Meremanoid – Short Intro Translation

Howdy, it’s been quite a while. I’ve been meaning to make a new post about BrownSugar’s latest game, “A Bomb Called Darkipt,” so I might kick into that a bit later tonight. In the meantime though, I’ve just been cleaning through files and decided to kill a bunch of screencaps I took from the beginning of Meremanoid (so I can translate at school and not be “that kid” in class, I guess… Even though anyone not paying attention is “that kid.”)

Anyway, if you don’t know about the game, it’s Meremanoid, created by Xing back in 1999 (for reference, that’s a year before Vagrant Story and Napple Tale.) Despite the gorgeous artwork by Akihiko Yamada (basically the guys behind Mystic Ark made a game that’s a super loosey-goosey adaptation of an anime that I’ve yet to watch the for myself.) For the sake of wordspace, I’ll leave my personal review out of this.

“I call upon you, our goddess, Aphrodite.
You, who created this world, Mermanoia.
You, who granted life to us, the Meremanoid.
But one day, an evil demon appeared, and
tainted the holy ocean current, “Mere.”
You fought against this wicked demon as our creator,
and protected us, the Meremanoid.
But… may I ask?
Our goddess, Aphrodite, who sleeps in the depths of the abyss…
Why do we sometimes hear your voice in the holy Mere?
Why is your melodic voice laden with melancholy?”

–The intro, which is surprisingly already spoken in English with Japanese subtitles. I’m just throwing quotes here.

Anyhow, here’s the introduction:

Gently nurturing our existence, the ocean current, Mere.
Its peaceful flow marks the passing of all time, making ripples in the joys and sadness of we, the Meremanoid. That time, it pierced the heavens, so enraged as to piece the earth. We are those who accept these words of Aphrodite.  Never to forget. Never to forget.
Gently nurturing our existence, the ocean current, Mere.
She told the priestesses of that anger.  “Cherish your love over all else,”…she said. Although… for us…  It may turn into the bestowment of a maddening spell.
–From “[St.] Mother Mere’s Righteous Poem.”
Long ago, in this world, Meremanoia, there were two gods. The goddess who created all things pure, Aphrodite. The god that dwelled in darkness and chaos, Merdam.
These gods established their domains in accordance to the holy Mere, with one mutual holy ground between. But perhaps… it’s possible a certain god had been passing by in the darkness for some time. Before anyone noticed, Merdam, lurking in the darkness, came into contact with the forbidden power, Merem.
His heart awakened with evil. That’s when Meremanoia, a world once brimming with light… turned jet black. That the pure things she made herself could be turned into something wicked…. brought her to tears. Tears of anger…
That anger became a force that stirred all of the Mere. It has been said that the battle was over in an instant. Ther merem of Aprodite’s sadness and anger tore Merdam into seven pieces. No longer a match for even a meagre part of the Mere, he was sealed beneath the earth.
But… the goddesses’ merciful heart had already split Merdam apart for his foolish deeds. The goddess entrusted a part of him out amongst her pure creations,  and disguised it amongst her beloved Meremanoid. Since that time, no male Meremanoids have come into existence to wait on the Goddess in her company.
According to Mother Mar, the chief of the Mer Lion clan and the one who spreads the words of the Goddess, she said the true meaning of it was something she did not understand.
And now… at the bottom of the darkness…
Blessed Tiara: Alright, here. This is the place! This place…
This is it for sure, the secret place I found.
Lunar Mare, Martha: Princess Tiara, small voices…You’ll go hoarse at that rate…
Tiara: It doesn’t matter who’s listening, Martha! No, no one can hear us here! This is my secret place… Only here can I have a brief moment to relax. See, I wanted to share this place… with only you, Martha. That’s why I brought you here.
Martha: Oh, Princess! One with beautiful golden hair. How greateful I am to the gods that I can be by your side! Yes, how truly great she is, our goddess, Aphrodite. But Tiara! You may be absent from your room for far too long… If we take too long, she may be your mother, but Her Majesty The Queen will…
Tiara: For goodness’ sake, don’t bring up my Mother! I’d rather you not drag up all of these various things these days!
Martha: I can’t help myself. Master, it’s your birthday! “The Day of The Vow” is upon us! I may not be the queen, but I noticed! And yet, the one INVOLVED isn’t even aware of it herself now!
Tiara: Hey! The nerve of you saying that to me! Even if it’s you, I won’t allow you to talk like that! We can’t afford to waste time, or it will make Mother worry. Come on Martha, let’s go! I’ll show you the way… Alright, in we go…
Narration: Deep in the basement of the royal palace… Tracing the sands that fall through the little cracks. Blessed Tiara came here. The sand… The sand spills from her hands in a quiet flow. From high to low… From the shore to the depths of the ocean… Each time a grain falls, a little knowledge with it… While stored in that little body. The stream of sand that turns into stars, shining in the darkness. That stored wisdom will become a bright light for her clan, and clarify everything… Was our once tragic history a great secret of ancient times? Or a little castle of sand…?

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