Tengai Makyou: Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan, (Bosses) Garp and Rada Em Anc

Okay, this is the last of the character quote stuff I was doing for the night. I’m dirt tired, but I might do one or more things before I finally hit the hay. Help yourself to the quotes for both of the game’s boss characters under the cut.

Voice Credit: Kosugi Jurohta (小杉 十郎太  )

Victory Message:

After Fighting Kabuki:
JP: 火の勇者など存在せぬ!世界は我が手に!我をあがめよっ!!
EN: This is the limit of the Hero of Fire!  The world is in my hands now! Bow before me!!

After fighting Okuni:
JP: 蒼き狼・・・ふふふふ・・・しょせん伝説に過ぎぬ。我は運命をにぎる者!!
EN: The blue wolf… Fufufufu… It was a myth after all. Accept your fate!!

After fighting Zeami:
JP:  何度やっても同じ!お前の力では私にキズひとつつけられぬ。我は全能なり。
EN: Now matter how many times, it’s all the same! You will never chip away at me with your power. I am omnipotent!

After fighting Fujiyama:
JP:  一体人間に何ができる・・・。大地に這いつくばって生きよ!我は支配者なり。
EN: What could a human even do… You live on this earth on your hands and knees! I will be your ruler!

After fighting Mikoshi:
JP:  しょせん、女子供になにができるか!!弱き者よ!我を讃えよ!!
EN: What could the women and children hope to do? You are weak! Give your praises to me!!

After fighting Kikugoro:
JP:  ふふふふ・・・かわいいやつ。その力ではカブキと戦っているのがちょうどよい。
EN: Fufufufu… What a darling man. You are at just the right strength to butt heads with Kabuki.

After fighting Manto X:
JP:  バカに何を言っても無駄だと思うが・・・。バカ者ッ!!
EN: It is a waste to even call you a fool… You foolish animal!!

After fighting Jingoro:
JP:  消えろ!めざわりだ!!地獄に行くがよい。
EN: Get out of my way, you awful sight!! I will see you in Hell.

Rada Em Anc
ラダ エム アンク
Voice Credit: Fujimoto Yuzuru (藤本 譲 )

Victory Message:
After Fighting Kabuki:
JP:  ふぉっ、ふぉっ、ふぉっ 所詮、火の勇者の力はこの程度じゃ。
EN: Fhu, fhu, fhu! So that is the limit of the Hero of Fire!

After fighting Okuni:
JP: 甘いわっ!そんな子供騙しの召喚魔法で、私の暗黒魔法に勝てると思うかっ!
EN: How sweet! Did you really think those parlor tricks of yours would best my dark magic?!

After fighting Zeami:
JP:  お前の仮面の力も私の魔力の前では役に立たなかったようじゃな。
EN: The power of a man behind a mask has no chance before me!

After fighting Fujiyama:
JP:  神の戦士じゃと...。神を語るには、余りにも非力すぎじゃ!身の程を知れぃっ!
EN: A warrior of God… To speak of a god is a fool’s errand! Know your place!!

After fighting Mikoshi:
JP:  我が小娘に負けると思うかっ!このたわけものめがっ!
EN: Did you think I would lose to a young maid?!  What tomfoolery is that?!

After fighting Kikugoro:
JP:  いくら老人でも道化に負けるほど老いてはないわっ!
EN: Even in my years, there’s no way I would lose to a buffoon like you!

After fighting Manto X:
JP:  お前のバカさかげんには呆れて物も言えぬ。二度と私の前に現れるなっ!
EN: Your daftness amazes me. You’d bet not come at me a second time!

After fighting Jingoro:
JP:  よくそんな腕前で魔王ガープを倒せたな。しかし私には、通用せぬわっ!
EN: With that power, you could take down Demon Lord Garp. But I am a different story!

After fighting Garp:
JP:  ふぉっ、ふぉっ、ふぉっ 所詮、火の勇者の力はこの程度じゃ。
EN: Fhu, fhu fhu…  You’re on par with the Hero of Fire after all.

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