TILK~Aoi Umi Kara Kita Shoujo~ Itty-bitty Ending Snippet Translation

TILK~青い海から来た少女~ (Tilk~The Girl That Came from the Bottom of the Blue Ocean~) is an RPG, developed by TGL for both the Sega Saturn and the Playstation. It’s pretty cutscene-intensive, and the battles kind of take a backburner, but it’s a cute game and I’d recommend it to anyone that’s already seriously studying Japanese that could use something for serious practice to play.

Probably a dumb one to post for sure, but I was goofing through the files and this happened to be one of the two that I found that actually had text, so I thought I’d just translate the whole, extremely tiny tidbit. It’s a cute little scene. No screen caps either, but I thought I’d post to make up for some lost time. Will probably try to do another intro translation soon, maybe once Scenario B is done for Linda Cubed first.


Pak: Another day’s gone by…

Fon: Yeah…

Gluth: So that’s it, huh… We couldn’t go with her…

Fon: Don’t cry, Merril…

Merril: But… but…

Pak: Silky was going to stay with us! She said so!! She did… I don’t feel lonely though. Her saying goodbye just came a little too soon…

Billy: That’s just it… Everyone… Let’s make a promise! Someday, for sure, we’ll all come back to the island, on a day just like this one… and look for each other on this very beach! And, so we don’t forget our promise for that day… We’ll split the treasure amongst ourselves! That way, we’ll all remember this moment!

(Everyone looks into the box and leaves. Billy stays behind for a moment and the screen fades to black.)

Billy: I’ve spent the last few days thinking about the road ahead… How much will I hold this dear then? What influence will this have on me? I don’t know… But, at this moment, I can recall the minutes and the seconds of what happened… and I can feel it happening all over again.

What is your favorite memory?

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