Antiphona no Seikahime: “Hills of Singing Wind ~From Humming Hill with Love~” and “The Angel’s Mishearing Operreta” lyrics

Hills of Singing Wind ~From Humming Hill with Love~

しあわせの種 心にまいて
旅立つ 背中, 見送る

もしも涙の雨が 降りやめとき
目を閉じ 耳をすまして

ここから 祈りましょう
明日を 歌いましょう

雨のち星空 夢しずく


Shiawase no tane kokoro ni maite
tabidatsu senaka miokuru

moshimo namida no ame ga furiyametoki
me wo toji mimi wo sumashite

koko kara inori mashou
ashita mo utai mashou
inori wa mayowa nai you ni

ame nochi hoshizora yume shizuku
negai kanai masu you ni


A seed of happiness takes root in the heart
I said farewell to your back as you walked away on a journey.

Perhaps this rain of tears will stop in time
I’ll close my eyes and listen.
From here on, let us pray
For tomorrow, let us sing
So our prayers won’t go astray

After the rain, the starry skies send dream drops
So that my wishes come true.


The Angel’s Mishearing Operetta

「わたし迷子。 どうしよ?」
「そうだ」 「だけど」 「歌おう!」

消えそうで つかめない 星の / やさしい光 届けたくて / 歌い続けるだろう 君の夜が明けるまで

(( きっと ずっと 待ってたんだ / やっと 絶対かなうんだ  /  この胸 さわぐ運命 ))

「君は誰?」  「そのお歌はなあに?」
「え、歌?」 「そう、お歌!」

消えそうで つかめない 星の  やさしい光 届けたくて
歌い続けるだろう 君の夜が明けるまで


不思議な手触り  砂糖椰子? いいえ
((だって? 触れない もの だったら羽 かしら?))

だったら君のだ きっと君の羽だ
。。。それってつまり、君は天使? ((え?どこどこ?))

天使 どこにいるの?さっきのお歌は魔法なの?

愛の言葉はプカプカと 空の上? 雲隠れ?

世界を救う ソラミミよ!((世界を救う ソラミミよ さ))

ソラミミならば  何だって 解決できる
ふんわり やさしく
トボケて頷いてみて  なるほど!

出発 回れ右! 目隠し聞こえないフリ?
うわの空? 天使雨?
的外れ? 本当たり!

ソラミミ  オペレッタ  ススメ!


watashi maigo. Doushiyo?
umaku utae nai. Doushite.
sou da! dakedo! utao u!

kie sou de tsukame nai hoshi no yasashii hikari todoke takute
utaitsuzukeru darou kimi no yoru ga akeru made

kitto zutto matte tan da yatto zettai kanau n da
kono mune sawagu unmei

kimi wa dare? sono outa wa naani?
e, uta? sou, outa!

kie sou de tsukame nai hoshi no yasashii hikari todoke takute
utaitsuzukeru daro u kimi no yoru ga akeru made

doushite utaeru no!?

kore wa ittai nani kashira?
fushigi na tesawari satouyashi? iie
(( datte?  sawarinai mono dattara hane kashira? ))

dattara kimi no da kitto kimi no hane da
… Sorette tsumari, kimi wa tenshi? (( e? doko doko?))

tenshi doko ni iru no? sakki no outa wa mahou na no?
kokuhaku? taberare nai wa! sore yori utatte!

ai no kotoba wa pukapuka to sora no ue? kumogakure?

sekai o sukuu soramimi yo! (( sekai o sukuu soramimi yo sa ))

soramimi nara ba nani datte kaiketsu dekiru
funwari yasashiku
tobokete unazuite mite naruhodo!

shuppatsu maware migi! mekakushi kikoenai furi?
uwanosora? tenshiame?
matohazure ? hon atari !

soramimi operetta susume!


I think I’m lost! What do I do?
“This singing doesn’t work. Why is that…”
“That’s it!” “And yet…” “A song!”

If not grasped, it could disappear. / The gentle starlight I wanted to send you. /I will continue to sing until your night turns to dawn.

((Certainly, surely, I have been waiting/ Finally, for sure, it’s all come to be. / Destiny, roaring in this chest of mine.))

“Who are you?”  “What song was thaaat?”
“What? The song?”  “Yeah, your song!”
If not grasped, it could disappear.
The gentle starlight I wanted to send you.
I will continue to sing until your night turns to dawn.

“Why are you singing!?”

What on earth is this stuff?
This weird texture in my palm, is it sugar? I think not!
((But why? I’m not touching it, I wonder why it fetters?))**

That means they’re yours. I’m sure they’re your feathers.**
…. With that said, are you an angel? ((Huh? Where, where?))

Where is the angel? Was that song of yours a spell or something?
Is that for me? Sorry, I’m not hungry! Let’s sing instead!*****

Lovely words, do they float up in the sky? Lost in the clouds?

Mishearing things will save the world!

Anything can be solved if you mishear it!
Gently, sweetly,
nod and play along. I see now!

Off we go, turn to the right!
A head in the clouds? Like angel’s rain!
Was that off-mark? But that’s the point!

A mishearing operetta? Try one out!
The song literally translates to “I wonder if they’re feathers/wings”, 羽, being a bit of a synonym to both in some cases. She likely means they’re like feathers and he takes that as wings (Despite him just being the ol’ prince charming in action and complimenting the poor girl, it’s the first instance of them mishearing one another, more or less)), so to keep the wordplay consistent, the literal translation’s taken a hit, and has somewhat throughout the song to try and retain a little bit of what the other character is picking up out of the conversation.
****** The prince is offering Miabell his hand to take. She, being the adorable silly bumpkin, takes it that he’s offering her his hand to eat, hence the joke.


Prince Leon singing Bird of Dawn, and Miabell is singing A Girl is an Ally of Justice.  In the second botched bit, Miabell joins the prince in singing Bird of Dawn.

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