Life and Updates, I Guess.

Hey, sorry for being completely MIA for a while. I haven’t been around to exactly speak to anyone, and I’m trying to get all of my ends met within the next couple of days. Works been long and I’m not very good at my job, but I’ll get better. An unexpected death of a friend hit me really hard just a couple weeks ago, so I’m kind of getting over that. Nothing was really bringing me to turn on the computer, so nothing exactly happened with any translating or proofreading work I had to do that was on my laptop.

In the meantime, I’ve been playing a lot of Love Live and Tengai Makyou: Apocalypse IV, the latter of which has been entirely translated now, story-wise. (I’m just sliding that in,  for anyone that actually decided to read more. For what it’s worth though, it might be better not to spread around or anything, onegai.) That doesn’t say anything about NPCs or the scholarship sidequests. or most of Las Vegas anything, really, but I’ll churn through that later. I’ve got some emails to send out and some playtesting for Linda and Napple Tale to do in the mean time.

Sorry for not being around. It’s kind of shameful, really, since I was promising myself to do more and the blog’s really been on my mind. At least I got something done out of it. Anyway, I’ll probably go through some cute platformer or something later to post on the blog. My copy of Tako no Marine is kaput, which has me a little sad, so I’ll look for something else. For what it’s worth, I guess it’s as good a time as ever to do the update for A Vague Story, but I’m very here -> there, so we’ll see.

In the mean time, have a good night.

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