Antiphona no Seikahime: “Song of the Marjoly Gals’ Cult and “Marjoly’s Love”

Song of the Marjoly Gals’ Cult

憂晴しきこの美貌  極上のスタイル
世界中を虜にする 麗しいマージョリー

溢れる魅力 分け与えよう

マージョリーガール 教団教祖

要は(気合と) 心の(持ちよう)
立ち上がれ乙女, (美の探求者よ)
与えましょう  魔法の鏡

嗚呼, マジョリガール・ラ・マジョリガル?

鏡よ鏡 純粋な乙女達を魅了してく
問答無用 トキメキを 高鳴る胸 止まぬ鼓動

鏡よ鏡 唱えれば
描く奇想 ホントになる

夢も 恋も 貪欲に


歌よ 響け 望み 掴め
我は美の神 マージョリー
hare shi ki kono bibō gokujō no sutairu
sekaijū o toriko ni suru uruwashii mājorī

afureru miryoku wakeataeyo u

nayame ru otome tachi no michibiki no megami
mājorīgāru kyōdan kyōso
waga na wa mājorī

yōwa ( kiai to ) shin no ( mochi )
tachiagare otome , ( bi no tankyū sha yo )
atae masho u mahō no kagami

( yume o ) motome ( jumon ) tonae ( utae )
ā , majorigāru.ra.majorigaru ?

kagami yo kagami junsui na otome tachi o miryō shi te ku
monmuyō tokimeki o takanaru mune yama nu kodō

kagami yo kagami tonaere ba
egaku kisō honto ni naru

yume mo koi mo donyoku ni

nozomu mono subete te ni ire te yaru to chikau mono tachi e
mahō no byūtī mirā

uta yo hibike nozomi tsukame
waga wa bi no kami mājorī

(((Just used a generator on everything I typed up earlier because I'm all sorts of lazy.)))

Oh what a beauty, bring ’em to their knees
Top-o-the-line in STYLE too!
So captivating, all around the world-o,
she’s our lovely Marjoly!

Overloading in allure, I’ll share mine with you (all)

Us petty maidens, worried to the bone.
You, Goddess, you can lead our way!
“Marjoly Gals”- you founded our religion

My sweet name is Marjoly!

In short (You shout it out) And from the heart  (With all you have)
Ladies, stand up high and tall. (We look to be beautiful!)
And then see what’s bestowed, from the mirror mag-ical-ly!

(It’s a dream) If you want (It’s a spell) Say the words (Sing ’em loud!)
Ah, Marjoly Gala Marjoly Gal (((ohhhh))

Mirror mirror, on the wall, how you fascinate! Every pure maiden, you draw them evermore-o!
I can’t fight my pounding heavy chest, nor this throbbing, beating of my heart.

Mirror mirror, on the wall! Should you say the spell,
It’ll come to show you something mighty stellar!

Dreams and romance, things we envy,
Everything which we desire, it can all be yours if you can, make a move and swear before the-
Magical Beauty Mirror

Hear our song, ringing out! What you want, sieze it now!
With our Lord of Beauty, Marjoly!



Marjoly’s Love

数億の言葉より饒舌に (雄弁に)
瞳は運命を語る (語り尽すくせぬほどに)
愛さえ霞むようなこの奇跡 (神の奇跡)
ああ 恋と呼ぶには果敢(はか)なくて

悲しき (悲しき)
過去には決別を (勇気出して)
もう一度だけ甘い夢に身をゆだねて (信じてほしい この奇跡)
我慢限界!! 所詮は叶わぬ 極上のロマンス

上品な口説き文句は あとまわし
いただきます! (いただきます!?)
遊びの恋なら熱烈歓迎さ (熱烈歓迎〜!?)
酒池肉林 エブリナイツ

我が恋路 ああ 幸あれ

Sū oku no kotoba yori jōzetsu ni ( yūben ni )
hitomi wa unmei o kataru ( kataritsukusu kuse nu hodo ni )
ai sae kasumu yō na kono kiseki ( shin no kiseki )
ā koi to yobu ni wa kakan (haka) naku te

kanashiki ( kanashiki )
kako ni wa ketsubetsu o ( yūki dashi te )
mōichido dake amai yume ni mi o yudane te ( shinji te hoshii kono kiseki )
gaman genkai !! shosen wa kanawa nu gokujō no romansu

jōhin na kudoki monku wa ato mawashi
itadaki masu! (itadaki masu!?)
asobi no koi nara netsuretsu kangei sa ( netsuretsu kangei? !?)
shuchinikurin eburinaitsu
kara sawagi ōrunaitsu

ranchikisawagi no
waga koiji ā kō are

So verbose, with the same words over and over again ( But eloquently!)
Your eyes speak to me of destiny. (They don’t always say all that needs to be said)
And this miracle dithers as even affection does (A miracle of God?)
Ahh, how bold, to call it love! Something that (never) dithers.

How sad (How sad)
Cutting off from the past (Bravely)
Once more, throwing myself into that dream. (It’s a miracle I want to believe)

I’ve waited long enough! After all, fairy tale
romances are hopeless!

Save those sweet nothings in my ear for later
It’s time I dig in! (Time you dig in!?)
It’s playful loving if you let me in passionately
(If I let you in?)

A scrumptious buffet EVERY NIGHT
That’ll make you cry ALL NIGHT*

In this romantic merrymaking,
Ohh, wish me luck!

*から騒ぎ = “Much ado about [nothing]”
However, if it is related to the above line and is
merely excluding a の in between, then I think it
it would mean as I wrote, and works in the context
of the song.

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