Abarenbou Princess, Team Attack Dialogue Translations

Niconico -暴れん坊プリンセス 連携技集-

I really need to figure out how to embed Niconico videous. But anyhow, how about another meaty update? This one has a video, so if you’ve been following along with the Abarenbou Princess scene translations, this one might be fun, especially if you’ve gone deeper into the game. There are special team attacks that you can happen upon in the end-of-chapter battles scattered throughout the game. One of the things I love about this game is the dialogue that embellishes the boss battles like none other. ((This would be me dream translation to be honest, if I had any way of tackling a PS2 game, which I don’t #shinitai ))

1. Shion + Rouge: Passionate Duo (お熱いふたり)
星の精霊よ / 我らに… / 大いなるチカラを / いち! / にぃ〜の〜お!/ ズドーーーン!
Rouge: Don’t go messing this up now!
Shion: I got it, I got it!
Both: O, Spirit of the Stars! Grant us… Your increasing power! One! Two~… Threeeeee!

2. Shion + Jasmine: Holy Knight’s Twin Lightning (聖騎士双光牙)
やぁぁぁぁぁぁっ! / ツィン・ライトニング!
Jasmine: Let’s take care of this.
Shion: Right.
Both: Hyaaaaah! Twin Lightning!

3. Rouge + Jasmine: Magic Mirror (魔法の鏡)
闇より… / 我らを、守りたまえ / ミラー・ハウス!
Jasmine: Princess, relax your mind.
Rouge: That’s no problem for me!
Both: Protect us… From the darkness! Mirror House!

4. Shion + Phill: Reaper’s Lance (死神の槍)
騎士の槍に… / 死神を… / 宿らせたまえ… / スピア!
Phill: Are you ready?
Shion: Whenever you are!
Phill: May the Reaper… embed himself … in the edge…
Shion: Of my spear!

5. Shion + Coco: One! Two! Coco! (ワンツーCoco)
チャー! / シュー! / メーーーン!
Coco: Let’s do this, Shion.
Shion: You can count on me!
Shion: Go!
Coco: Cha! Shu! Men!!

6. Rouge + Coco: Operation Sex Appeal (お色気大作戦)
にゃにゃにゃにゃにゃ〜ん! / うぅふ〜ん!
あっは〜ん! / ブチュッ!
Rouge: I’m Rouge…
Coco: And I’m Coco…
Both: And this is “Operation: Sex Appeal!”
Coco: Meow meow meow! Mhmmm!
Rouge: Ahhhhn! Mwah!

(*If the attack doesn’t work, a giant ガァーン! / No way!  drops over the girls’ heads as they stand there in shock.)

7. Jasmine + Coco: Goddess Lullaby (女神の子守唄)
我らふたり… / 癒しの女神とならん / マザーズ・ララバイ
Jasmine: This will save everyone.
Coco: Yeah, I know.
Both: Let us both be… Your healing goddesses. Mother’s Lullaby!

8. Shion + Ashe:  Camaraderie Burst (友情爆裂破)
ああッ!! /  風のォ!! / うなりにぃ…血がァ!!
叫ぶ!! /  ダブールタイフーーーン!!
Ashe: Let’s show them something good…
Shion: Aye-aye!! May your blood!! Cry out!! By… the lashings-
Ashe: Oh the wind! Double Typhoon!!

9. Rouge + Ashe: Evil King and Heel! (魔王とカカト)
ガッテンショウチ、ってなもんよォ! / オラオラオラオラ / 技とォ! / チカラのォ! / カザグルマ! / ヒール!
Rouge: I think we should do “that”…
Ashe: You know what I say, “Of course!” Hey! Hey! Hey! Skill and Power! [Spinning like] a windmill! I’m the Evil King!
Rouge: And I’m the Heel!*****
***((ヒール, when Ashe says it, is interpreted as *that kid that always bad guy in play-pretend*. When Rouge says the exact same word, it’s because she’s in high heels. It’s just a wee bit tricky to get the entire joke across in one quick scene like this.))

Now, if we were to ditch the Prada branding how I’d imagine it could go in the game as such (sorry I’m lame, but entertain me) :
Rouge: I think we should do “that”…
Ashe: You know me, “Your wish is my command!” Get a load of this! My skill! My power! Round and round! I’m hell—!
Rouge: -on heels!

10: Shion + Rouge + Ashe: V3 Attack (V3アタック)
頭が高い! / このお方をォ!/ どなたとォ!/ 心得る! /
はりきってぇ / どうぞーーーー!
ウルトラ、スパー / ギャラクティカ、アタック…!
Rouge: Who the hell do you think I am?!
Shion + Ashe: Bow before your Princess!
Rouge: Boys, teach this one a lesson!
Shion: Arrogant scum!
Ashe: You won’t forget who your princess is now!
Shion: Sorry for the wait, Roo. You can take it from here–!
Rouge: Ultra, Super, Galactica Attack!!
((This is a heavy-duty reference to Mitto Komon / an old Japanese TV phenomenom. Anyway, made it more readily understandable with a good ol’ TTGL quote.))
((This attack can be blocked under special circumstances. There, she goes “アタッァ〜ア〜ア〜…クゥ…!” / Atta~aaagh~aaa! Guh!!))

* WARNING! * This last one can count as a huge spoiler for some. Highlight at your own risk!

12: Robin + Robina: Love Storm (愛の嵐)
ストーム! 赤い! / 花びら / 散らすのは / ロビンとォ… / ロビナのォ!!
愛のォォォォォーーー!! 嵐ィ!!
Robin: Crazy!
Robina: Storm! Red petals! Scattering in the air! This is Robin’s… and Robina’s–
Robin: Love!! Storm!!!!

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