Suna no Embrace: Intro Translation

Hi there! Thought I’d throw in another update. Sat down and translated the very beginning of what I’d best describe as an equally half-baked, but plenty enjoyable Eithea for girls (What, being made by Idea Factory and all…). Anyhow, while I’m going to sit down and enjoy myself with this one later, figured that this tidbit needed a home.

The game is called Suna no Embrace: Eden no Sato no Nebyll ( 砂のエンブレイス 〜エディンの里のネーブル〜 ) or Embrace in The Sand: Nebyll, from the Country of Eden.

The translation below the cut starts immediately upon starting a new game. For the record, this is not going to be a very cosmetic/picture-ridden post. It’s 5 A.M. Let me do my do.

Like the sand, spilling between my fingers…

My feelings for you slip away.

Like a mural that dries up after however many years and hours…

The memories fade.

Should you trace the walls of my heart,

Your fingertips would trace over the memories carved there.

I want to be with you always.

Voice: (You must… realize…)

Girl: …Is someone calling me…?

Voice: (You must… realize…)

Girl: (You are you…?)

Voice: (You, who hears our voice and walks with us.)

Girl: (…Me? Who, who am I?)

Voice: (You must… remember…)

Girl: (Remember…? Remember what…?)

Voice: (Remember thyself)

(Then, you will understand everything.)

Girl: (…I… I’m…)

((Que the Name Select Screen. Pressing L1 and R1 let’s you shuffle through hiragana/katakana/English alphabet, so feel free to come up with whatever kawaii name you want. The default name is ネーブル / Nebyll… This is kinda why I avoided translating the title as “Eden no Sato no Never,” if that makes sense. Anyhow, onward.))

Voice: (Nebyll…!!)

Nebyll: (…)

        …A dream…?


Grandmother: Is something the matter, Nebyll?

Nebyll: Huh? N-no, it’s nothing.

           I’m sorry. Did I wake you?

Grandmother: Don’t worry about it. I wasn’t all that tired anyway.

Nebyll: Oh, your towel is lukewarm again. Let me replace it.

Grandmother: Nebyll… Water is not to be wasted…

Nebyll: You’re kidding. How can you call this a waste?!

Grandmother: It’s fine, Nebyll. I’ve lived long enough as it is…

Traveling the world in my youth, I saw all sorts of things.

I had more fun in life than most people. I have no complaints.

Nebyll: B-but…

Grandmother: Just when I thought I was getting too old for it,

a darling granddaughter came to me.

I’d say, wanting any more than that would be greedy.

Nebyll: Grandmother…

Grandmother: …Bring back memories… Going on a journey… Yes, same as you…

It was around the time I acquired an interest in antiques.

…Truly, I’d gone all across the world.

Ho ho!

Trapped in a beast-ridden ruins for a week,

Sneaking about the mansion of a wicked merchant for loot.

Those were good memories, now that I think about them. Each and every one.

Nebyll: Your dream was to collect all of those antique books, wasn’t it?

Grandmother: But only one book remains.

Well, dreams do come true and all, but maybe that was just a dream.

I do regret it, that’s for certain.

Nebyll: …

Grandmother: …*cough* *cough*

Nebyll: Grandmother!

Grandmother: I’m alright. Just becoming a habit.

Perhaps I’m talking on and on just a little too much.

Nebyll: Hey, don’t simmer down on my like that.

Grandmother: Hoo hoo! You’re becoming more and more like Kanon.

Nebyll: …Like Mother?

Grandma: In your face and mannerisms, too. You’re the spitting image of Kanon when she was young.

Well, well. I guess I can no longer think of you as a child, then.

Nebyll: But I still am! I’ll always be your child.

Grandmother: Ho ho ho. If that’s the case, I’d be happy to part with this again.

Nebyll: ???

Grandmother: Here, for you.

[ You inherited the Wind Carillon! ]

Nebyll: What’s this…?

Grandmother: Long ago, these were handed down throughout the people of Eden.

As an Eden girl come of age, she was be given this.

Women of Eden were born to read the wind.

In wearing this, you lend your ears to the whispering voices of the winds.

Man, in our obedience, received the earth’s blessing.

And, like that, we’ve always…

Lived hand-in-hand with nature.

Nebyll: …

Grandmother: You too, will be a splendid woman of Eden.

I’m sure that bell will help you.

Save it for when you are lost and things are dire, alright?

Nebyll: I understand, Grandmother. I will cherish this bell.

          Because I… Say, why don’t we go back to sleep.

Grandmother: Yes, yes. I understand. Good night, Nebyll.

Nebyll: (…Good night, Grandmother…)

[The next day]

Nebyll: (This isn’t good… Her fever hasn’t dropped at all…)

          (Perhaps I ought to ask Dr. Herman of the Moliura Family about this.)

          (But the Moliura household is so far… If something were to happen to Grandmother in the meantime…)

Grandmother: (…Haa…Haa…)

Nebyll: (Guess I’ll get a hold of him after all!)

          Grandmother, hold on just a little bit longer.

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