So, first off, sorry for falling off of the face of the earth again. I’ll spare everyone the IRL hootie-blah, but some very barebones project updates under the cut!

I’ve only been able to work on translation stuff on some days off but…

…the one rarely mentioned translation on this blog is done! Gold star! Drinks are on me!

However, I admit, for an RPG as big as this was for me, a lot is inconsistent and has outdated itself in accuracy/standards since then, but the editing stage may go much smoother for me. A very reliable editor who is also very passionate about the game/series(whom I’m not going to name at this time until he wants to speak about it himself and/or I get his approval to) has offered to collaborate with me, so I’m excited by the prospect that this will be a good learning experience for me as well as the best possible thing to happen to this game’s English translation. It might be my fault that it turns into a long editing process because of how loosey-goosey/unorganized I was in translating it for the storyline stuff, but I’m confident with his help he can hammer out a lot of the garbage.

In the meantime, if you do happen to know what game it is, I kinda ask you don’t spread the news around just yet. I’d like to have something better to show for it as it’s probably the most high-profile work I’ve jammed my fingers into and I’d rather not get people asking for when it’ll be out. Esper said he’ll whip up a new test patch for me later but it’ll probably be more diagnostic on the technical side than much else. “: )

Double Cast is currently being edited and Napple Tale is still in editing. I did manage to get Linda running much more smoothly on my computer when patched, so I plan on hopping back into that on a regular basis now.

That being said, I have zero self-control and Esper is totes down on encouraging that so we MAY OR MAY NOT BE chinwagging about another project. Ideally for me it’ll be something a bit smaller or not as JRPG-tastic. This one was a doozy for a lazy, unreliable schmuck like me and I’m still in a realm of disbelief that I got this far on it by myself.

And not to go sleep on the couch until the sun goes down so I can walk to the store and hella splurge on booze without getting heatstroke or something. Adios!

3 thoughts on “Jeepers!

  1. I think I understand what all this means and I am very excited 🙂

    Also excited to hear progress being made With Linda, Double Cast and Napple Tale. Keep up the awesome work cargodin!

  2. Oh! I’m really happy to hear of your great progress on this, that and there! Also just can’t wait for Linda to be done. It seems that as it gets closer and closer it just feels like the goalpost is just so far off in the future! Haha! It’d be good and important for you to break up your long-term projects with something little and on the side. Just makes you feel a bit more relaxed, perhaps. Peace out!

    * I learnt about the term ‘chinwagging’ thanks to you. Lol, what a funny word!

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