Tengai Makyou 2: Manjimaru- Itty-bitty, teeny-weeny intro translation

Exactly what it says in the title. Honestly thirty seconds worth of content in the game- the creation of Jipang, so it’s nothing really worth posting, but I might as well, right?


Mari! Yomi! My darling children!

You two will now combine your powers.

You will give birth to all strong and resilient life,

here on the most beautiful planet within the cosmos.

You will then raise it to prosper.

Go now! This is the beginning of your journey!

[The camera follows the red and blue orbs as they steer through the galaxy and break through the Earth’s atmosphere, zooming in to what we now know as Jipang. It zooms in deeper, into the house where Manjimaru and his mother live. The two are eating rice. Manjimaru is seen virtually inhaling his bowl, leaving nothing left within a matter of seconds.]

Manjimaru: *Gulp!* Guh… Phew! Hey mom, seconds please!

[A man knocks on the door and yells into the house.]

Man: Manjimaru, are you in there? Today’s the day you get what’s coming to you!!

Manjimaru’s Mother:  Manjimaru, you got into another fight somewhere, didn’t you… Honestly, there’s no getting through to you! At any rate, I simply can’t put up with all the parents of the kids you beat up.  Manjimaru, until things die down, go kill some time someplace outside the house. Get out from the second floor the way you always do, and let your mother take care of this the right way.

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