Tengai Makyou: Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan, Kabuki and Okuni

The main storyline segments for scenario’s A, B and C in Linda Cubed Again are done! While Esper is reinserting everything and putting everything into test drive, I thought I’d throw something onto the ol’ blog again. Anyhow, this is for a second fighting game in the Tengai Makyou series. It’s more in tribute to Fuun Kabuki Den, so if you don’t care for that game, 3/4 of the cast is pretty irrelevant.

As the rules always go, if you see something super messed up in the translation, please let me know! I go kinda nuts, but I don’t like being super inaccurate.


Kabuki Danjuro
カブキ 団十郎 (かぶき だんじゅうろう)

Voice Credit: Yamaguchi Kappei (山口 勝平)
Age: 19 / Birthplace:  Unknown / Blood Type:    B
Height and Weight: 176㎝・63.5㎏

Victory Message:

After fighting Kabuki Danjuro:
JP: あはは、自分と戦うってのもイキな仕掛けだぜ。さすがゲームだ!ガハハハハ!
EN: Ahaha, that’s one spiffy challenge, fighting against myself. Just what I’d expect from a video game! Gahahahaha!

After fighting Okuni:
JP: おめえがマジになるから、つい本気になっちまった・・。女に勝っても心が痛むぜ。
EN: You lost yourself there, so I got serious… For a woman lost,  I feel your aching heart.

After fighting Zeami:
JP: おめえとはやりたくなかったぜ。だがこれで人気も実力もジパング一がはっきりしたな!
EN:  I didn’t want to beat you up. But my populatiry and skills are made clear to all of Jipang now.

After fighting Fujiyama:
JP: ちぇっ!横綱ってのはその程度かい!
EN:  Hah!  So much for the “Grand Champion”!

After fighting Mikoshi:
JP: ああ・・・負けてやりたかったぜ・・・
EN: Aww… I wanted lose that one…

After fighting Kikogoro:
JP: すっ込んでろ!ピンクのとぐろ野郎!ったく、めざわりだ!
EN: You had it coming, you springy, pink bastard. What an eyesore!

After fighting Manto X
JP: バーカ!ずっとやってろ!!クソザル!!
EN: So stupid! I’m always going to beat you, you damn monkey!!

After fighting Jingoro:
JP: ああ、またオレ様が目立っちまった・・・。
EN: Aw, I almost got scared…

After fighting Garp:
JP: ガハハハハ!見たか!これがジパング一の伊達男ってやつだ!忘れんじゃねぇぞ。
EN: Gahahaha! Look at this dandy here in Jipang! I’m not gonna forget you!

JP: やっぱり俺様にかなう奴なんていねーんだよ! ガハハハハ!!
EN: I turned out to be the king of the hill after all! Gahahahaha!


阿国 (おくに)
Voice Credit: Mizutani Yuko (水谷 優子)

Victory Message:
After fighting Kabuki:
JP: 残念でした。女を甘く見ないでね。顔を洗って出なおしてらっしゃい!
EN: That’s too bad, but don’t underestimate a woman. Go wash your face and turn a new leaf.

After fighting Okuni:
JP: まったくもう!あなたなら、もう少し楽しませてくれると思ったのに・・・。
EN: Good grief! I was hoping this would be a little more entertaining, since it’s you I’m fighting.

After fighting Zeami:
JP: 本物の世阿弥さんなの?弱すぎるわね・・・。
EN:  You’re not the real Zeami, are you? How weak…

After fighting Fujiyama:
JP: あなた横綱を引退したら・・。
EN: As the Grand Champion, you should retire.

After fighting Mikoshi:
JP: かわいいだけで選ばれたのね。悲劇だわ・・・。こんな弱いのと戦うなんて。
EN:  You’re only here because you’re cute. Shameful… What a frail fighter you are!

After fighting Kikugoro:
JP: ハデなだけじゃダメなのよ!もう少し楽しませてくれると思ったのに・・・。
EN: It’s awful how flashy you are! Although, I guess it does make this more entertaining.

After fighting Manto X:
JP: 笑っちゃうほど弱いわ。あなたってギャグそのものね。
EN: I’m dumbfounded by how weak you are. You yourself are a joke!

After fighting Jingoro:
JP: ああ、強い男と戦いたいよ。
EN:  Oh, how I’d love to fight a powerful man.

After fighting Garp:
JP: 蒼き狼の血の前に、魔王の力などおよばない!これではっきりしたでしょ。あたし強いのよ!
EN: The devil’s strength is useless before the blood of the blue wolf! I’m the powerful one!

JP: さあ!一緒に帰りましょう。八雲。
EN: Come on! Let’s go home together, Yagumo!

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