Napple Tale Is Back

I mentioned this on my rhdn thread a few days back, but jsust a quick update to make it super loud and clear: EienniHen sent me the scripts in late June, and I am currently working on the second draft. : )
Thank you everyone, for being so patient over the last year! I feel bad for the radio silence over all, but I promise the script is so much better because of it. 

8 thoughts on “Napple Tale Is Back

  1. How exciting! Thank you so much for the update! I recently bought a Dreamcast and imported the game, so I’m super pumped! ♥

  2. Do you have a CDI of the original? I can’t seem to get a copy that will play on my dreamcast beyond the first few cutscenes. locks up after the church scene. ;-; i just want to play the game!

  3. Oh wow this is so awesome!!! I have always wanted to play through this game and was so sorry to see that it never got translated. A soundtrack made by Yoko Kanno requires playing!!!

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