Baby Progress Post


‘Sup, wassup, it’s pushing 5 A.M. here. I super hate sleeping through the night on my weekends, as that’s the best time for me to work out of the entire week, but here we are. Anyhow, I spend a chunk of the afternoon chattin’ it up with Esper. After we talked about how freaky it is that there are, like, 120 more episodes of Naruto than there are the Simpson’s, we threw some updates at one another.


He sent me the pictures above for Double Cast. The PSX shot below is an oldie of his from March, while the PSP version up top was just this Wednesday afternoon. Oddly, the compilation process between the PSP versions of the scripts is very similar to how things were thrown together in the PSX version, so he’s interested in doing both versions. As you can see though, they need a lot of working both in font and how they’re being reinserted. The fonts for both show some promise in looking pretty as heck when they’re formatted and…actually saying words. I promise you that, while the drafts are in que for editing, they aren’t this grotesque in wordpad.

In the meantime, Linda was being a serious brat in the latest update:


The formatting for the first one is pretty icky, but that’ll be changed in time. I didn’t want to get fancy with the formatting until vwf was hammered out, but the “_” showing up in the ENG text and not the JP text is funky. I’ll just remove them.

These lines were both done before the update, and they simply don’t show up at all in text. It’s mucking up my forecasting a percentage rate for you guys, plus it’s just… mysterious in general? I asked Esper if he could simply send me the raw text documents so I can rewrite everything into wordpad instead. The reinsertion tool is delicious, but at the same time it’s tricky to use at times. Perhaps it’ll be my best friend for a shorter game, but honestly I just prefer working in a word processor, so I’m going to try that route. It’ll be the best way for me to track my progress with you all as well.

That’s about all for tonight. I’m going to get to work on Linda now until the sun comes up. So romantic~

2 thoughts on “Baby Progress Post

  1. Hey friend, what’s up! Long time since I last checked here.. how’s linda coming along, any news or progress? Still looking forward to this 🙂

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