Ultraman: Chou Toushi Gekidan (GBC) English Patch


First off, I’d like to say thank you all everyone for being really supportive! I appreciated all of your comments for the past few posts. You’re all very sweet and I’m glad that you were all understanding of what I was going through. That really means a lot to me.

Short post today, but I’ve actually been productive for once! A lot of drawn out spring cleaning and focusing on improving at work- that’s how I’ve been passing my time. But also a very short, very quick translation for gorgyrip over on romhacking.net, which he edited/hacked. He also remade the title screen into English! So pretty!

Get the patch here!

That’s all for now. I’m going to work on the latest version of “A Vague Story” which features a bonus room, a slightly rewritten script (which clarifies quite a bit), and some  minor tweaks to the game/visuals. BrownSugar/Gretchen also game me permission to translate and release “A Bomb Called Darkipt: FINAL CUT” which does most of the same, but also adds an entirely new ending to the mix.

As for the other 3 projects.

Linda Cubed Again: Haven’t touched it lately. I’m having trouble with the game crashing at an earlier part of the game (but I’ve probably mentioned emulating the game hasn’t worked uber-duber well for me. I still haven’t received the modded PSX in the mail to play it on that. I might pop an email that anon’s way…

Napple Tale: Worked some more on the poems. I hate reading the handwriting Straynap uses, so it’s just the tedium that turns me off. Most of the other stuff that needs to be reinserted is honestly just stuff I have to copy/past some 80 times to get it all in and consistent. I asked esper if he would be willing to make a reinsertion setup for me so it would take far less time. I haven’t heard from him on it, and I do feel guilty for asking since he’s busy with a lot of other exciting projects. Going to keep working on the poems until I hear something on it.

?????: Working on some sidequests (if you can call them that) and some season/calender day-specific events that the player can unlock, like receiving letters or having some conversations available only on particular days after meeting certain requirements. Has been lovingly fondled the most out of the three, as of late.

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