A Belated Hats Off To 2015 -Whoops!!

Jeepers. This was something I accidentally forgot about in my drafts. It’s a month late but some of the news is still relevant.


In the meantime, esperknight gave me permission to post a tasty surprise first!!

Currently, the Intermissions, Parody skits, the Prologue and ACT 1 (of 8) are translated and have been reinserted into Abarenbou Princess as a test at least once. About 75% done with ACT 2 and select scenes elsewhere. This doesn’t include NPCs or menus as they’re hidden elsewhere in the game. Fmvs are also taking a backburner for subtitling reasons. Baby stages this may be,  and while I think it’s too early to say IT’S HAPPENING, I’m happy in that I can see a screenshot of AbaPri in English before I die.

Happy New Years, and here is to what I intend to be a more productive year!

Updates on other projects:

Napple Tale: Translation is done and currently being proofread by another beautiful translator.

Linda Cubed Again: Last time I checked with esperknight, the vwf was in the works and the insertion process was being a pill, so I’m hanging tight for a spell until he says go for it.

That one game I mentioned: Moved to the PSP version with esperknight as the Saturn version was sorted by a baboon. Currently cannot find the one map(translated, but on standby) but the new sidequests added to the game have been translated as well. Menus and NPCs aren’t done yet. Esper’s going to attempt reinsertion tomorrow (from the time of this posting).

Hopefully I can grab some screenshots for them as well sometime in the near future.

11 thoughts on “A Belated Hats Off To 2015 -Whoops!!

  1. Happy New Year! Really cool to hear updates on all your projects and to see that you and Esperknight are working on Abarenbou Princess. I wish you the best of luck! Also was there a reason you began translating That Game on the Saturn first? Just curious since I played a bit of both versions and always thought the PSP port was the definitive way to play That Game, although I could be wrong.

    • Happy New Year to you too! I’m very grateful for your support. I’m happy to try and tackle AP. Esper had emailed me and asked if it was something I would like to do and I couldn’t exactly say no, could I?

      As for That Game, it just happened to be the version I was replaying at the time. Due to time, I eventually moved onto a Let’s Play and managed to finish the translation in a very short short period as I managed to take it to work with me (which was also easier to find on youtube, as foreign sites like Nico are blocked at my job where it at least looks like all the psp lps are). What’s more, figured the PSP version could have still come out (at the time, although thinking about it now, there’s no doubt in my mind that it would be butchered left and right, potentially beyond recognition if a company like GW did it).

      You are right though that the PSP version is a more definitive version. Despite some market collab food items (based on real, brand name snacks) being cut out of the psp version, as well as some animated attack bits, only one line of storyline dialogue appears to be cut out from the port. (It’s something Yuno says right before the final boss, to the effect of “you soiled our Indian* pride!” It’s even labeled in the coding as ~”This line has been axed.” Plus, Zengo and Ace were my favs in the Saturn version anyway, so once we realized the Saturn version was just a mess, I was happy to upgrade. (Sorry dusty Saturn fans)

      Starting on the Saturn version and going over each, line-for-line, gives me a good platform to eventually do a blog post about the differences in each game, which I’ve got in the writing and would love to post here as soon as something playable shows up.

      Sorry for the novella. I hope that answer helps!

      • I’m guessing those photographs of real world snack foods in the Saturn manual are the collab food items, I had been wondering what that was about. I would love to read a blog post talking about the differences between the two versions of That Game since there doesn’t seem to be a lot of English information about that. I remember the Game’s official website had a section that outlined all the improvements made for the PSP port but unfortunately it is no longer online. Thanks for the novella and again good luck on your projects!

  2. Hi there, cargodin! I became aware of your efforts with Napple Tale through Google and your posts on Romhacking.net. I finally got around to playing this game after meaning to for years, and knowing that a translation patch is almost complete makes me too giddy for words! I’m a wannabe translator myself — I still have A LOT to learn, but with enough patience I can get through a fair amount of stuff, which has come in handy in the fandom where I’m more active. I don’t doubt my ability to help polish up a translation that’s already done, in any case. It sounds like you already have someone on the task, but, having seen how much text NT has, it seems like a lot for one person. XD I humbly offer my services if they can be of any use.

    N.B. I’ve already asked for an account at Romhacking, and I’m just waiting for the admins to approve it.

    • Hi there! As of now, all of our projects are still underway and nothing has been canceled. I spent much of 2017 doing graphic projects for a few other people, but 2018 is going to be straight-up translation all the way through, god willing.

  3. hey man
    I’m new to fan translations
    when this is finished (hope very much you will because I don’t speak japanese one bit)
    is this released as an gdi or a cdi format to download or how does this work I have no idea

    appreciate your hard work and good luck in future projects 😉

    • Hi there! Thank you for the kind words. I have zero intention of releasing an english copy of the game itself. We plan on doing a patch file that you can use to Englishify a copy of the game you rip from your own disc. ; ) Hope that helps!

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