Tengai Makyou: Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan, Push Fujiyama and Zeami

Hahaha, it never ends. I should take some time and post this over time, huh… Oh well. More four Kabuki Ittou Ryoudan. If anything, I just have two more story characters and then the two bosses, so that’s… two more posts. Neat. I might do more if I can find some writeups on the little storylines for each of the characters and stick them all in one post.


Push Fujiyama
Voice Credit:  Shioya Yoku (塩谷 翼 )

Victory Message:
After Fighting Kabuki:
JP: カブキさん、ごっつぁんっす。
EN: I expected more from you, Kabuki.

After fighting Okuni:
JP: お忙しい中、俺の稽古に付き合ってくれてごっつぁんっす。
EN: I’m in the middle of something, but I appreciate you keeping me from getting rusty.

After fighting Zeami:
JP:  俺、横綱になったっす。神の戦士の強さを思い出すべし、世阿弥さん。
EN: I am the one who became the Grand Champion.  Zeami, remember this might of a soldier, chosen by God.

After fighting Fujiyama:
JP:  プッシュ プッシュ ジパング一の大横綱は、二人もいらないっす。
EN: Push! Push! There is no need for a two Grand Champions of Jipang.

After fighting Mikoshi:
JP:  いくら、くノ一でも、子供が戦いに出ちゃだめっす。
EN: You may be a female ninja, but there is no need for children on the battlefield.

After fighting Kikugoro:
JP:  もっと真面目に戦ってくれっす。稽古にならないっす
EN: You should be more serious when taking me on! Why don’t you go practice?

After fighting Manto X:
JP:  ジパング一の横綱が、サルになんかに負けないっす。
EN: The Grand Champion of Jipang would never lose to an ape!

After fighting Jingoro:
JP:  どこの誰だか知らないけれど、あんたじゃ俺に勝てないっす。
EN: I know not where you came from, but you will never best the likes of me!

After fighting Garp:
JP:  魔王ガープでも、俺の連勝記録は止められないっす。
EN: You may be the Demon Lard Garp, but you will never break my winning streak!

JP:  俺!ジパングいちの横綱でごんす!!プッシュッ!!
EN: Long live me,  the Grand Champion of Jipang! Push!!


Voice Credit: Hayami Shou (速水 奨)

Victory Message:
After Fighting Kabuki:
JP:  私の記憶するあなたは、はるかに強かったはず・・・。
EN: I remembered you being much stronger than this…

After fighting Okuni:
JP: 女の方を倒しても、私の誇りが傷つく・・・。申し訳ありません。
EN: As you are a woman, my pride has been hurt by this… I have no excuse.

After fighting Zeami:
JP:  自分を倒す意味はなんだ。これは輪廻ということか!?むなしい・・・。
EN: This was a means to bring me down, I’m sure. Is this to be an endless cycle of death and rebirth!? How pointless…

After fighting Fujiyama:
JP:  あこがれの横綱も、戦ってみれば、こんなものなのですか・・・。
EN: Was I really pitting myself against the admirable Grand Champion…?

After fighting Mikoshi:
JP:  できるなら、戦いたくなかったのです。
EN: I would have rather not fought, were it possible.

After fighting Kikugoro:
JP:  私は、悪シュミな男はキライです。
EN: I despise men with bad fashoin sense.

After fighting Manto X:
JP:  悪い冗談はやめてもらいたい。
EN: I’d rather you stop with this rotten jest.

After fighting Jingoro:
JP:  お前も私と同じ、心を造り物で隠すのか。しかし、私の方が遙かに強い。
EN: You and I are the same, we hide behind the walls we build. However, my strength is far beyond yours.

After fighting Garp:
JP:  お前への憎しみは忘れられなかった!これで私の心も救われる
EN: My hatred for you did not slip into obscurity! With this, my mind may be saved.

JP: 花は散るから美しいのです。また・・・生き残ってしまった・・・。
EN: Flowers are beautiful because they wither away. Any yet… I’m still here…
(This is a reference to events in Fuun Kabuki Den, in which he’s kinnnnnd of a big player. Don’t worry about it too much.)

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