A screenshot of Linda, While I’m Up.

Really not much of an update, but I’ve got a couple things on my plate, and this is now one of them. As far as translations are going, I’ve started a new game of Linda in Scenario A and I’m just filling in blanks as I go along. Well… That’s kinda what I’d like to do, if I wasn’t so bad at gallavanting around with such a bad handle on emulators.

I actually just bought a modchipped PSX from a fellow over on /vr/, so ideally that will come in, I’ll burn a test disc and just go. I might use it to play through Mystic Ark 2, since that’s something else I’ve wanted to translate for the blog. I could also use it to revisit Robin Lloyd no Bouken, since I have about 30% of the game done anyway.

Anyway, here’s a tiny to-do list on my part:

> Replay Scenarios A, B and C of Linda Cubed. Probably go through Scenario D/Time Attack.

>Replay Napple Tale. Unlock all of Straynap’s Diaries and translate. The handwriting is an absolute mess, so I know I’m going to hate this, but whatever.

>Other stuff. Battle menus and UI stuff for the 2 aforementioned games and the one I mentioned in my last post.

>Play Love Live and blow my money on cute stuff.

4 thoughts on “A screenshot of Linda, While I’m Up.

  1. Been checking this blog frequently and I’m extremely excited about this project (along with your other translations). Really looking forward to it, hope you’re still doing well!

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