Robin Lloyd no Bouken, Prologue 1 Translation

Hi there! Despite updating only a day ago, I decided I would post the very short introduction cutscene from Robin Lloyd no Bouken (The Adventures of Robin Lloyd), a mystery game created by studio Gust for the Playstation back in January, 2000. Since then, it has been rereleased on PSN Japan back in 2007. The voice acting is impressive and has a lot of reflective elements in gameplay and design to Megaman Legends(although this game is much shorter, heavy on combat and just isn’t MML). It goes hand in hand with Gust’s releases of Welcome House and Welcome House 2 (which are much older, but bear with me here. I’ll write something about the two of those games in the future.)


Just a heads up:, Butler is just the little fat dog in the waistcoat. Anytime he speaks he’s just barking about. Y’know. How dogs do.


Elice: Robin? Where have you been!? Are you not up yet? OH!!

Butler: (Robin! Wake up!)

Elice: Still napping, were you? We have a guest.

Robin: Butler! Don’t bark in my ear!

Elice: She looks like a very wealthy young lady, too.

Robin: Huh… Wonder what brings her to these parts? I’ll have to show my manners.

Alicea: How do you do?

Alicea: My name is Alicea Garfield.

Robin: Garfield…? From the famous Garfield Foundation?

Alicea: That’s right.

Robin: But why would a girl from the Garfield Foundation come to a place like this?
Alicea: There is someone I would like you to look for.


Elice: Oh! Ryile! You don’t mean Ryile Rockwood!

Robin: Say, I don’t think I’ve seen him lately. So he’s missing?

Elice: Oh, he’s goofing off somewhere again… I’m sure of it! Speaking of which, wasn’t he in a good mood last time he came to the office? He got engaged! He was hootin’ and dancing like crazy!

Alicea: I am his fiancee.

Elice: You’re kidding! Congrats! …If he wasn’t missing anyway…

Elice: Gee, Robin…

Elice: I have to wonder how Ryile met such a refined young lady!

Robin: Well, Ryile’s a daring archeologist and quite the handyman… But still… How would he go missing, and why?

Alicea: He went to the Sarsprello Museum, searching for a jewel called the “Rose D’Eveil”.* He hasn’t been back since… It’s been over a week now…
Robin: “Rose d’Eveil”…? Where have I heard that name before…

Alicea: Maybe you saw it in the Queen of Kyre Kingdom’s coronation?

Robin: I remember! The “Rose d’Eveil”, an Egyption ruby unlike any other in the world. It’s famous for adorning the crown used in Kyre’s royal coronations. But later, was only brought out when a queen is born.

Alicea: That’s correct! You’re rather well-read! However, that crown is not actually stored within the Kyre Kingdom. It has been kept safe within the Garfield estate basement for the past 120 years.For some time, the Garfield estate has cooperated and aided the Kyre Kingdom. We were not paid in money, but entrusted with the crown instead.

Robin: To think the Garfields have the powers of a small country…

Alicea: Should a Queen try to take the throne, it would mean nothing without the “Rose d’Eveil”. The jewel represents the “sun”, the “sun symbolizes God. It is said to be unacceptable to have a ruler without it. It was deemed safer to keep the crown in our basement and bring it out before the coronation next month.

Robin: So… your safe had been emptied at some point?

Alicea: No… The crown itself was still there.  Only, the “Rose d’Eveil” was torn from it.

Robin: So Ryile went missing from the museum while tracing the whereabouts of the jewel…

Alicea: That’s right. My grandfather offered to bless our marriage if only Ryile recovered the jewel. Truly disgusting! Must I threaten to elope after all?

Robin: I see.  He must have been eager then!

Alicea: Mr. Lloyd, I need your help! Ryile said…”Next to me, Robin’s the smartest fox there is!”

Robin: …Understood. Let me show you how I’m London’s very best!


Robin: This is the museum she mentioned.

Butler: (Hey Robin! I’m going on ahead!)

Robin: Hey, wait a second! Butler!!

Robin: (…Oh, where’s he running off to?) Don’t go poking your nose into any traps like last time!

Butler: (I’ll be fine!)

Robin: What a vigilante after all.


I have a decent portion of the museum level following this translated as well, but I’ll post the first bit of that later when I feel like taking screenshots.

*About Rose d’Eveil: 、「めざめのバラ」 literally means “The Rose of Awakening”. That sort of bored me so I just took another liberty and made it French since it sounds a bit cooler and more like a royal jewel’s name. I only took a year of French ages ago, so if there’s some glaring error in the context of “awakening/eveil”, then I’d really appreciate a correction.


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