Reveal Fantasia: The Tale of Mariel and the Fairies


While I can’t really dig deep enough into the ISO to find any story-related text files (I must have ripped it incorrectly) I want to point out a few things from another game I purchased a very long time ago. It’s called Reveal Fantasia: A Tale of Mariel and The Fairies. It’s a fun, sweet little game that’s definitely heartfelt, sincere and very enjoyable despite it’s rather dated presentations. Despite the campy mechanics, it’s still very easy to sink one’s teeth into thanks to how very slice-of-life it is.

For the sake of the many that are unaware of the game, and for the few that have heard of it and really want more information in English, I’m going to translate yet another website, this time, a fanpage for the game, featuring character profiles and strategies, over on ((カワイイ娘には旅をさせよ)), which I will refer to from now on as Retrojaxx, due to the URL. I really have to give this site credit as being an absolutely amazing resource for retro JRPGs/games that were mainly aimed at little girls or at the very least have a female protagonist, such as Napple Tale and Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, the Majokko series, Tokyo Mewmew, Sailor Moon and even Tricolore Crise. Most of the games never came to the west, so it’s definitely worth checking out if you have an interest in such games or really want to sink your teeth into something adorable.

Anyway, onto the Reveal Fantasia introduction:


Reveal Fantasia: The Tale of Mariel and the Fairies

  • Released in 2002 by Victor Interactive Software.
    A heartwarming RPG of a cute little girl, Mariel。
    The gameplay primarily involves searching, instead of battling monsters.
  • The biggest issue to bring up is the asinine controls.
    How can one person after not get irritated with the game piling upon itself without using cheats!?
    For one, to go above and beyond on your scavenger quests, make a guide map for yourself。
  • There are 100 adorable fairies to see in total. Set out to complete it!!


  • Miracles are said to dwell within the Tree of Fairies. Mariel was born into a family that serves to protect it. Because she can see fairies that are otherwise invisible to normal folk, she is treated as a bit of an oddball, but sweet, charming Mariel is still a favorite amongst the townsfolk. After the year-end Yule festival came to a close, a sudden visitor arrived…


  • SELECT: Displays the complete map
  • The rest are not listed, as they are not difficult to figure out. The problem lies in the control-ability.

Points on Operation

For a girl her age, Mariel is very much a shrew. You can’t do anything to control her as well as you think!

  • If you run to a stop, regardless of whether or not you even touch the controller, she will step another four paces or so.
  • If there is an obstacle anywhere behind you, it’s very tricky to see what’s going on farther ahead thanks to the awkward overhead camera.
  • In some places, pressing R1 will not fixate the camera for you, which can lead it to spin around in circles as you move about.
  • …That’s when you have to jump. After you land from a jump, the camera will go right back to the direction you are facing. The same trick applies to any other time something dumb happens. Afterwards, it’s imperative you use the R2 button to investigate the area.

The Menu Screen

  • Mariel’s Status
    Symbols indicate status ailments, your health is marked as HP and your magic is marked as SP. (If your HP falls to 0, you will be sent back home.)
  • The Menu Window
    1.  妖精(Fairies)→Select skills of equipped fairies.
    2. マテリアル(Materials)→check your belongings
    3. 依頼(Requests)→Look at accepted requests. 
    4. 妖精図鑑(Fairy Book)→Look over a list of linked fairies
    5. 全体マップ(Complete Map)→Peruse the entire map. This does not work in dungeons.
    6. ホーム(Home)→Go back to the cabin.
    7. セーブ(Save)→Store game data.
    8. 設定(Settings)→Change various settings.
  • Fairies that have been set are listed here. (Use skills with R1/R2)
  • Fairy Errand Level/Number of Tiara Fei* you are carrying.
  • Amount gold coins you have collected so far.


Character profiles:

Main Cast

  • Mariel Woodworth: She lost her mother at an early age, and while her father is a fairy tamer himself, she is being raised by her guardian fairy, Fiona. With a pure, bright and obedient disposition, she is adored by the other villagers of Oakberry.  This adorable 14 year-old girl with the country bumpkin hairstyle is the heroine of this story. (Voiced by: Arishima Moyu (She’s wonderful– the perfect voice for Mariel!))
  • Fiona:  Has a pragmatic, sensible mindset most uncommon amongst fairies, but she does have her moody, gossipy side.  She is Mariels advisor and companion, despite her ability to hear her dithers as she comes of age. Even as a fairy, she finds her skillsets in cooking, laundry and cleaning, and wants a small pet in the household. (CV: Shima Machiko)
  • Alfred J. Millfield: A black cat that appeared suddenly, aiming to collect a debt that Ian had made. By word of mouth, it seems he was once a human before, but he has lost that memory.  His title, “Hamilton Firm Safety Deposit Recover Agent”. He plays a big role in the month of July. (Voiced by:  Noda Junko)
  • Poppinjay and Dorothy: A mysterious bard that wanders around, playing the flute. A fairy tamer like Mariel, he has with him Dorothy, an arc fairy. In most cases, you can find him at the Riverbank Pavillion. (Voiced by: Yusuke Numata)


Residents of Oakberry

The Herb Garden

  • Ietta: Lives next to the Woodworth home. Due to having a lot of requests, be sure to talk to her faithfully. (VA: Itaruko Misako.)
  • Hazel: Ietta’s grandchild, the same age as Mariel. She plays a role on April 10th.  (VA: Nana Mizuki.)
  • Roan: Came to Oakberry for medical treatment. Plays a role in January. (VA: Komatsu Rika.)

Areas surrounding the fountain (Riverbank Pavillion, Bakery, General Goods, Synthesis Workshop):

  • Franny: The sweetheart (anyone have a synonym for booth babe that’s a bit more innocent?) of the Riverbank Pavilion. Plays a role in February. (VA: Takahashi Yuko.)
  • Barney: Runs the Riverside Pavillion. You can purchase materials from him. He has a wide variety of knowledge for food and drink.
  • Brenda: Landlady of the Riverside Pavillion. Has a keen eye for people and is good with advice.
  • Lloyd: Runs the bakery. Keeps contact with Cathy’s father. Check on him for any requests.
  • Cathy: Delivers bread to every house on a regular basis. 14 years old, she’s a friend of Mariel’s. (VA: Yuki Makishima.)
  • Susie: Runs the general store. Plays a role in March. (VA: Yoshida Miwa.)
  • Eric: A man that finds himself indebted to synthesis and studies it. (VA: Takishita Takeshi.)
  • Travis: A material trader that comes to the Riverside in May. Sells books about synthesis.

Main Street (Atelier, Leather Workshop, Institute, Mill House)

  • Oscar: A young man that aspires to be a painter. Plays a role in February. (VA: Kenji Nojima.)
  • Gary: The reserved craftsman that operates the Leather Workshop. Plays a role in May. (VA: Aono Takeshi.)
  • May: A sister of the institute. Has the credentials to be a nurse. (VA: Takeda Kaori.)
  • Walter: An old man that recounts many tales. Plays a role in August. (VA: Aso Tomohisa.)
  • Anthony: Walter’s grandson. A happy-go-lucky type that falls in love easily. (VA: Tamotsu Nishiwaki.)

Pastures (Hilltop House)

  • Collin: The second child of the Hilltop residence. Plays a role in September. (VA: Naomi Shindo)
  • Daisy: The youngest child of the Hilltop residence. Tends to play along with whatever Collin is doing. (VA: Yasuda Miwa.)
  • Alvin: The eldest son of the Hilltop Residence. A childhood friend of Cathy’s. (VA: Hirofumi Tanaka)
  • Nancy: She raised her three children on the hilltop after her husband moved to the city. Will make a few requests to Mariel.
  • Quincy: The name of the cow in the pasture. He’s prone to going missing. (For whatever reason you can walk straight through him.)

Abandoned Mine (Kimberly House)

  • Kevin: Unearts crystals from the Kimberly residence. He needs to receive permission from the fairies for his excavations. (VA: Watanabe Takehiko)
  • Sharon: Kevin’s daughter. Sets aside her feelings for Goodman. (VA: Uwagawa Emi)
  • Goodman: A young man who fell into the crystal mines and lost his memory. Plays a role in June.(VA: Yamamoto Keiichiro)

Guest Characters

  • Rebecca: A mysterious woman that makes her appearance in April. Has a broad knowledge of the fairies. (VA: Kimutsuki Mami.)
  • Holly: A girl that journeys with her father. Plays a role in May. (VA: Okamoto Asami.)
  • Neal: A cross-country travelling performer. He’s at the Riverbank. (VA: Midorikawa Hikaru)
  • Chandler: A seemingly young sheriff that has come to arrest Goodman. (VA: Bakabon Onizuka)
  • Irene: Eric’s sister. She comes for a visit during summer vacation. Plays a role in July. (VA: Yamazaki Wakana)
  • Sabrina: A visitor looking for Walter. She’s a wealthy young woman from the city. Plays a role in August. (VA: Komatsu Rika)
  • June: May’s sister from the city. She comes every summer to visit.(VA: Nomi Shindo)
  • July: A baby abandoned at the Institute. May will be raising  it. (VA: Komatsu Rika)
  • Jack: An airplane pilot. He had to make an emergency landing on an overlooking hilltop. Plays a role in September. (VA: Masato Oba)


*I’m not sure how to properly translate ティアラフェ. With “Fei” being a pagan term for fairies, I felt that was the intended meaning. However, I will do some research at some point later incase the word was ever romanized or something went clear over my head.

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