Abarenbou Princess, Prologue Translation (With Screencaps!)


Abarenbou Princess– Game Start!


Princess Rouge: If there comes a time when I can’t be stopped, go ahead…
and kill me.

[[Princess Rouge’s Coming of Age Celebration]] ((10 years later))


Little Boy: Hee hee! Thanks!

Shion: A flag…


[[Shion Earthland, 18 Years Old]]
This guy will be your alter ego, Shion Earthland, 18 years old!
Mighty good-looking, isn’t he? He just finished his training of 10 years and arrived to the castle, safe and sound Obviously, he’s the hero of this story, right? Sad to say, that’s not the case here.


Citizen: Princess, congratulations on your coming of age!

Harmonious Statue:
“We pray this smile serves as hope for all the countrymen, evermore. March 3rd, 1492” is engraved.


Shion? You’re the one I always hear about from the Princess?!
What a handsome young man you are! You barely
showed up on time, but I suppose that’s fashionable.
If you don’t mind, let’s get started. Oh I can hardly
think, oh ho ho… I haven’t been this excited in a long time!
You know how women are.I’m sure you’ve had your
fair share of…experiences in all your years of training?

Decision 1:
1. Ummm, uh… what am I doing again?
2. So you’re Lady Jasmine?
3. H-hey, don’t make fun me!

So you’re lady Jasmine?

Oh my. You have a flag already? How thoughtful
to come prepared! Well, you might break such a
little thing if you wave your arm hard enough,
but it is your first go at it. Are you ready to take
the spotlight, Shion?  Come on! Shake, shake, shake!!


Footnote: (You can wave the flag  left and right with the analogue stick.)

Shion! If you want to see the princess smile wide, wave that flag harder!

Footnote: (You can wave the flag  left and right with  the analogue stick.)


This is bad!
Shion, over here!

Can you handle this!? …Either way, at this rate we have no
other choice but to stop the princess! It’s okay, you have
three chances left with that spell! You won’t die the first time.

…So just maybe! Ready, Shion!? I’ll find a way to stave off her attacks.
You may get a chance to cast the Dragon Mulceo Secret Technique!

The time has come, face-to-face after 10 years…Move in!


Rouge: Agghh〜、Ahhh〜 Ahhh〜、 Auuggghh!
I’m sick of this! Leave me alone!!
Everyone- I’ll smash you all to pieces!!

(Jasmine): Ooph…!
(Shion): Woah!

My, my…
After all the trouble you went
through to make yourself so glamorous…
What fleeting harmony that was.

If you think you can stop me,
go ahead and try!!


Battle VS. Frenzied Rouge

Conditions for Victory:
Prepare to cast the Dragon Mulceo and bring Rouge back to her senses!!

Prepare to cast the Dragon Mulceo Secret Technique.
Meanwhile, I’ll try to buy you some time.

That spell of yours takes a long time to cast.
It should be ready… on the 5th turn…

“In-Shuu Tou-Shuu. Shun-Shuu Senkoku” (Turn 1)

What power is this?! I can barely deflect it…

Tch– Don’t try and play it cool in front of me!

“Shin. Senkan-shin. Gokan-gishokku. Gosei-shintou.” (Turn 2)

Thor’s hammer? How can she use that kind of magic!

Like what you see? Hahahahaha!

Soon, Shion… Once I fall, you’ll be up next…!

Shin. Sousei Ryou. Shin. Suigodai. Shuuroku (Turn 3)

[[Jasmine is unable to fight]] (This is scripted.)

A trillion thanks for waiting, Shion!
So, would you rather be frozen or burned to death?

Hoku. Gitougi Seigi. Hoku. Saihou Kushuu, Saitou. (Turn 4)

You don’t care to attack me? How booooring!
Just means I get to kill you quickly!

Godai. Shikkoku Sou. Kin Nansou. Gen Minshin. (Turn 5)


Haha! I can feel that Dragon Mulceo draining your life force!
Your spell or mine, I wonder which will strike first? It’s like a race!


I hereby dedicate…


…my life to calm thy soul!

Dan! Tu! Shen!*



Welcome home… Shion…
Thank you… for protecting our promise…


[[Rouge Victoire, 18 years old]]
Rouge Victoire, 18 years old! Naturally, she’s
the hero of our story! She looks like a weak,
frail maiden, so be sure to protect her …
…with that said, I’ll be counting on you!!


This is a translation of kireev20000‘s LP preview that you can watch here. (I dump the  Japanese text from my own copy myself) but if you’re down with watching kireev200000’s video, then you’re ahead of the game.

Pictures were taken from Niconico user Serusucchi’s Abapri LP, so you can also catch everything there as well. Unlike kireev20000, Suresucchi covers the entire game taking a lot less screencaps.

Do note, this is JUST the prologue. The Intermission/flashback scene will be posted at a later time, and odds are I will post that in two parts.


*About the “Dragon Mulceo Secret Technique”

竜鎮めの奥義 /Ryuu Shizume no Ougi/ The Dragon Calming Secret Technique : the spell Shion took 10 years to master in his quest for a cure for his childhood friend, Rouge, who is posessed by a dragon. The reason I threw in the word “Mulceo” was for the sake of being able to condense “The Dragon Mulceo” (Mulceo being Latin for “to sooth/to appease) without going with something like “The Dragon Calming” which just doesn’t trigger as well as it does in Japanese. Despite the Chinese influences of the incantation itself (and other magics in the game), I felt Latin wasn’t a horrible route to take with the whole paladin/holy knight thing.

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