Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 1 vs. Ryu (Part 01/18)


Hi, all! Been a while since my last post. A lot has happened since then! If I get time, I’ll put more into that later here on the blog. Napple Tale is currently still in progress and is my biggest priority for the year. Before that, however, my old laptop finally died, so I’m taking that as an opportunity to clean up at least one project: Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans!

I had asked Esper for the storyline scripts for this game (a fighting game developed by Dimps, the same team who did Inu Yasha: A Feudal Fairy Tale– which, oddly, Hiroyuki Takei has a freaking music credit in???). I started in October as a breather project + spooky ghosty times, but since that cool anniversary site sprouted up online, I might as well make this a whole fun thing, no? (If I don’t get any new Lyserg merch outta this, I’m gonna be a salty bihhhh, but moving right along!)

There are 12 storyline stages, win/lose dialogues for each, 5 Anna training stages, and some trivia dialogues I will try to cover, so this little project will likely range between 15-20 healthy-sized posts, but I hope some Shaman King fans get some fun out of them as they play along with what is still a very enjoyable little fighting game. For now, enjoy the first storyline chapter! (This one, like most of the chapters, play out almost exactly as they do in the manga and anime.)

(第一廻 幽霊と踊る少年)

Chapter 01: The Boy who Dances with Ghosts

[Manta’s Monologue]

“The wandering ghosts of the dead, the spirits breathing in the world’s forests, and even the gods- there are those in this world with the inhuman power to freely interact to these souls. They are what we call shamans.”


Manta: –Drat, it’s already dark out. But if I remember correctly, I can save time cutting through this graveyard.  –It’s a little freaky… but I can’t turn back now!

???: –Hey, you. What’s your hurry?

Manta: -Who’s this weirdo!? And what the heck’s he doing out here all by himself? –H-He’s not a ghost, is he!? Yipes! I’d better get home, quick!

Yoh: –I said, what’s your hurry? You can see all the stars really well tonight. You should come over and watch them with us. We’d be happy to have you!

Manta: –Watch the stars? Pffft! For what purpose? –Also, your grammar is off.  You should’t say words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ when referring to yourself alone.

Yoh: –Oh no, I’m not ‘alone’… –I was also referring to the residents of this graveyard!

(Zoom out while Manta screams; scene change to Manta’s classroom.)

Manta: –I really saw it!!  There were ghosts in the graveyard! –They were all stargazing and causing a ruckus and everything!

Teacher: –Attention, class. Please meet your new classmate and transfer student: Yoh Asakura.

Manta: –I-I-IT’S HIMMMM!! –With god as my witness, I’ll expose this weirdo for what he really is!!

(Scene change to a local bridge after school.)

Manta: –All I have to do is tail him until I can find an opening!

Yoh: –… –……… –……………….. –Ah, there’s no feeling like becoming one with nature!!

Manta: –What’s WRONG with this guy?!

Yoh: –Hm?

Manta: –Ack!Rats!! What if he spots me?! –…He didn’t see me, huh. –…Ngeh!? –Aw, what the heck!! Now I lost sight of him!

(Scene change back to the local graveyard from the beginning.)

Manta: –That does it. I’m going to get to the bottom of this or my name’s not Manta Oyamada! –If I stick around the cemetary long enough, that weirdo will definitely show up!

(A group of older teens talking in the general vicinity.)

???: What did you say? –Some rugrat’s running amok around our special place, is he? –DID HE THINK WE WOULDN’T NOTICE?!  –If that’s true, someone better bring that disrespectful bedwetter to me. –No one romps around this place behind my back and gets away with it. –I’ll give them a reason to fear… the dreaded Wooden Sword Ryu!

Other Delinquent: –Ry-Ry-1Ryu……  –That…headstone you’re stomping on…

Ryu: –Huh? What about it? Say, you’re complexion doesn’t look that good. What’s wrong with you?

Other Delinquent: –That headstone belongs to Amidamaru, the fearsome, legendary samurai who lived 600 years ago! –He was so powerful and relentless, everyone feared him. That headstone was made to quell his malice even after execution!

Ryu: –…And your point?

Other Delinquent: –Dude, you’re askin’ for some divine punishment when you stomp on somebody’s headstone.

Ryu: –Save the superstitions for those who care! HYAAAAAAAH!!

Other Delinquent:  –Wuh?! Ryu, you just destroyed Amidamaru’s headstone!!

Ryu: –Aw, to hell with the guy!! Our country’s wasting much-needed real estate on nobodies like him! –Phhhahahahahahaha!

Manta (overlooking): –Oh, god. Please don’t see me…

Ryu: –Hah~?And who’re you?

Manta: –Ack! Don’t mind me! I was just, uh… just on my way home! I’ll be gone before you know it…

Ryu: –Oh, I see now… you must be that mangy, trespassing little rugrat I’ve been hearing about!

Manta: –Whoa, now… Hang on, you’ve got it all wrong… What are you…?!

(Repeat the zoom out segment where Manta screams. Scene changes back to the classroom. Manta is visibly injured after getting beaten up.)

Yoh: –I’ve heard about Ryu from my friends in the graveyard. And you’re Oyamada Manta, right? Okay, let’s go!

Manta: –H-Hold on a minute! Let’s go? Let’s go WHERE!?

Yoh: –To see Ryu! My grandfather always told me,  “Anyone who can see ghosts can’t be all bad”. –That’s how I know you’re a good person, and that’s why I can’t let what happened to you slide.

Manta: Just leave me alone, you space case! What do you think you’re going to do against Ryu, huh? That ugy is bad news! –Do you really think a space case like you can do ANYTHING to a guy like him?!

Yoh: –Okay, maybe the two of us are puny compared to him, but we’ll be fine! Everything will work out.

Manta: –Won’t you listen for once!? There’s no point in you trying to help me!!

Yoh: –Sure there is. We’re friends, right? Come on, let’s go!!

(Back to the graveyard.)

Manta: –Okay, I’ve had enough. Let’s get outta here! If Ryu and his goons spot us, we’re done for…

Ryu: –Hm? Who’s there?

Yoh: –Yo! I’m Yoh Asakura, and my friend here is Manta Oyamada. I heard you weren’t so nice to him last night. –I came here to pay you back.

Ryu: –Pay me back? As in ‘get revenge’, right? Pffthaha, that’s rich! I sure hope you’re ready for the afterlife, punk!

Yoh: –Funny you mention the afterlife. My friends there say you and your friends are getting on their nerves.

Ryu: –Grk…!! You little pipsqueak… Don’t mess with me!! –Grahhh! Know your place, and beg for forgiveness!! You alone have got no chance against me!

Yoh: –Oh, but I’m not alone!!

Samurai Ghost: –Thank you for granting me this opportunity to redress the humiliation placed on me by this vulgar lad!

Manta: –Humiliation? Wait… Could he be… Is that Amidamaru?!

Yoh: –I am a shaman, one who connects this world to the next!!

Manta: –A shaman? One who connects this world to the…what?

Yoh: –All right, Amidamaru! Let’s show him what we’re made of! –Hyaaaaaaaaah!!

Ryu: –What is that kid talking to himself about? –I don’t care. I’ve had enough of him! –Grahhhh!!


Defeat Dialogue:

Ryu: –Heh! That’ll shut you up… –If you knew what was good for you, you’da stayed the hell away from our special place!

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Yoh: –There you go, Amidamaru. That should cool your head…stone!♪

Manta: –…Cool your headstone? Even for a pun, that one’s could have been better.

Yoh: –Aww, hey now. Don’t sweat the small stuff! Heeheehee… –Still, I’m impressed you at how you kept your cool back there, Manta…

Manta: –Hm? What do you mean?

Yoh: –You..saw my possession with Amidamaru back there and all…

Manta: –Oh, that? Well, that may be because I saw more than enough in my first visit to the cemetary.♪

Yoh: –Oh, right.

Manta: –Seriously! How could I forget that night anytime soon?

Yoh: –You know, speaking of which…the stars are looking beautiful tonight as well.♪

Manta: –Wow,  no kidding!

Yoh: –I feel like staying and watching them for a while…you in?

[Manta’s Monologue]

“And so, my journey with Yoh into the world of spirits began.”

(End of Chapter 01.)

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