Shiei no Sona Nyl, “Wisteria” lyrics

Just got a new laptop last night. The motherboard on my last one died, and I’ve had that laptop for four years before that. It’s weird, saying goodbye to something like that when it was my best friend during my college career. I never thought I’d be such a materialistic person.

Anyhow, something to post now that I’m back up: Lyrics for the ending song from Shiei no Sona Nyl, which is really a lovely game that should be played by all, hehe. I like the opening more, but if I keep listening to it I’m going to get sick of it. I have a lot of other work I’m preoccupied with, but I’d really like to sit down and write down everything going on in the demo or something, since Amaterasu is doing the whole thing (after his own projects and if we don’t hear word on the Steampunk series coming to the west after Gahkthun.)


たとえば私が 死んで倒れても
For example, even if I dropped dead,

朽ち果て 冷たい土に戻ろうとも
and rotted away, returning to the cold earth.

決して 忘れることはないでしょう
Never will I forget…

Your lovely face.

決して 忘れることはないでしょう
Never will  I forget…

貴方の声も温もりも みな
the warmth of your voice or anything about you

意味のないものなど この世にはひとつもない
There is no one in this world that carries not such significance.

存在の全てに 息づく価値があるはず
All beings, as such, have worth in existing.

息絶え 消える時まで気づけない
That it may not be noticed until we’re dead and gone…

is foolish.

たとえば私が この世から消えて
Even if I disappeared from this world,

たとえば誰もが 忘れてしまっても
even if I was forgotten by everyone,

決して 恐れたりはしないでしょう
Never I will show now fear,

for you will not forget me.

決して 怯えたりはしないでしょう
Never shall I waver,

for you will keep my in your thoughts.

どうか悲しまずに 一輪の花を手向け
Please don’t be sad, give me a flower as I go.

どうか私のため 優しい祈り下さい
And please, a tender prayer for me.

息絶え 消えて それでもここに在る
I will die, and disappear, but they are still here…

the memories.

どうか思い出して 一輪の花を捧げ
Please remember it,  that one flower you dedicate

いつも思い出して 優しい祈りとともに
And always remember that gentle prayer with it.

意味のないものなど ここにはひとつもないの
imi no nai mono nado  koko ni wa hitotsu mo nai no

心宿り 生きる
kokoro yadori  ikiru

Until the last of my life is spent,

I’ll remember.

愛し合えたことも 全てを
Passing over the skies that

嘆く空を 越えてく
grieve our love and all else.

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