Abarenbou Princess, Intermission 1 Cutscene “The Brave Robina”

Finally, another Abarenbou Princess update? I’ve had this one sitting on my computer for about as long as the Prologue translation itself, but it’s about time I shared it. I’ve got some things to pad out my blog and I really gotta update this puppy every once in a while, so here goes. This is the animated cutscene segment in the first intermission of the game. Here’s a link to kireeev2000’s video, and you can find the scene at 14:50, immediately after the prologue, which you can read the translation for here.

Easily one of the cutest cutscenes you could expect to see in an RPG. I hope someone out there adores it as much as I do.



10 years ago, Royal Castle Garden

Rouge: Let’s see, so today… We’ll make believe “The Brave Robina”! I’ve decided!

Ashe: Again? I thought we did that yesterday!

Rouge: No way! This is COMPLETELY different! Yesterday, it was “The Brave Robin”! Today, it’s about the beautiful bride, Robi-NA!

Ashe: Oh, I guess that’s okay. But I get to be the demon king again!

Rouge: And I, naturally, will play Robina! Hey, who will you play, Shion?

[Option 1:] I’ll play the horse the hero rides on♥

[Option 2:] Goblin lacky #1, #2 or #3 will do.

[Option 3:]Maybe a rock or a twig that gets by.

Rouge: NO, NO, NO, NO, NO! None of those are even speaking roles! You’re gonna be my deputy someday! That means you have to speak well for yourself! From now on, no more wallflower nonsense! …As for your role,
I, the Brave Robina, will decide! Alright, everyone! Prepare yourselves!

[Loading screen. There’s a lottttt of that in this game.]
Royal Guard A: Clomp-a-clomp-a-clomp-a…Neigh.

Rouge: Feast your eyes on the Brave Robina! Prepare yourselves, evildoers! Take this! Dragon of Justice~!

Royal Guard B: Ohh, you got me…

Royal Guard C: Ohh, you got me…

Royal Guard D: Ohh, you got me…

Royal Guard E: Ohh, you got me…

Ashe: Wah ha ha ha! Indeed, you are brave, but it ends here! It would be a shame to kill a hostage. Drop your sword!  Hey! Shion! Your line’s next!

[Option 1]: Oh Hero, save me please~!

[Option 2]: Don’t worry about me! 

[Option 3]: Oh~My~~!

Rouge: Shion, what was that?! Ugggh!! I shoulda known. Starting tomorrow,  you’re back to being the horse!

Ashe: Indeed, brave hero. If the princess is so important, what will you do about it?!

Rouge: What impudence! Demon King, prepare to die by my sword! Hiya~!!
Ashe: GuaaaAAAAAhhhhh

Rouge: Ashe, that was the best!! No matter how often I see you die, you just look so charming♥
Ashe: Really? Heh, so that’s why we play this everyday♪

3 thoughts on “Abarenbou Princess, Intermission 1 Cutscene “The Brave Robina”

  1. Today, I decided to finally play through my import PS2 games, starting with A…. for Abarenbou Princess! This was indeed a really cute cutscene. I’m liking the enthusiasm and pacing in the story sequences — seeing Shion tied to the tree made me laugh. I also liked how his dialogue options after playtime is over were the same ones 😉

    In any case, thanks for the Abarenbou translation! Funny that you just posted this a few days ago.

    • Fantastic! There really are some cool exclusives on the PS2. There’s an obnoxious amount of variety of games for the console anyway, but AP stood out to me with its really dedicated storytelling. It’s definitely the forefront of the game, and it’s just really cool to me to see a game that’s just about the playful writing get the cinematic attention that it does. It baffles me that it came out in 2001.

      Shion is definitely the butt of some major mischief, so as cute as this scene is, once characters like King Henry and Coco get introduced into the plot, everything goes nuts in some very fun ways. Some of the writing does hit you in the face later on too, there’s actually some pretty fierce foreshadowing going on, even in some of the scenes I’ve translated elsewhere on my blog.

      I’d love to continue going through and translating the game once I get the time and clear up some other projects, but I’m really delighted that you enjoyed this so far! As you play more through the game, please, let me know what you think of it! I’d be really happy to hear it.

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