Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV – Prologue Translation, P.2 (Complete!)

I wish I could have a poster of this image. It's not even in the artbook...

Hi there! I made it a bit of a resolution for the ol’ 2015 to work harder on translating, so expect to see more rolling onto this blog, I guess. Still tied down between freelancing and looking for a real job, but in that, I finished the rest of the Louisiana segment/prologue of Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV! Yayyy?

It’s long, and I didn’t take any screencaps (and may be missing one or two strokes of dialogue), but I hope someone enjoys it and gets some sort of kick out of it.

Shopkeep on the left:
My confections are the best there is!
How about some menko jelly for you energetic kids?

We try to find items around
the general vicinity to sell!
Alright, see you next time!

Shopkeeper on the right:
We try to find items around
the general vicinity to sell!

Alright, see you next time!

Boy Walking as soon as you enter (Green):
Those people over there are some kind of
peddlers from Japan! They’re called the “merchants”!
……Visitors…are intense!

Boy Walking as soon as you enter (Blue):
I don’t know too much into it, but
on the other side of the fence, there’s
apparently something called the “Flame of Eden.”

[Enter first house.]
Boy to the right:
Have you heard? The legendary Demon Hunter has come to this city!
They call him “Red Bear,” named  after the red people!

Girl to the left:
I’m not supposed to go outside from
te fence until I’m 13 years old.
It’s a regulation here in town.

[Enter third house.]
Boy next to chest:
You’re Raijin, right, mister?
The disicple of the great demon hunter?
I knew it!!
As thanks for always looking out for us,
you can open my treasure box!
It’s okay, open it up!

Talk to him again:
The “Good Pill” is health-restoring medicine!
Give it a try when you’re in a pinch!
Wha-bam! You’ll be good as new!

Examine the treasure box:
There’s a treasure box here. Will you open it?
You got a “Good Pill”!

[Enter third house.]
Boy in green:
I’m gonna be a big-time adventurer!
This town, New Orleans, is a rural town in the
small countryside of a state called Louisiana.
So when I can cross over that fence,
I’d like to travel to places like Chicago or
New York…to Detroit or Los Angeles!!

Girl in orange:
My brother is always talking about those
dreams of his, but there are just too many
monsters on the other side of that fence…

[Outside, to the right of the house.]
Girl in orange:
I saw him…in the mansion to the east…
A man…dressed in white………

That’s why it’s better that us children
and the elderly all stay inside…

[Enter George Grocery.]
Man in hat A:
In the museum the other side of the fence…
there’s a book, the “Sealed Scriptures”–
it’s a means for disaster!
That book must never be opened!

Old lady A:
Long ago, God brought
the Flame of Eden to this world.
Then, us humans were born…
I heard that story from my Grandpa, back
when there was no fence around this town…

Old Lady B:
The innocence of childhood and all that
is very much like soap bubbles…
Dreams, disappearing into the ether……

Old Man B:
New Orleans is a conversion of the
phrase, “NEW ORIGINS,”…
as in, “a new family lineage”…

It’s been said that God’s children would be born here,
and has hencebeen called the “village of prophecy.”

Man at the register (voiced):
Wha-? Oh! OHHH!
So you’ve come to shop, eh?  Good, good!
Feast your eyes on this here menu!

Come again, now!!

[Go back outside.]
Boy in green shirt nearest the store (walks around):
Oh! You’re Rizing, aren’t you, Mister?
I thought so! You’re one of the demon
hunters that came into town the other day!

Girl in orange dress (walking around the bottom corner):
Everyone aspires to be a demon hunter!
If you’re an A-class demon hunter,
everyone knows your name!

I’m a fan of Scar Wolf, myself…
He came to town some time ago, and
he was just SO SO SO handsome!!!

If you hurry up and get famous, Rizing,
I’ll be a fan of yours too!

[Enter bottom right house.]
Hey, Buddayyyy! Palla Pille Polle!
Noogaga! Pickeen!
Hey! My gags sure are funny, aren’t they?

You should try and say something
silly too!

Feh! Now that’s just boring!

Well?! Try to come up with something!

AHAHA! [I literally put GAGAGA], he says!
Hoo! You’re good! That’s a real hoot!
Hyuck, hyuck! I’m laughing so hard my tummy hurts!

You’re real good at this!
By any chance, are you some kinda gag genius?
{If you ditch out on it}:
Huh? What? I couldn’t hear you!
…Sorry! Could you say that one more time?

…Hehe! No matter how many times I hear it, it’s still funny!

Man in blue (walking around the bottom):
So your teacher is the legendary
Demon Hunter, Red Bear?
That’s amazing! I’d kill to be you…

I want to learn from Red Bear
so I can be a great Demon Hunter too…

[Enter house with bell.]
Boy in green:
This is the Naughty House!
It’s a castle, just for us kids!!

Our mommies and daddies…
They were killed by demons, but we…
if we work together, we can do anything!

Yumemi and Sam and Dave and Magoo…
and you, of course! You’re our footmen!

Boy in blue:
(If you give a gag to the dude in the house):
Ehehe! It’s the new gag I just heard!
Is that the one you thought up?

Everyone admires the Demon Hunters
Demon Hunters are the hope of America!
Grow up and be a real Demon Hunter too, Rizing!

[Go upstairs.]
[Enter first door.]
Ponytailed girl in blue:
Me?! I study all the time!
It’s my dream to be the first female president…
America’s a country of freedom!
America is a country of equality!
If I try hard enough, I’m sure I can do it!

[Enter next room.]
Boy in blue:
“Press the △ button to open the Camp screen…”
I heard Red Bear say that, but…
no matter how hard I look, I can’t find any buttons…
I wonder if he dropped it somewhere…

[Enter third room.]
Ponytailed girl in blue:
No more running around, you!
You’re kicking up all the dust!

Pacing boy in blue:
If you’re walking too slowly, press the
START button to start running quickly!
”Ready, set… GO!!”

[Unless I’ve made any mistakes, that’s it for this tiny town.]

Old man on the road, wearing a hat:
Huh? Whaa-? What’d you say?
I’m tryin’ ta fix the fence right now!
Don’t want any demons getting in…

[Move on to the next screen.]
[Proceed just until some freaky bird-sounding stuff stops you.]
[Pan over to Red Bear fighting some demons below the cliffside.]
Party: !!
Hey! Look over there!
Rizing, isn’t that Red Bear?

Magoo or Sam?:
Amazing! He took that it down in the blink of an eye!

To have such an amazing teacher…Rizing, you’re…

Still…You’ve gotta wonder why those
demons have grown in numbers…

Dave: …Hey! Let’s skidaddle, you guys!
『For children, it’s their job to play!
Play all of the time, to grow big and strong!』
…That was my dad’s favorite line before he died!

[Mosey on to the next screen. Proceed up the bridge.
Enter the house.]

It really IS scary…
Rizing! Please protect us, please!
You’re Rizing, The Demon Hunter!

He’s still an apprentice, y’know.

Come on, guys! We’re EXPLORING!

[The stairs on both sides are conveniently smashed and decayed beyond repair. Just head straight forward.]

[The enemies here are represented by maps on the screen. The canine enemies here are called Hellhounds. The rats are Willards. The skeleton is called a Skeleton, the winged beast is a Little Gargoyle, the centipede is an Insector and the ghose is a Poltergheist. They offer no EXP, so feel free to run from them if you can and are able to.]

[There’s nothing important to note in either of the rooms, so it’s better to go on ahead, methinks. Proceed straight forward]:
I think…I’m gonna…pee-pee myself…
I gotta find a potty!


…Dave’s…such a slowwwwpoke…Haha…

Hey, Rizing! I’m kinda worried, let’s go look for him!

[Again, nothing important to look for up ahead. Just go straight forward.]
[Enter the next room.]
[A clock rings out.]
Phew…Just a clock…That sure scared me…

Hey! Just now! The sound of the clock…
Did it just ring thirteen times?
Do they even do that?
They normally just go up to 12, right?

Nah…You miscounted…I’m sure……

Nooo! That’s not what I did!
I’m…getting kinda scared…
I’m going home after all…
[A noise.]

Dave, in a mummy costume:

Hey! I think I get it now!
That mummy’s real identity!
Rizing, do you know too?
Well, take a guess!
That mummy’s real identity is…
[It’s a ghost! / It’s Dave! / IT’S THE MUMMY MAN!]

[It’s a ghost!]
Huh?! But it’s right before your eyes!
You wouldn’t be able to see a ghost!
Think harder! That thing in front of us is…

[Mummy man]
Huh?! No, it’s not that simple!
Think harder! That thing in front of us is…

Ahahaha! Did I miss a spot?
I wrapped myself up in toilet paper!

Obviously! Have you ever
seen a fat mummy before?!

Don’t scare us like that anymore!

Ahaha! It was fake, after all!
Some ghost that was…

[A suit of armor falls over at the other end of the room.]


…Did someone…touch that…armor over there?


*cough*! *hack*! Uh-oh!
There’s too much dust here!
I’m gonna go out and get some air!

Are you alright? Sam!?

*cough* *hack*! No, I’m not!
Th-that’s right! I’ll go keep watch outside.
しててやるよ! See ya! *cough* *cough*

The truth is, my brother really doesn’t like ghosts…

Alright, let’s hurry and bring that ghost back alive!
And then we can show it off to Sam as soon as we doo!
Alright! Let’s go!

[Sam leaves through the front, but going through the back…]
Received an Iron Rod from the chest.

Examine the stairwell.
It’s too dark! We can’t go down there!

There’s nothing we can do…
but retrace our steps…

Now that I think of it, there was a candle
somewhere in this house! Why not use that?

Nice! Way to go, Yumemi!
Let’s go find it!

[So, we have a candle to find.]
[Return to the previous room.]
There’s a candle on the desk. Take it?

Ah-hah! I found a match! Here!
Lemme light it!

[For curiosity’s sake, let’s go talk to Sam back at the entrance.]
What’s up? Something wrong, Rizing?!
No way…You’re not SCARED, are you?

There’s no way the great Demon Hunter
would tell me he’s scared!
I *SAID* I was keeping watch!
Just go catch that ghost already!
Got it, Rizing?

[Alright, let’s go all the way back to the staircase, now that we have the candle. As soon as we arrive at the end of the stair… it looks like we’re in some kind of creepy cellar. Let’s keep going and see what we’re really up against here.]
[Obelisks? Ohhh, freaky.]
[A spell circle of some sort. Note the “666” written on the ground. It’s not important now, but it will be later in the game. Yeah, ritualistic cult shenanigens for sure. Remember, avoid the monsters if you think they’re a waste of time.]
[Proceed to the altar. Probably shouldn’t be saying so much, but this guy’s name is Sanetomo.]
EEEK! …What…is that…

………It’s the guy in the picture!
I…wonder if he’s…dead……

Isn’t that obvious? There’s a stake, smackdab in his heart!
No human would live after something like…

[Sanetomo looks over at the party.]
[The scene immediately takes us outside of the house.]
Rizing! I’ve been waiting here for ages!
It’s already totally dark, see!

Sam! We have to get out of here!
It’s the ghost!
He’s really in there!


[Everyone runs. The house continues to burn as two red eyes blink, projected through the smoke.]
Hah! Hah!
Someone should tell an adult!

But we weren’t supposed to
cross the fence…

Red Bear:
Rizing! What happened here?

Red Bear!!

It’s really him!

It was aghost! A ghost came out at us!

Red Bear:
Is that the truth?! Rizing!
Come! This way!
[Follor Red Bear to another location.]

Red Bear:
This is the Flame of Eden, the sacred fire
that illuminates all of America. Line]
In here, you can feel safe from whatever got out!

What the–? Sam’s gone!

M…my brother…

Red Bear:
I’ll look for him! Rizing, you’re coming too!
Come, we have to go, Rizing!

You have to come back, no matter what!
Pinky promise!!
[Cute Pinky Promise cg… Hooray for us!]

[Let’s talk to the kids and the two Native Americans before we go.]
I thought the world outside would be…
way more fun than being stuck inside the fence…
…But no…to think it was like this…

Rizing! We’ll look after Yumemi for you!
Just leave it to us!

You have to come back, no matter what!
Pinky promise!!

Native American:
This flame, “The Flame of Eden.”
A fire god, ancestor to us, the Red People,
stole it from the heavens!

In its holy light shines the
future of this land, America.

Native American 2:
The Flame of Eden has begun to cast an ominous light.Line]
A foreboding that something wicked will happen…
…Beware, Rizing!

[Exit the temple.]
Red Bear:
Do you not yet understand why I took you
in and raised you as my own?!

[Pulls up Rizing’s sleeve to show the a mark that looks like a flame.]
That birthmark on your shoulder! That’s the Crest of Fire! Line]
It’s proof that sacred blood flows within you!
The blood of warriors that will save this land!

Come, Rizing! Show me!!
Show me the fruits of your training!!

[Continue through this thrashed ol’ town. Some Little Gargoyles and such will attack you along the way. Again, 0 EXP.]
The first law of the hunter:
Know your own strength!
Don’t overestimate your own skill!
And likewise, do not fear your enemy!
[More gargoyles.]
The second law of the hunter:
The sword does not use you! Control your blade!
When you can make the sword a part of you,
then, you can draw out its true power!
[Skeletons this time.]
The third law of the hunter:
Cast away your feelings! Keep your heart still!
Do not hold resentment for your enemy,
but do not show your enemy mercy!

[Enter the church for a second.]
Old lady to the left:
It’s been said that the power of the
Flame of Eden will grow weak ever
2000 years…
The 2000th year is soon approaching…

Old man to the right:
“When the Flame of Eden grows dim,
4 stars will gather in the village of prophecy.”
…So says the ancient legend…

We built the fence to protect
the children from the demons.

With the children confined within the fence,
we adults would battle the demons………but…
the demons’ power was too strong.

We have no choive but to lament the past now,
but indeed…
we should have called you much sooner…

Pastor (again):
Red Bear…and you too, Rizing!
The children…this town…
please…protect them…

[Exit through the bottom of the screen.]
Hatted old man on the road whom we spoke with earlier:
This is bad! Very bad!
The children should have never gone outside of the fence!
…Hm? There aren’t any more left outside, right?
…So…if that’s the case, it’s fine if I ban people from leaving too, right? …*mumble*…Oh, I’m so confused…!!
Well, anyhow, this place is off limits! That’s final!
[Go back and exit through the top left-hand corner of the town.]

[We see Sam for a split second, running into the building ahead.]
[We cut to a scene with Sanetomo casting an incantation over the large magic circle.]
[Back to Rizing, Red Bear and Sam.]
Red Bear:
No! You musn’t open that book!

Ell! Ill! Allam! Deomicimu!
Here, I shall materialize!
Thou wilst be shown the truth!
[Forgive me if that entire line was awful. Not very good at that oogie boogie talk.]

[1899, Alaska]
[Six years have passed. Rizing rests in a bed.]

Old man:
It…looks like you had a dream…

Where am I?

Old man:
This is Anchorage…
A small fishing village, found in Alaska…
After you had passed out, we
found you and brought you here…

…The dream I had…A dream about…
my old friends…from 6 years ago…

The museum in New Orleans…
Sam opened the Sealed Scriptures…and after that…
I don’t remember…what happened…

Old man:
…Time…resolves everything…

…Someone…I just remember…
………in the blazing fires…
And there…through the flames…
Red Bears big arms pulled
me out of danger…

Old man:
…You were…cluthing a letter……

Red Bear’s letter!

Red Bear saved me 6 years ago…
And– and he asked me to help him now…
That’s why…that’s why I came to this state!
[A girl enters the room, carrying logs.]

(( The girl gave Raijin
a hunter’s suit. ))

(( This girl gave Raijin
a hunter’s knife. ))

H…hey! Wait a second!


Old man:
That child is my granddaughter,
named Muriel. She was tending to
your injuries the entire time.

……She was an innocent girl with a
bright, smiling face…

But…after the demons killed her parents…
she’s closed her heart away ever since…
…Please…forgive her of any disrespect…

No…It matters not…

Red Bear is an old friend of mine。

In order to defeat “Sterling Blizzard”, the demon that
has come to our state, he rushed here, all the way
from San Francisco…
But…I’ve since lost contact with him……

I’ll defeat that demon!
Me…and Red Bear, too!!

Old man:
I’m so…happy to hear that, but…
this village…we;ve lost everything…
We have no way to pay you.

I came here to help Red Bear!
I don’t need a reward for this either…

Old man:
…But that kind of reasoning is…

Well…there IS one thing…
That girl’s smile…is good enough for me…

[You gain control of Rizing here. That being said, this concludes the Louisiana prologue!]

4 thoughts on “Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV – Prologue Translation, P.2 (Complete!)

  1. This is great I’ve always been interested in this game since it reminds me allot of Shadow Hearts FTNW. I tried playing Oriental Blue for the GBA but that one was … just too serious and confusing as to “where the hell do I even !?” also horribly grind heavy so I kinda lost interest.

  2. Hi, thanks a lot for the prologue, i hope you’ll work soon on the translation… Tengai Makyou: The Apocalypse IV is just the best RPG i ve ever played. Good Luck from France !!!

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