Brave Story: Boku no Kioku to Negai (My Memory and Desire)

Wow, two days in a row… it actually makes me feel somewhat productive. Job hunting has been running a bit dry (Wonderful that I graduated just after Christmas, no?)

Anyhow, haven’t been playing any games lately, but I did click through and decide to translate the intro to this game as well. Is it weird that I just like doing the intros? I guess it doesn’t really accomplish much beyond satisfy those only most peculiarly curious about the particulars. Anyhow, the game is pretty evidently one of “those” adaptation games. It’s pretty fanfiction-tier, but if you’re into that neet stuff, the main character is one. (He’s 18, and the goes back to Vision as a 13 year-old to find out what happened to him 5 years ago.) Still, I’m a really big fan of the movie and the book, so I was down for sitting through and playing. If you want a fun point-and-click adventure and are still very new to learning Japanese, the game is in hiragana/katakana, and for the most part is very easy to wiggle through, especially if you’re familiar with the source material.

Anyhow, translation under the cut! (Note: The MC has no default name, so I named him Tsukasa.)

Tsukasa: Arrgh… Moving is such a pain! There’s nothing to gain from it…

[Tsukasa finds a copy of the Brave Story novel.]

Tsukasa: Hey, what’s this thing? Hm?

Little sister: There! That’s where it was! You had it after all, Big Brother!

Tsukasa: Hey! Don’t come in without announcing yourself!

Little Sister: I DID announce myself! You were so zoned out, you didn’t even notice! Jerrrrrk! So, do you remember that book?

Tsukasa: …No.

Little Sister: When you were in junior high, that book was your most prized possession.

Tsukasa: Junior high?

Little Sister: So… you really don’t remember anything?

Tsukasa: …Nope.

Little Sister: I see…

Tsukasa: It’s as my sister said, I have no memory of my time in junior high. But why? It’s all…

Little Sister: Hey, did you hear? They’re going to tear down the junior high…

Tsukasa: …The junior high? Which one?

Little Sister: The one you couldn’t graduate from! THAT ONE.

Tsukasa: …That WASN’T what happened. IT’s not that I couldn’t graduate, I just couldn’t make it to the graduation!

Little Sister: Is THAT right? Well, whatever floats your boat!

Tsukasa: Hussh, you! …So, when do they tear it down?

Little sister: Starting tomorrow.

Tsukasa: Tomorrow?

Little sister: Yeah, the demolition work all starts tomorrow. When Dad finds out, he’ll be disappointed. Just recently, Dad said… that he wanted us to go there together.

Tsukasa: Huh?

Little sister: You would’ve probably hated the idea, but… It was because you mi’ve been able to regain your lost memories… He wanted us to go together.

Tsukasa: …But what does that matter to him? It’s… it’s none of his business!

[at the restricted junior high grounds]

Tsukasa:  Hmmm… so it’s really getting torn down… It’s been a while since I’ve come to this school. It’s almost like the “haunted building” from that book. It’s been 5 years since Mom died… I love my memory around that time. …But, I didn’t tell my sister… When I found this book, “Brave Story”… I actually remembered a little something. My mom bought this book for me before she died. And something else… The hero of this book… He was known as a boy named “Wataru.” Wataru was worried about his parents, but… in order to change his destiny, he went through a door in the “haunted building,” crossing over to another dimension- to a world known as “Vision.” There, he faced many hardships throughout his journey. To change destiny… I’d read this book, and it would feel so real to me. Huh?

[Tsukasa sees some bjunior high bullies beating up some other student.]

Bully: You’re so obnoxious! You show off!! Get a grip, already!

Tsukasa: Just what do you think you’re doing? Knock it off!!

Bully: What? You… Don’t act all tough! What, trying to be a knight in shining armor?

Tsukasa: …Knock it off…

Bully: Hey! Looks like some pests have arriced. Listen you, not a word of this to any cops!!

Tsukasa: Whew… You okay?

Mitsuru: This didn’t concern you, so you should have stayed back… for your own sake…

Tsukasa: Huh…? Where have I heard that line before…

Mitsuru: But, thank you for rescuing me.

Tsukasa: That couldn’t be a line Mitsuru says in the book, could it?! Hey…. This pretty sphere is… Is it… possibly a “gemstone”?! …No way! You… can’t be…

Mitsuru: …Mitsuru.

Tsukasa: Are you really Mitsuru?! No was. This is a dream!!

Mitsuru: This is no dream.

Tsukasa: What…?

Mitsuru: You want to shed light on the truth, don’t you?

Tsukasa: What do you mean?

Mitsuru: Regaining your memories.

Tsukasa: Huh?

Mitsuru: Take a look over there.

Tsukasa: Is that—?!

Mitsuru: This door only appears to those who strongly desire to change their destinies. That this door has shown itself to you means that you, from the bottom of your heart, wish to change your destiny.

Tsukasa:  Change…. my destiny…?

Mitsuru: If you go through this door, you will change your destiny. So what will you do? It’s your destiny, you decide.

Tsukasa: I… I’ll try to change my destiny!! I’m going to reclaim the memories that I’ve lost!!

[Chapter 1]

[Tsukasa wakes up in a cloudy field.]

Tsukasa: …Errmmm… Where… on Earth am I? Huh? Wha–?!! I got smaller! I’m sure…. that just as Mitsuru said, I went through the door… Even when I look around, I don’t see anything. Where is this place? Hey, what’s this… If it isn’t the same book that I had, “Brave Story”! But what is it doing in a place like this… Oh no! The pages of the book are–!!

Hooded Stranger: Ho! Ho! Ho! The book’s pages have all blown away, have they?

[Choices: 1. “Who are you?” / 2. “Why am I here?”]

[1. “Who are you?”]

Tsukasa: Just who are you, anyway?

Hooded Stranger: I’m a guide through the world known as “Vision.” I appear to those who come through the door to Vision, just as you have. It is my job to show you the way. Is there anything else that you’d still like to know?

[2. Why am I here?]

Tsukasa: For what reason did I end up here?

Hooded Stranger:That answer is one you will have to find for yourself.

Tsukasa: But how?

Hooded Stranger: By collecting those scattered pages. It is there that your story is written. Should you read it, it is only natural that your memories will return to you. That is the road that will lead you to Vision. First, you will come to the “Forest of Trials”. The “Cave of Trials” will follow. It is there that your journey begins!!

[The Hooded Stranger leaves, and the hero starts his journey… woooo…..]

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