A Short Translation Project Status Update

I’ve been too busy irl to even think about translation stuff lately, which ails me to no end. A few projects have been sitting in stasis and it kind of upsets me. I sat down and finally started Scenario B in Linda Cubed Again tonight. Scenario A is done, if we ignore all NPCs and all shops/battle systems/interfaces/menus (even though I’ve stabbed at a few of them, I figured those would come later). Scenario B is 2/10 done as well, of going by the 10 Part checklist or a Niconico LP or some such. The game itself is probably 15% translated at this point. Scenario C I think is where most of the script is going to go, since a lot of it is sidequests and save events and other time killers like that that are going to make me sob once I get to them.

No new progress on Napple Tale either. Names are reinserted and esperknight did a great job making sure everything looks right. The menus and stuff that’s not found right in the map files haven’t been touched yet, but that stuff will be so quick once I get that text. When it comes to searching/destroying straggling dialogue, it’s coming along well enough. I’m just about to get the Summer Petal in this playthrough, and I’ve unlocked Wonderbed but have yet to get the petal from Alice yet. Once the script is all translated, I still need to edit it with extreme prejudice, since I’m finding some parts that definitely look like I hadn’t slept in days before I typed them up.

Anyhow, that’s all out of me for now. I’ll try to get Scenario B and this playthrough of Napple Tale done in April, but no promises. It’s going to be another very busy month for me. Until my next update, adieu~!

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