Shiei No Sona Nyl: Itty Bitty Demo Scene Translation : The Modest Tea Party


Okay, first and foremost, what the heck happened to WordPress. The posting interface is wonky and gross to look at. Maybe it’s a sign I’ve just been gone from the site for so long. At least I came back with an update.

I cherry-picked a scene from the demo and gave it a quick look-over. I may/may not get around to doing the entire demo (as I don’t want to go into the whole game itself because MangaGamer may pick it up if enough people HINT HINT buy Gakthun). Anyway, I didn’t give this a super duper double check, so if there’s anything gross, just pop it into the comments and I’ll see what I did. For the most part, just take this as a super rough, as my writing style really leaves a lot to be desired and may actually take away from the poetic repetition that the game’s author is more or less infamous for.

<<Tea Party Scene>>

[ Building B, Room 323– ]

The scent of tea tickles her nostrils. Strong, strong, like flower’s strong fragrance.

It was a fragrant, sweet tea. Quite unlike the tea which Miria gave her, this had a strong taste.

It was different from the weak, weak tea of Verrazano. Juliana said this was specially refined from the infinite amount of mushrooms growing outside.

Mushroom tea. Sweet tea. The leading roles of this modest tea party.

It was warm, just as the room was warm. The warm teacups. Warm and sweet mushroom tea.

Katriin: This is Mama’s specialty black tea! Isn’t it intriguing?

Katriin: At first I was really against it because, you know, it’s MUSHROOM tea.

Katriin: But it’s really delicious! If you warm it up and add just a pinch of sugar, that freaky mushroom taste completely goes away.

Juliana: I’m sorry if the lack of tea leaves doesn’t suffice. Really.

Katriin:  Well? Isn’t it yummy?

Lily: Yes, it tastes great. It’s sweet, hot and delicious.

Mao: Meow! Hee hee! I’m not drinking this! It isn’t room temperature, meow.

Mao: ….*gulp*. Oh it’s sweet!

Lily: Mao, did you just say you weren’t going to drink that?

Mao: Oh what’s that meow? I was just pretending to talk like a cat, is all!

(So she isn’t actually a cat?)

Katriin: Mister, Mister! How do you like the tea, Mister Luciano?

Luciano: …..Hmph.

Katriin: Hey, Mama! He thinks it’s good!!

Juliana: If that’s true, I’m glad.  Mister Lucania, in your little hat.

Luciano: Hmm…

(I wonder if this tea is… too sugary for a man’s palette.)

A tea party. A tea party. This is the first time Lily saw such a lively seen.

Knowing not what to do and not what to say, Lily nodded along to everything Katriin said.

With so much to look at atop the table, along with the bustling liveliness, the intrigue was everlasting.

The matching pot and tea cups were beatuful, as was the table cloth.

There was a cake Juliana made alongside a mountain of colorful cookies. There were candies and chocolates too.

This was all a first for her. What was Lily to do?

(I see. Katriin is laughing. Does that mean this is a good thing?)

(And Mao… She has finally started to laugh too, hasn’t she?)

(Luciano does nothing but drink down his tea. Why isn’t he speaking?)

(Juliana has such a friendly face. In some respects, it resembles Milia’s, doesn’t it.)

(Not in features, of course. Is it her aura? Yes, that’s it, isn’t it.)

(And The A is…)

The A is being his usual self, looking at Lily in his usual way.

A tea party notwithstanding.

A tea party notwithstanding.

He hasn’t made as much as a glimpse at the table.

He hasn’t turned his eyes to anyone else. A. Verily, Lily is–

Lily: (thinking)–uncomfortable. This is uncomfortable. What’s is this?!

Lily: (thinking) –Why is he looking this way? –This is a tea party! There are much more interesting things he could be looking at!

Lily: (thinking) –And yet he’s looking at me. –Does nothing here interest him?

Lily: This ummm… This cheesecake is quite tasty! It…

Katriin: It is? Well, it’s Brooklyn style… plain-flavored…

Luciano: …It’s just a New York Cheesecake.

Lily: New York Cheesecake?

Katriin: Awww! Mister, I was getting all ready to say that!

Luciano: Ah… Sorry. My bad.

Lily: Hmm, a New York Cheesecake.

Lily: I… I really like it.

A sweet, sweet, Brooklyn style New York Cheesecake.

It’s rather delightful. A sweet, sweet, soft and delicate taste. It goes wonderfully well with the sweet tea.

She made a memory of it as she tasted it. This flavor. Surely, she would never forget it.

That, and Kartiin’s cheerful face and voice. She took another bite as she impressed it into her mind. Sweet and delicious.

(Yes, this is delicious.)

Katriin: Hey! Hey, Lily!

Lily: Yes?

Katriin: You came from somewhere else, right? So…can you tell us where?

Lily: Up…

Katriin: Up?

Lily: Perhaps….?

Lily: (thinking) –I fell from above. It’s vague, but I think that’s how it happened.

Lily: (thinking) –This may be the “Underground” for us from the Surface, but Milia called this place “the surface”.

Lily: (thinking) –I really do not know. I have no recollection of it.

Katriin: You don’t really remember though, right? So maybe you’re just mistaken?

Lily: Th– that’s right.

Katriin: But this is The Underground World, so you absolutely can’t go to “The Surface” from down here, right?

Mao: But she fell down from the surface, so who says she can’t, Meow?

Katriin: Oh, you’re right!

Katriin gaped. Her eyes rounded, staring curiously.

Lily thought her face was darling. Precious. Everyone present thought as much. Lily was a pretty convinced.

That’s why Katriin’s next statement shocked her so. It was a surprise attack she wouldn’t have expected.

Katriin: But The Verse of The Underground says you can’t!! But how did it go…

Lily: Huh?

Lily: (thinking) –The Verse of The Underground. The Fable of The Underground.
–Known by no one. Violet words.

Lily: (thinking) –I had heard of it several times in the past.
From Milia… From Peter…

Lily: (thinking) From the King of The Bronx as well. –And now, Katriin?

The surprise turned Lily for a loop, but she still could not bear to ignore it.

It was The Verse of The Underground. The Fable of The Underground.

Violet Words known by no one. Terribly mysterious, curious, incomprehensible–

Katriin: <<Once upon a time; a story from long, long ago–”

Katriin: <<This is the verse of the underground. This is a fable of the underground.>>

Katriin: <<Violet Words, known by no one. We alone shall recite it.>>

Katriin: <<The atmosphere narrows, unnoticed by all. He creeps up behind them.>>

Katriin: <<In a blink, colorless, it captures. In a blink, transparent, it wraps itself around. It makes no sound, and no one sees.>>

Katriin: <<Nevertheless, for a long time, he coils. Enough! I am tired of this!>>

Katriin: <<He twines around various people, tightens his grip around various people. Tightly, tightly, tightly, tightly, tightly.>>

Katriin: <<Tightly–>>

Katriin: <<In a blink, it wraps itself around. Quickly, abruptly, in a blink!>>

Katriin: <<It cares not if there’s a lot of people.>>

Katriin: <<In a blink, it comes. So I cannot go anywhere. Soon, because it tightened.>>

Katriin: <<From the underground, you cannot reach the surface. From the surface, you cannot reach the underground.>>

Katriin: <<…What is this, that tightens its grip?>>

Katriin: <<I am alright, even when being squeezed tightly by something.>>

Katriin: <<I’m fine when it’s my Mama, but it’s even better when my Papa does it.>>

Katriin: <<If we had lovely guests over for a tea party, I would be more and more happy!>>

Katriin: <<As for the Modest Tea Party, it was opened with Mama and Papa!>>

Katriin: <<You see, this is my pleasure! As you see, this is Katriin’s joy!!>>

The Verse of The Underground. The Fable. She couldn’t draw out any significance in the poem after all.

The same as always. The same as before. Along the way, the poem’s tone shifted entirely.

There was something that sounded a little off. The last passages. Those words. Were those Katriin’s creation?

Lily: (thinking)  –I do not know. –But now, I have heard a new fable.

Lily: (thinking)  (Again…)

Lily: (thinking) (Again, the Verse of The Underground. The Fable of The Underground. What purpose does it serve to this tiny girl?)

Lily: (thinking) (Everyone says it like it’s some sort of riddle, but I can’t wrap my head around it.)

Lily: (thinking) (This time… There’s something I’m not getting… )

Lily: (thinking) (But what was that last part that Katriin added?)

Lily: (thinking) (Joy…)

Lily: (thinking) (….What does that mean?)

Lily felt something missing entirely from within her, an ache.

Lily learned of loneliness in Verazzano. Lily learned of happiness in the Bronx. That is what Lily attained from those she met.

This time, Katriin has uttered “Joy”. But what sort of thing was it?

She woke up feeling empty, and in her journey she remains empty, as Lily cannot recall a single thing.

Katriin’s Papa and Mama. The Tea Party. Are these what one would call “joy”?

Lily: (thinking) (I do not understand…)

Katriin: … Like that! Hey, Lily, have you ever made your own “Verse”?

Lily: Eh?

Katriin: That was the Verse of The Queen’s Bridge Apartment Complex, but I tried mixing in my own verse. Ehehe. I like it, but that’s because it’s mine.

Katriin: That why you should make your own nice Verse too!!

Lily: Do you think so?

Katriin: Hey, Mister Luciano! I told Lily she should make her own Verse!

Lucinao: …Sure. That’d be nice.

Mao: …..Meow.

Katriin: Ehehe!

Juliana: I’m sorry, Lily. You can’t get Mister Lucarna to say much, but my little baby’s voice can.

Juliana: You’ll always take that into consideration, don’t you, my sweet little Katriin?

Katriin: **Well, maybe not always, but sure! I feel the same way when it comes to MY little baby’s voice!!

That little box. The orgel. Katriin places the beautifully-decorated ornament atop her palm.

She was showing everyone something important. To all at the Tea Party, to everyone gathered at the table.

A small box of metal and wood. Katriin’s precious treasure.

Katriin: Look at my baby…

Katriin: This ittle guy plays music for me. When it does, I automatically start humming along.

Katriin: Ring, ring… It brings me joy, gladness, those feelings…

Katriin: See? Doesn’t its sound make you happy? It automatically does that to me too.

Katriin: See? Isn’t it a cute tone?

While looking up at Lily, Katriin tilted her lovely little neck.

She held the little box lovingly, with both hands. She held her clockwork orgel relevantly, the truly beloved orgel.

She could not help but show it to every last person at the Tea Party. All the while, her face was gleaming.

That bright, face. That happy, smiling face–

Lily: (thinking) –What a pleasant smile. –I like it. That smile of Katriin’s.

Lily: (thinking) –Is this the meaning of “joy”? –The ability to make such a face?

Lily: (thinking) –If that’s the case, there’s no hope for me. I can’t laugh aloud in such a manner.

Lily: (thinking) –Brightly, in such a manner… –I don’t think I can laugh.

Juliana: It was something my husband purchased for me. He was her “Papa”.

Lily: Papa…

Mama: What a nice sound, meow! Ring. Ring!

Luciano: …Yeah. It’s a nice timbre. That man was an old buddy of mine a long was back.

Lucinao: He had good intuition to pick that out. If you give that to a girl, she’ll have no choice but to stick with you.

Juliana: Mister Lucarnia, don’t talk like that!

Luciano: …Ope.

The A: It is filled with feeling. It is a good tone.

Lily: (thinking) (Huh?)

The sound. Everyone says it has a beautiful tone. This tiny orgel, a gift of craftmanship.

In her head, Lily was gratuitously tilting her head to the side.
In reality, she let out a tiny grunt.

Such a tone–

Lily could not hear it.

Lily: (thinking) –Why? Why? Why am I the only one who cannot hear it?

Lily: (thinking) I can’t hear it, Katriin! –Are they all making this up?

Lily: (thinking) –The man in the hat and Mao could hear it.
–Even A could hear it.

Lily: (thinking) I can’t hear it. Why can’t I hear it?

But why? No such sound would reach her ears.

Not one that would wondorously soothe her soul nor one that
would wondorously calm her down.

Thought she could hear nothing, though no noise would reach her ears, she felt a sense of relief that allowed her to regain her presence of mind.

Lily: (thinking) (Breathe in, breath out…)

Lily: (thinking) (It’s like I’m laying my head… on my mother’s breast…)

Lily: (thinking) (Dozing off… in the middle of an afternoon nap…
Is that what this feels like too…?)

Lily: (thinking) –Mama. I’m thinking of Mama now?

Lily: (thinking) –Who? That’s right. They’re not with me. I’m not there.

Lily: (thinking) I’m not there. Mama and Papa are not with me.

Lily: Mama…

Katriin: Hm?

Juliana: Oh, is something the matter?

Mao: Meow!

Lily: N- no, it’s nothing. I was merely talking to myself.

Lily hurriedly shook her head–

–but there was one gaze that didn’t sway.

Sparkling pupils. A sparkling gaze. He stared at her, the same way he always did.

Those pupils. That gaze.–

Lily: (thinking) –Those are his shimmering pupils. He, a man who stares at me the same way for always.

Lily: (thinking) –He, the conductor, A. –He looks at me despite my grumbling.

Lily: (thinking) –With his teacup in one hand, he stares at me quietly.

Lily: (thinking) –With nary a word, still, still, he keeps his eyes on me.
<<End of Tea Party Scene>>

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