“A Vague Story” and “Patty and Mr. Miles” || Wolf RPG Editor games by BrownSugar


Oy vey has it been a long time, but I actually did something, sorta since then. I felt I should post them here so they’re together (and my blog looks a little meaty, hehe).

These are two games created by Gretchen under her production handle BrownSugar. For Wolf RPG Editor games, they’re both very visually delish and I personally enjoyed their individual stories. With Gretchen’s permission, A Vague Story was translated and has been out since April, while I just finished Patty & Mr. Miles at the start of the semester.

Both games were made using Wolf RPG Editor, but really go above and beyond what one normally sees of the program, in my personal opinion. If you are not familiar with the program, it is a free Japanese-only editor very much like RPGMaker. There is currently no English version that I am aware of.

For what it’s worth, you may have problems with the game if you do not have the font MSGothic. Patty & Mr. Miles uses both that and one other font, mamemoji, which I have included with the game. You do not need to install it to run the game, but it doesn’t hurt to have it, right?

Descriptions and download links under the cut!

A Vague Story 「雲を掴むような話」 (Kumo wo Tsukamu You na Hanashi)

This is a story of Doorkeepers, people with the special ability to see, materialize and open secret doors hidden all over the world.

You follow the story of Nichola and Nathaniel, students of Professor Ellie. Nichola is a quiet, gentle girl that believes everything is fine from the looks of things, but when Nathaniel suddenly turns and murders their mentor out of nowhere, Nichola has to use her powers in Doorkeeping to entrap him and find out what his motives are.

English v. 2.11 on Dropbox

Spanish v. 2.11 on Mediafire (Translated by Madotsuki)


Patty & Mr. Miles

Welcome to Rinu Village, home of our sweet, titular couple. Take the role of Miles, the surly bunny-headed blockhead as he and Patty, his girlfriend, start their journey to pay a visit to the wizard that turned all of the boys’ heads into those of silly animals!

Fight monsters, grow yummy vegetables, go fishing, go get your cute girlfriend’s hair done at the hair salon yes I am looking at you I know you want this, and make friends with the villagers as you discover the secrets of the world you live in.

Plays like a standard JRPG, with battles and such which are almost non-existent in the After Story. That being said, do not play the After Story until already completing the main storyline, it’s very short. I also don’t recommend playing the storyline if you are sensitive to blood/violence.

English v. 2.03 on Dropbox

1. If you decide to play one, the other or even both, let me know what you think, or go over and message Gretchen and tell her that you played it. I think it’s something she would enjoy.

2. Don’t be alarmed by the Japanese screenshots. The games are 100% English, I just think they’re good shots and I might replace them later when I don’t have 80 pages of art history shmargon to read first. Maybe.

5 thoughts on ““A Vague Story” and “Patty and Mr. Miles” || Wolf RPG Editor games by BrownSugar

    • The gore level in A Vague Story is surprisingly less disturbing than Patty & Mr. Miles, should you play the latter’s Afterstory.

      A Vague Story has some relatively distinct instances (given how detailed thee characters are themselves, as far as RPGMaker-esque games will go.

      Neither are anywhere near Corpse Party though.

      Also, I just updated Patty & Mr. Miles, as I forgot an item definition in there, so if it’s alright, I’d recommend just a quick re-download.

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    • That’s a good find! (I normally play in the streaming size, even though the smaller font and presentation is much prettier). Shame on me for not catching that, as that’s really sloppy on my part. I planned on making a typo-free rerelease of Patty & Mr. Miles this weekend once I’m done with some homework, but I’ll also add A Vague Story to the list, since there are some minor script amendments I’d like to make anyway, for clarity’s sake.

      Thank you again for catching that! It’s definitely a different kind of game from what I was expecting too, and it blows my mind that it was made in Wolf Editor. It really opens the doors for indie adventure games of a more western flavor, which is something I’d like to pursue someday, hehe.

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