Abarenbou Princess, Itty-bitty Item List Translation

I will most likely update this with the command list I have typed up at home. I’m just at work at the moment and I had some time between calls to write down the translations of the battle items from the AbaPri guidebook. I want to purchase the complete guidebook at some point, just to see what all is in there.

Anyhow, to whom it may assist:

薬草 / Herb: Restores 30% of an ally’s HP.

パワーピル / Power Pill: Raises one ally’s ATK by 30% for one turn.

ガードピル / Guard Pill: Raises one ally’s DEF by 50% for one turn.

マジックピル / Magic Pill: Raises one ally’s MAG by 30% for one turn.

スピードピル / Speed Pill: Raises one ally’s SPD 2.5x for one turn.

透明パウダー / Invisibility Powder: Use becomes least-likely target of enemy attacks for 1-3 turns.

殉教のローブ / Martyr’s Robe: Use becomes most-likely target of enemy attacks for 1-3 turns.

預言者アイズ / Oracle Eyes: User is guaranteed to dodge the enemy’s next action this turn.

猛毒ニードル / Poison Needle: Enemy takes poison damage for 4 turns.

/ Petrify Spray: Incapacitates an enemy for one turn.

幻マント / Phantom Cloak: User is guaranteed to dodge an enemy’s next direct attack this turn.

特攻スカーフ / Kamikaze Scarf: Takes away 1/2 of an allie’s max HP, but does the same to the enemy.

沈静スタンプ / Sedating Stamp: Decreases an enemy’s Action Power by 40.

炎のベール / Fire Veil: Nullifies a single Burn attribute action against one ally – single use.

パースト封印 / Shock Block: Disables a single Shock attribute action used by one enemy – single use.

勇者のシール / Hero Seal: Raises the wearer’s ATK by (Morale STar Count +1)x3%.

盾のシール / Protector’s Seal: Raises the wearer’s DEF by (Morale STar Count +1)x3%.

風のシール / Wind Seal: Raises the wearer’s SPD by (Morale STar Count +1)x3%.

魔法のシール / Magus’ Seal: Raises the wearer’s MAG by (Morale STar Count +1)x3%.

聖母のシール / Virgin’s Seal: Automatically restores 20% of the wearer’s max HP one per turn.

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