Shiei no Sona Nyl: Itty-bitty demo Translation Pt. 2

I think I may have gone in the wrong direction with a line or two, but I think I’ll double check it and grimace at a later date, if at all. Anyway, here’s part two. It’s more Elysia, but Lily’s intro comes next after this scene. I feel that if I keep translating, things will only get more lucid, since I haven’t slept at all and I have job training later in the night. I’ll probably translate the intro song, Rosa Morada, by some point, but this is more likely it for me and the demo, but I hope you enjoy the snippets.

Something– Something’s fallen quite forcefully. Spilling over… departed. Every last possible thing falls to the bottom, and there it ends. For me, there’s no stopping it. I’ve already lost so much. Falling. They fall, but they’ll be sought out. A few will be discovered and pulled out. But still… still, much has been left behind. Beloved things. Heartwarming things. Things from my own bygone past. Many of them fall, just like that. Falling. Falling. Even now, it all downpours, just like that. Like the rain. Rain. Rain. It falls without an end in sight. Rain. Rain. It falls incessantly over the abandoned castle. This vast, abandoned castle, a ghost town. A castle made of dbri and rain. This ghost town of a chity. This abandoned castle of a city.

The former New York City. A place once called, “The world’s largest engine city.” A place once brimming with the endless throngs of people and locomotives. A place– a city once wealther and livelier than any other in the world. Wealithier with the sounds of many great engines, the sound of 3,000,000 busy lives. And now, with neither.

It’s been like this for 5 years. 5 years, since the December of 1902. Since everything disappeared. The sounds all died out, namely those of all the people that lived here.
So there is no sound. So only the pitter patter of the rain withstands. And only the pitter patter of the rain resounds, echoing throughout the uninhabitable castle, on, and on, and on. Only grey clouds in the sky. A sky of rainclouds that intermingle with the smokes of pollution. The activities in the factories that produced such smog have ceased. No, most of them have yet to disappear, as we are told nowadays. The sky, the ash-colored clouds and sullied rain envelope the tower. Rain. The icy rain, gently it falls with no end in sight. It conceals the sound of my footsteps. My… The sound of Elysia Wentworth’s footsteps that disappear in the incessant rain as she heads into the abandoned castle. With no attentice bearing for my existence and suchlike. Rain, pouring down even now. Rain, rain, rain.

Elysia: Rain. Falling, little by little. A wonderous thing, it is. As things are… there’s no reason for it not to rain, is there? There’s no reason for it not to rain. For this reason, this sky and the others are no different. In the old days, the sky o’er all the ashen clouds of the machines and the clouds atop the city were different. Rainclouds covered the sky above this city. So, in this one week, it was only luck that it did not all come down later down the line. It’s alright. There is no problem. I assumed the broken roads of the town would be muddied before I came here. My boots are waterproof confederate army shoes. As they could easily tread the African hinterlands, this sort of high-quality item speaks for itself here. While the feeling in my feet is shot, the steps I’ve taken are significantly higher than otherwise.

John: KII.
Elysia: Jown, don’t go too far from me.

Its self-reliant circuits are operating normally.  John. A mass of steal and wood. As its scrap-iron joints creek slightly, John steps back into my vicinity. Obediently, he followd my every word like a dog.

John. A walking satechel made of steel and wood. A walking satchel with many legs. Hammering away at Yale University, it is the end result of several years of my research.

5 years ago, I graduated from high school and moved on to university. The accomplishment. The fruit of my labors. But, as far as that man was concerned, in truth, it was like child’s play. It’s legs, far more firm than mine. It knows not of my tire. John. It treads the broken roads of this abandoned castle with ease. A machine with multiple legs, reproduced solely from the inorganic materials, based on the Artificial Sinew Theory of Kadath. Hanging onto a tidbit of what that man told me, cluing in on the “stability” of the body of theory, somehow, I put it together. And thus, I’ve fitted it to e my satchel. I make my way to the abandoned castle, for this is by all means necessary. A lone woman in what once was New York. This place, said to once be the greatest city in the world and now completely surrounded by the military, John walks alongside me here.

If I didn’t have John with me, I wouldn’t have made it so far over the boundary lines. No one comes to this town, thanks to that entirely made-up army blockade. Be that as it may, I couldn’t possibly to this alone. Carrying such a large satchel on my own would be…

John: KII.
Elysia: Hmm…

John. My John. Immense was the time in which I put you together. Of course, with object sensory and temperature-reading capabilities within its very chasis, it doesn’t need a face. But how I tried to give it one. I gave it a name in the meantime, but when I tried coming up with a face myself… Vivi had come for a visit for the first time in six months, where she caught me modeling a “face,” and I turned red from the embarassment. That was pretty troublesome. Oh, Vivi. She was…

John: KIII.
Elysia: John. Your screeching is starting to go up in frequency. Too much more of that, and you’ll need to be oiled.

John: KII. KII. KII.

John sounded his joints loudly, but by no means was it as a cry. Of course, one wouldn’t call it “music” perse. Just noise. Just the abrasion of metal. How long had John’s joints been screeching like that? Much like an accomplished dog, it would howl, as if it were excited.


Elysia: What are you shaking for? Are you happy, John?

John: KII.

Elysia: … Well, you don’t say!

It makes me smile, seeing John, chipring about my feet. I chuckled lightly…  And suddenly, I realized. Because I came to this town, I came to think of it.  As I carried myself through this castle for a week, this was the first time I even laughed.

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