So zetta tired.


Watching the progression of the text insertion like this must be what it’s like for momfolks to see sonograms or whatever those things are called. On top of the weeks he’s been looking into the vwf and text reinsertion for Double Cast on and off, yesterday he really toughed it out in a battle of good and evil.

Blood, sweat and probably a hot dose of World of Final Fantasy later, he found that yet another checksum in this game was blowing the iso sky high, this time when any modifications to the font sheet are detected in games. He said himself he still has some work to do to tighten up the spaces, but this is still huge progress as it is most likely going to be the exact same process if we or other people decide to take on the rest of the Yarudora series.

At any rate, look at some of the past screenshots I’ve posted in the past few months and tell me this shot doesn’t look pretty af right now.

I’m going to try and get in touch with the fellow who volunteered to edit the text. Not that I’m worried or anything, as he sounded eager to do it and chill to boot, but just to get an idea of where everything’s at in that department.

Onto a few other updates. These are very scarce, as I’ve had a really hard month. I don’t exactly talk about #daddyissues all that much but when my drug-dealin pop comes around and my grams lets him stay, I am outtttt y’all.

  1. Tenshi Doumei: This was one of the surprise ones, but Esper managed to rip the text from this game like…10 minutes after he ripped Tilk’s dialogue. Now, I don’t have the in-battle dialogue, and I’d need that before saying the story is done, but I have all of the cutscene dialogue from before/after battles knocked out. This game secretly kinda sucks and is way more boring that I remember but I may post a text translation to assist someone who is watching a Nico LP. As a good Samaritan, I can’t watch other good human beings play this game. (I kid).  This game is Tilk’s spiritual successor (very different game, but a few characters/elements actually return from Tilk)
  2. Universal Nuts: An older sci-fi adventure game for PSX and Saturn. You and your hot-ass cousin are stranded and eventually trapped on a ghost ship with several other people. This game is kinda my current target. It’s something Esper has wanted to see done since he ripped the text like…6 or 7 years ago? I can’t really give out a percentage on where I’m at in it as the chapters in the middle that I haven’t touched yet are thiccc.
  3. Nanatsu Kaze No Shima Monogatari: Nothing has been dumped or translated or whatever, BUT~ some hot research into the game has been made over on Romhacking and to Frozen_Fish and a few others (long time no see, Ghanmi!!). From the fruits of those efforts, Esper is looking into dumping the text for me after I typed up all the kana found on the sprite sheets.(which is helpful in this case because the diary entries needed a table made from scratch)

I think I’m forgetting something else I’ve dabbled in a little bit, but if I remember I’ll obviously post about it…eventually.

One thought on “So zetta tired.

  1. I’m sorry to hear about the hard times that you’re going through. It seems rough – I hope that everything starts to look up for you. The progress being made sounds exciting! I’ve never heard of the games listed, but they all sound interesting.

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