Linda Cubed Again: Itty-bitty Translation, “Welcome to Room 102!”

Thought I’d translate another FMV from the game. It starts at about 12:50 in the video, but it’s the frequently mentioned bathroom scene from Linda Cubed Again. I’ve been tackling the story in my spare time (which has slowed down Napple Tale’s progress significantly, but esper’s been gracious enough to build another test copy for me to search and destroy any other lines, then there are menus to dick around with and eventually I have to actually look Straynap’s awful handwriting square in the eye and finish the other 40-sumthin poems. A first-world problem worth running from, I’d say, haha.

(Masked Santa walks in.)
Nek: Welcome to Room 102! We meet again, Brother. Here, take a good look at my face. Hahaha, how about that?  You recognize this face, don’t you? No one told me either, but I’m your younger twin. My name is Nek. Here, while we’re at it, I’ll just show you. This isn’t just any old corpse, y’know – it’s our biological father. Kukuku…Look, see?  It might be hard to see with all the blood in the way, but his mouth is exactly like ours, get it? …Tch!  Even when I thought I was accepted, your mother sold me out instead of you!  “I’m grateful for all you’ve done” or, “You’ve been through so much,” now THAT’S what appreciation sounds like, am I right?  Well, whatever. At any rate, we’re the only two like us in the whole, wide world. Let’s try to get along, Brother.
Rangers: They’re in here! Hurry! It’s that room up there!
Nek: Heh,  sorry to leave so soon. I just really hate attention. But here, a mighty fine present for my sweetheart. Aren’t you going to tell me how grateful you are?
Linda: Thank you, Ken.
Nek: Well, Brother, my little party’s just getting started! The real fun has still yet to come, so, something to congratulate the the lovely couple: MERRY CHRISTMAS!(Nek exits.)
Ranger: Linda, drop the knife! We’ve caught you red-handed and are apprehending you for murder!
Ken: You’re wrong! It wasn’t Linda!!

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