Just a very quick update to say

Erasing my little ditty of excitement for Shiei no Sona Nyl, as I sounded like a super drunk person (which I wasn’t. I only drink like once a year and just this last Thursday I played to win. Any other times you see me write like an idiot it’s just because I’m an idiot.<3) For now, I’m simply going to edit my last update into a new one so I’m not wasting space.

A. August 22nd Update on AbaPri: The roughest or all rough drafts for the storyline documents are done. I still haven’t touched the NPC stuff but I’ll work on those some other time. This is a low-priority project but it’s one I care a lot for.

B. Still not sure which of the 4 PSX games Esper and I are going to dig into next. I’ll throw out some hints though: 2 are linear SRPGs, 1 is a board game and the other is an adventure game that’s a spiritual sequel to a different JRPG. Nothing confirmed yet, though.

C. I’m sorry! Still no Linda updates yet! I promise it’ll shoot up in my to-do list very soon! I just had a lot on my plate irl so sitting and playing games hasn’t been a viable option for me.

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