Linda Cubed Again: Itty-bitty Opening Movie Translation

[black screen]

Linda – Takayama Minami, Ken – Yao Kazuki, Character Design – Cannabis (Tatsuyuki Tanaka)

Music Composer – Kihara Ryouko, Producer – Tetsuya Sasaki, Game Design – Shoji Masuda

Planet: Neo Kenya, Aera 0-14

AMD 1991, Spring. 8 years before a giant meteor makes contact with the planet.

Ken: Nothing’s happening.

Commander: Aggh… Elder! Is this gonna take all day? What the hell’s supposed to happen here exactly?

Elder: Just hush up and keep looking! It will appear soon enough.

Commander: I don’t exactly get what you’re god’s gettin at, but there’s no way he’s gonna be able to chance the course of a meteor the size of an entire planet. Eight years from now, it’ll be impossible for any life to exist here. We have arrangements to get you guys of the Beastian Tribe evacuated cleanly. More importantly, what’s…

Elder: It’s here!

Commander: Hmm?

Elder: It’s here! It’s here! Gargantuan! Our divine messenger! This is the lifeboat that will save the poor creatures of this planet that these men have forsaken!

Commander: Alright, that’s it. Turn off the camera!

Everyone: Woahhhh!

Elder: This is it! We’ll use this ark that God sent down to us from heaven! M-my premonitions were actually right for once!

Ken: … An ark?

Troops: C-commander! Up— up there!

Commander: Huh?

Troops: Ahhhh!!!!

Commander: Elder!

[Inscribed on the monolith]

Notice: Request for the Ark’s Crew: Confident people who will gather one male and one female from each and every species, no more. –From God

Ken: Wh-what is that thing?!

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