Sengoku Turb, Prologue and Episode 01- “Visitor” Translation

Sup’ everyone. Decided to start off the year with some Sengoku Turb, a game I’ve been itching to replay since I got a physical copy a couple months ago on the cheap. I wasted some time trying to get into the iso itself with no luck, so I have to diagnose just what I’m doing wrong still. Anyway, it’s a simply action game taking place in some fictional galaxy. Just a heads up that the game has a particularly lax writing style. Some character’s are just  max chill at all times, and that will show up in the writing.

Anyway, anyway, anyway… I thought I’d do a basic write-up of the prologue+the first chapter(the latter is mostly seen in this clip but use your imagination for the prologue until I can link to something better), so here goes:


[In a far-off ship in outer-space]

[A blonde girl with red and blue eyes is seen running through the halls of the space ship, explosions going off behind her. She has what looks like a stuffed bear and a stuffed rabbit in her possession.]

[She makes it to what appears to be the core of the ship. A giant glass-like heart floats in the air before her. She approaches it when a floating humanoid figure appears in her path.]

Figure: Hwa-hwa-hwa. You’ve done well to get this far, but this is where you–

[The girl fires lasers at him mid-speech]

Figure: Woah now-! Hey! St-Stop that!! Honestly, kids these days! (I can’t afford to let any weapons go off in here.) Listen up! This Neko-Packet colony is now under my contr– !!! Y-YOU IMBECILE!

[The girl fires at the villain once more but ends up hitting the core, shattering it. The ship begins to rumble and the room shakes.]

Blonde-haired Girl: Uh…Whoops.

[The giant animal-shaped ship explodes. The girl, in her escape, bumps into another planet and her ship falls through space.]

———EPISODE 01- “visitor”————

[The girl wakes up in a crater. She leaps out and celebrates the fact that she’s alive af. She proceeds to run through the grassy landscape until she approaches a building. A green-haired girl in uniform comes out to see her.]

Green-haired Girl: Oh my, you finally came.

Blonde-haired Girl: I’m sorry, but where are we?

Green-haired Girl: This is the Neko infirmary, run by the Neko Girl Neko Relief Squad. I am a Neko nurse as well as a Neko prophet. The latter is my hobby. The name’s Molina.

Blond-haired Girl: Oh! And I’m–

Molina: I already know. I prophesied the whole thing. (Granted, this was the first time it actually happened).

Blond-haired Girl: Uh…

Molina: Right now, this planet is in the middle of a civil war. We, the Neko clan, are on the verge of defeat. My prophecy foretold the arrival of a powerful person who would surely save us from this peril. I suspect that’s why you chose to come here so nonchalantly.

Blonde-haired girl: Oh, was that what I did?

[Molina proceeds to lead the blonde-haired girl through the infirmary. Wounded soldiers lie in cots.]

Molina: Are you hurt? Do you fear death?

[They exit through the other side and head down the road towards a castle.]

Molina: (It’s only a matter of time before the enemy finally gets through and get stheir hands on the rest of our goods.)

[Molina leads the blond-haired girl through the castle gates and into the throne room.]

Molina: I come with the savior.

Kingly figure: Oh-ho! O Savior! We have been expecting you. I am Neko-shogun. Tell me, what is your name?

[You can enter a name on this screen. The default name is Jino-chan.]

Jino-chan: It’s Jino-chan.

Neko-shogun: Jino-chan? Very well! O Great Jino-chan…as leader of the Neko clan, I bid you good welcome!

(Prince Gelsomina): There’s no need for such a thing, father! If we don’t find real help, the Hitsuji clan is going to beat us senseless!

(Attendant): A number of different races reside together on this planet: The Neko, the Hitsuji, the Usagi and the Kuma. Two clans in particular are fighting for superiority, ours and the Hitsuji. We used to all live in peace, but one day… we received an invitation from the Hitsuji clan:

“To whom it may concern, we are thrilled to see your country growing more prosperous than ever before!

We are throwing a party tomorrow and would like for you to show up.

Please show up.

-Yours Truly”

(Attendant): With that, those who chose to go went to the party, but… they never returned. Instead, the Hitsuji clan came to us and presented us hamburgers made of Neko meat! Along with the clothes belonging to those who disappeared!

Neko-shogun: Ohh, what a cruel fate…

Gelsomina: There’s no way we will ever forgive the Hitsuji clan!

Neko-shogun: And that, more or less, is what led to all this conflict. We, the upstanding, peace-loving Neko and that mean, savage, feeble-minded, foolish, tastless…grubby, vulgar Hitsuji clan are at one another’s throats! But as we speak, our livelihood is in a regrettably delicate state. O Great Jino-chan, please save our country!

[Lend the Neko clan your strength? You can say “Sure!” or “I can’t!”]

[We’re going with “Sure!” for now because we’re not pricks or anything. I don’t think…]

Neko-shogun: Oh! Indeed! *cough* Ahem! You’re hired!!

(Unnamed as of yet Soldier whose name I forgot anyway): We’ve got trouble! The Hitsuji clan is approaching the castle as we speak!

Neko-shogun: Blast! They’re not playing around, are they!! Jino-chan, take care of them at once!

Jino-chan: What?! ALREADY?!

Neko-shogun: Come now, I’ve prepared some soldiers for you, just in case.

Soldiers: Commander, we’re ready for orders!!

Jino-chan: Alright, men! Move out!

[Level start, fast-forward to after the battle]

Neko-shogun: Well done! I’m impressed, savior!

Gelsomina: Hmph. She only one by chance. That was a fluke!

Neko-shogun: O Great Jino-chan, I look forward to seeing you flourish on the battlefield again!

Soldiers: Us too! Let’s fight togedder again!

Neko-shogun: O Great Jino-chan, as leader of the Neko clan, I hereby place my greatest of faith in you!

[End of Episode 01]

Tl note:

01: Neko, Kuma, Hitsuji and Usagi are the Japanese words for Cat, Bear, Sheep and Rabbit respectively. I think for a story that takes place in outer space of all things and retains words like “Sengoku”right in the title, I figured retaining some of the Japanese words wouldn’t be too bad, right? I’m kinda just fucking around for now.

02: The soldiers introduced as well as Neko-shogun to some extent, speak in a slightly kiddish accent where “shi” is replaced with “chi” and such, which is just a means to sound cuter. I’d have to play with the writing at some point to really push that.

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  1. Hi, sorry for the off topic comment. But is the any new information in regards to Napple Tale? Have you guys set up anything at gbatemp? This project really interests me.

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