Linda Cubed Again- Itty-Bitty Prologue Translation

Linda: Hey! Hey, Ken! Look at this! See? It’s a really pretty star!
Ken: What?Isn’t that Earth?
Linda: I decided that that’s where I’ll go for my honeymoon!
Ken: That’s stupid! Who else would go with someone like you on a honeymoon?! And didn’t the teacher tell you?The coordinates to that star were lost in an accident ages ago!
Linda: Well, Ken, we’ll just have to keep looking. Right ’till we’re all grown up!
Ken: Huh?L-look for what?
Linda: EARTH!
Ken: Whaaaat?
Linda: It’s a deal!
Ken: Hey, wait a minute!
Linda: And when we find it, I’m gonna be your bride!
Ken: HUH?……Don’t talk nonsense……

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