Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV – Prologue Translation, P.1

Back again. Been itching to replay this game something fierce. I’d keep playing Grandia XTreme, but my PS2 is making some hella lewd/horrifying noises for the first 10-15 minutes of play. Anyhow, I thought I’d post a translation to just the very beginning of the game (The short-ish segment that takes place in New Orleans, 1893). I’d actually be 200% down to translate more for the game, if not the entire thing, but I’m still waiting to hear what GaijinWorks plans to announce for their mystery PSP RPG, as it’s on the potential list.) If it’s the game they announce, I’m just gonna bow out and buy like, six copies instead.

[The beginning is all audio. If there are subtitles I never knew about, then I’ll be damned, but…]

Red Bear: “You musn’t give up! Not until you die!”

Rizing: “Red!!!!”

1893 – New Orleans, Louisiana

Red Bull: Listen, Rizing! This is the village of prophecy. Be very careful. No matter what you do, do not take those children outside of the fence!

[The screen opens up to Rizing and the children preparing for hide-and-seek.]

Rizing: Are you ready?

Kids: Not yet!

Rizing: Are you ready?

Kids: Okay, NOW! Heh heh heh! Do you know where we’re hiding, Rizing? There’s no way someone like you can find us!

[Now you have to go find the kids.]

Sam: Dangit! I lost!

Yumemi: Aww! You found me!

Dave: Ahaha! Guess I left myself open after all!

Magoo: Huh? How did you find me in just a matter of minutes? What a bummer…

[The children surround Rizing.]

Magoo: Woahh! You found everybody! So hey? Who’s gonne be “it” next?

Yumemi: I’m bored of hide-and-seek! Let’s play something else!

Dave: Well, then! How’s about we explore that house up on the hill! I heard a rumor that a ghost lives there!

Yumemi: Really? A ghost?

Sam: It’s obviously a lie, right? There’s no way…

Dave: It’s not a lie! Take a look at this photo!

Yumemi: Such a…. scary man.

Dave: Yeah, and look under his feet…

Yumemi: Ah! His shadow… isn’t in the photo…

Sam: It’s a trick! There’s just no way…

Dave: If you say that, why don’t I just show you the real thing?!

Sam: Okay, but if you’re lying, you’re gonna get it!

Dave: Let’s go, Rizing!

[Choice: 1. Go / 2. Don’t Go]

[2. Don’t Go:]

Dave: What?! Please, Rizing! It’ll get lonely if you don’t come with!

[1. Go]

Dave: Hooray, the tremendously powerful Demon Hunter is coming with us!

Magoo: He’s still an apprentice!

Dave: Aww, who’s worried about that? Rizing! Let’s take a photo to remember this by before we head out!

[Dave takes a photo.]

Dave: Alright, to the ghost house! CHARGE!!

[Now to talk to each kid before you go.]

Yumemi: Hey, Rizing! When you get grow up, you’re going to be a Demon Hunter, right? And then, will you protect me?

Dave: Our moms and dads were killed by demons, but because I have friends, I’m not lonely! Right, Rizing?

Magoo: There are lots of demons outside the fence, but keep your cool! After all, you’re a Demon Hunter! Even if you’re an apprentice…

Sam: Rizing, I heard! So, your teacher is that Red Bear guy? You’re that famous Demon Hunter’s…

[Rizing and the children head into the town.]

One thought on “Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV – Prologue Translation, P.1

  1. hihi…its awesome if you can translate the whole freaking game. I played this since i was 13 years old and that was 20+ yrs ago..

    let me know what can i help if u would to translate. tks!

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