Abarenbou Princess, Publications

Merchandise is coming, one thing after the other!
Collect these to get even deeper inside the world of Abarenbou Princess!
Be sure to collect them all!

Dengeki Playstation
Art column: Abarenbou Princess Diaries  (6 in total planned)
Part 1: Friday, July 27th issue
Part 2: Friday, August 31st Issue
Part 3: Friday, September 14th issue
Part 4: Friday, September 28th issue
Part 5: Friday, October 12th issue
Part 6: Friday, October 26th issue



“Abarenbou Princess” light novels

Kadokawa Sneaker Bunko
Written under the complete direction of Shoji Masuda
Read up on Rouge, Shion and Ashe’s rampaging adventures!
Exclusive all-new illustrations by Kohime Ohse!

  • Author: Hosoe Hiromi
  • Director: Shoji Masuda
  • Illustrations: Kohime Ohse



Volume 1:
Abarenbou  Princess: Princess Rouge’s Marvelous Debut!

  • Release date: October 1st
  • Price (excl. taxes):  514円
  • ISBN:4-04-419508-0

Volume 2:
Abarenbou Princess: An Ally of Justice Emerges!

  • Release Date: November 1st
  • Price (excl. taxes):  552円
  • ISBN:4-04-419509-9

Volume 3:
Abarenbou Princess: Aim for the Grand Finale!

  • Release Date: January 1st
  • Price (excl. taxes): 533円
  • ISBN:4-04-419510-2



Abarenbou Princess Official Strategy Guide

  • Editor: Comptiq
  • Price (excl. taxes): A5 Physical Copy= 1500円
  • Published by Kadokawa Shoten

The strategy guide for Abarenbou Princess is on its way! This simple, convenient walk through is full of commentary from the staff!



Abarenbou Princess Official Artbook

  • Editor: Comptiq
  • Price (excl. taxes): 2000円
  • Published by Kadokawa Shoten

Dig into this huge collection of artwork, concept designs, backgrounds and storyboards. This book is jam-packed with all of the charm behind Abarenbou Princess!



Abarenbou Princess Official Soundtrack

  • ASIN: B00005V2K4
  • EAN: 4961524174898


41kkc9rh7vLAbarenbou Princess Drama CD

  • Release Date: May 17th, 2002
  • ASIN: B0000687SD
  • EAN: 4528802420193


If anyone is interested in picking any of this merchandise up, it’s all available on Amazon and Yahoo Japan. As of recent, some materials have also popped up on eBay, and all images were taken (without permission) from several sellers’ photos on such websites.

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