Tengai Makyou: Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan, Jingoro and Mikoshi

More of the character quote roundups for Ittou Ryoudan (which translates to Tale of the Single Swing of the Blade, more or less). I’m going two characters at a time, for a total of ten.

Voice Credit: Takagi Wataru (高木 渉)

Victory Message:
Fighting against Kabuki:
JP: どきゃあがれ!オウム頭のいかれた野郎の相手なんかしてる暇は、ねぇんでぇい!!
EN: Step aside! I certainly don’t have time to deal with some parrot-headed freak!

Fighting against Okuni:
JP: 色っぽい姐ちゃん、残念だったな。俺に色気は通じないぜ。
EN: I’m sorry it came to this, my volumptuous lady. Your sex appeal does not phase me.

Fighting against Zeami:
JP: テメエの仮面も俺様のカンナで削ってやろうか。
EN: Why don’t I scrape that mask off your face?

Fighting against Fujiyama:
JP: 相撲とりかい?その程度じゃ諦めた方が身の為だ。
EN: A sumo wrestler? At this point, you should give up for your own good.

Fighting against Mikoshi:
JP: お嬢ちゃん、相手が悪かったぜ。勘弁してくれよ。
EN: You’re just a sorry opponent, lass. Now, if you’ll excuse me.

Fighting against Kikugoro:
JP: 趣味の悪い野郎でぃ!ジパング男児の風上にもおけねぇぜ!
EN:  You have deplorable hobbies! You Jipang fellows sure are swimming upstream!

Fighting against Manto X:
JP: どこの野郎だ、猿に芸を仕込むなら、もうちっとましな芸を仕込みやがれ!
EN: If any old sap can train a monkey,  soon enough, I’ll be the one teaching them!

Fighting against Jingoro:
JP: 見た目はソックリだが、中身は似ても似つかねぇぜ!
EN: We may be the same in appearance, but we’re not even close on the inside!

Fighting against Garp:
JP: てやんでい!ジパング一の宮大工の俺様をなめんじゃねぇ!!
EN: It’s over! Don’t make light of this shrine builder of Jipang!

JP: これでジパングいちの黄金の五重の塔が建てられるぜー!!
EN: With this, I’ll build Jipang a five-story pagoda of pure gold!

Momochi Mikoshi
百々地 みこし (ももち みこし)
Voice Credit: Kohrogi Satomi (こおろぎ さとみ)
Age: 14

Victory Message:
After fighting Kabuki:
JP: わーっ!勝っちゃった!あこがれのカブキ様に、勝っちゃった!わーい、わーい!
EN: Yay! I won! Oh, admirable Kabuki, I won! Yay! Yay!

After fighting Okuni:
JP: わーっ!勝っちゃった!ステキで美人な阿国様に、勝っちゃったー!いいのかしらぁー。
EN: Yay! I won! Oh Wonderful, Beautiful Miss Okuni, I won! That’s good, right?

After fighting Zeami:
JP: わー!勝っちゃった!人気の世阿弥さんに勝っちゃったー!あたし殺されちゃうかもしれない。
EN: Yay! I won! I beat the infamous Zeami! I wonder if I almost died…

After fighting Fujiyama:
JP: わー!勝っちゃった!あんな大きな人に、勝っちゃったー!あたしも横綱になれるかしら。やだぁハダカになれない。
EN: Yay! I won! Hey, really big man, I won! I wonder if I could become a “Grand Champion” too. I don’t think I could get used to being so naked.

After fighting Mikoshi:
JP: 真似ができたのは美人なところだけかしら。
EN: I wonder if there’s a place people go to to mimic pretty people.

After fighting Jingoro:
JP: わー!勝っちゃった!強いのかと思ったら、ハデなだけね。
EN: Yay! I won! You may think you’re powerful, but you’re just gaudy.

After fighting Manto X:
JP: わーっ!勝っちゃった!ただのバカ。
EN: Yay! I won! And you’re still a dummy!

After fighting Kikugoro:
JP: わーっ!勝っちゃった!ちょっと本気出しちゃった。
EN: Yay! I won! I had to get a little serious just now.

After fighting Garp:
JP: あたしってスゴイ!スゴすぎる!見て見て見て!あたし、みこし!勝っちゃった!!
EN: I’m awesome! That was so cool! Look, look look! I, Mikoshi, have won!!!!!

JP: わーい!わーい!やったー! これであたしも一人前のくノ一よっ!
EN: Yay! Yay! I did it! Now I’ve finally become a full-fledged female ninja too!

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