Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 2 vs. Ren (Part 02/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(第二廻 もう一人のシャーマン)

Chapter 02: Another Shaman

(The graveyard.)

Manta: –Darn! Darn! Darn!!! ram school ran late again! I’m going to miss the last train! –Whelp… Guess I’ll have to take the shortcut through the cemetary again.

???: –Hey, you. What’s your hurry?

Manta: –Oh, is that Yoh over there? –Wait, no. That’s not Yoh?  Hmmm… Guess Yoh’s not the only one who likes to stargaze in the cemetary. –But that’s now the only reason…he reminds me of Yoh.

???: –There are no stars in Tokyo.  Or, have you never noticed? –The stars are beacons which guide mankind.  Those who cannot read them will all go astray and rot.

Manta: –This guy gives me the creeps…)

???: –But as a shaman, I’m perfectly fine on my own.

Manta: –WHAT!? Did… Did he say ‘shaman’!? –Who in the world are you…?

Ren: –For now, I am only known as Ren Tao. –But soon, I will be revered as the ruler of all shamans. Isn’t that right, Bason?

Bason: –Yes, my liege.

Manta: –U-Uwaghhhh!!

Ren: It seems a fine ghost resides in this town. I shall take that samurai to use as my own.

Manta: –Huh?! D-Does he mean…?!

Ren: –Hehehehehe…

(The next day at school.)

Manta:– I have to tell Yoh about last night, but he hasn’t shown up to class yet.

Yoh: –Good morning…

Manta: –Ahhh!Yoh, listen! There was this super weird guy last night, and he…

Yoh: –…Huh?

Manta: –I SAID LISTEN! –There are other shamans like you! Right here in this town!!

Yoh: –Yeah…*yawns* Pretty cool, ain’t it…

Manta: –Wait… You’re not surprised?!

Yoh: –Well, I never said I was the only shaman ever, Manta.

Manta: –F-Fair enough, but… –But something wasn’t right about him! I think he plans to take Amidamaru away from you!

Yoh: –What? Take Amidamaru!?

Manta: –Oh, so NOW you’re awake.

(After class, in town.)

Yoh: –Ren Tao, huh… Can’t say I recognize the name. I wonder what kind of guy he is.

Manta: –That creepo already knows about you!I thought you said people who can see spirits weren’t bad!

Yoh: I mean, yeah, but… Eh, I don’t what I don’t know…

Manta: –Ohhh, I can’t take this!! Don’t you worry about anything?! What are you going to do?!

Yoh: –Everything will be fine, Manta! –“Anyone who can see ghosts can’t be all bad.” That’s why I want to meet him and see what kind of guy he really is.

Manta: –That all sounds real hunky-dory coming from you, but…

Yoh: –Don’t worry about it. For now, let’s go grab a bite!

Manta: –…Right.

(Scene change.)

Manta: –By the way, that Ren guy said something about a “ruler of all shamans”. Ever hear of that?

Yoh: –A ruler of all shamans? Oh, the Shaman King… that’s the guy who can unite with the ruler of all spirits.

Manta: –There’s a ruler of all spirits too? Interesting… So, whats the ruler of all spirits, then?

Yoh: –The ruler of all spirits is, like, the all-seeing, all-knowing, ultimate spirit.

Manta: –All-seeing and all-knowing? This is all a little too much for me to take in all at once.

Yoh: –Ah, you and I both! Heeheehee!

Manta: –Hold the phone, Yoh!! It’s him!  It’s Ren Tao!! He’s coming this way!

Ren: –………

Yoh: –Yo!♪

Ren: –Tools are only good when used by people who know how to use them properly, understand?

Yoh: Woah now, before you get too ahead of yourself, let me be clear. Amidamaru is my friend.


Yoh: –…What’s so funny?

Ren: You really don’t understand! You really think your ghost is something to be friends with?!

Yoh: !!

Ren: –To any shaman worth his salt, a ghost is nothing more than a tool. To befriend a ghost is absurd.

Yoh: –“Anyone who can see ghosts can’t be all bad”, so I know you’re not a bad person. –However… I can’t forgive someone who only sees spirits as tools!

Ren: –Hmph! Go ahead, I’ll show you how these tools were meant to be used!

Yoh: –I said ghost aren’t tools!

Ren: –Tch! You talk big, for a worm. Hand over that tool, or suffer the consequences!


Defeat Dialogue:

Ren: –Hmph… As I thought. You know nothing beyond playing with toys. –This should teach you not to treat ghosts like they’re your friends…

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Manta: –Yoh, are you all right?

Yoh: –Yup! Amidamaru’s safe now!

Amidamaru: –And for that, I am forever in your debt.

Yoh: –This has nothing to do with debt, Amidamaru! We’re friends, aren’t we? That’s what friends are for!

Amidamaru: –Lord Yoh…

Yoh: –But where’s Ren Tao? He was just here a moment ago…

Manta: –Who knows. He must have fled right after you beat the snot out of him…

Yoh: –I guess… –Anyway, that really wore me out for the day! Manta, Amidamaru, let’s head home!

Manta: –I second that!♪

Amidamaru: –I happen to third the notion!

Yoh: –Heeheehee!

[Manta’s Monologue]

“The fight had ended, but what was it about? And what is the Shaman King? Just who is Yoh, really? I still don’t know anything about shamans.”

(End of Chapter 02.)

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