Tengai Makyou: Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan, Kabuki’s Poems and Other Character Story Summaries

Here are some of the character scenario profiles for the game.  This will probably be my last post on this game. Why lie? There’s not really much left to the game. The poems under Kabuki’s are actually right at the title screen and after KAbuki’s route, so those weren’t hard to type up manually. As for the descriptions of the routes themselves, I found on this site. I didn’t exactly grab it with permission or anything.

(Title Screen Poem)
やさしくなけりゃ / 生きてゆけねえ / 強くなけりゃ /
女にゃもてねえ / 華も散るらん
–カブキ 団十郎
Unless you are gentle, you will not make a living;
Unless you are strong, you will not hold a woman,
and you will scatter with the flowers.
–Kabuki Danjuro

(Ending Poem)
いのち短し / 男をみがけ / 大ボラ吹いて
夢喰いねぇ/ 空をみはてぬ
–カブキ 団十郎
Refining a weak man in his short life,
the big goatfish laughs,
feeding on his dreams,
the end of the abyss, unseen.
–Kabuki Danjuro
Okuni: A dancer with the blood of the blue wolf. Okuni now chases after the stranger that has kidnapped her sister, Yagumo.
Zeami: Revived from the clutches of death by a miracle, Zeami’s past memories have since been lost. The only words he that ring true to him are “The Dandy Man of Jipang.”
Push Fujiyama: Fujiyama has fallen into a slump. He fights to reflect on the lessons of his former comrades. His pride and his open-handed slaps are in full force.
Mikoshi: “I won’t rely on my sisters’ strength anymore!” fleeing her village, Mikoshi embarks on a journey to be an independant female ninja!
Kikugoro: After his fall from grave in Tengai Makyou 2, Kikugoro passionately awaits the chance to take down Kabuki and reclaim his status!
Manto X: To raise money for the establishment of Kyoto Mantoland, he recklessly challenges Kabuki and co. to try and rob them. As always, Manto is quite dumb.
Jingoro: A shrine architect of Jipang, Jingoro built a grand, 5-story shrine as commissioned by Garp, but was infuriated when Garp ran off and skipped the bill! Jingoro has made up his mind to go after him and collect his pay.
Garp: Garp, once overthrown by KAbuki, was brought back to life b Rada Em Anc. After getting stronger, Garp has made it a goal to overthrow all of Jipang and take his vengeance on Kabuki.
Rada Em Anc: A magician influenced by the dark arts, he has used bizarre magics to revive an adversary repeatedly defeated by the Fire Clan. He aims to take Jipang for himself.


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