Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 3 vs. Jun (Part 04/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(第三廻 カンフーマスター)

Chapter 03: Kung fu Master

(Tao Residence)

???: –Yoh Asakura… He sounds strong. –However, I don’t understand how you could not handle him yourself.

Ren: –………

???: –Uhuhu… Do not get upset, Ren. You only waste your energy. –It is my duty to support you, remember? –Those samurai’s arts will be as nothing against my guardian.

(Yoh and co.)


Yoh: –Stop for what, Manta? What are you so hyped up about?

Manta: –There’s a Lee Pai Long movie revival screening today!!

Yoh: –Lee Pai Long?What’s a revival screening? And what’s a Lee Pai Long?

Manta: –WHAT?! You mean, don’t know WHO Lee Pai Long is?!

Anna: –Stop yelling already, cupcake!

Manta: –S-Sorry, Anna. So, you really don’t know who Lee Pai Long is, Yoh?

Yoh: –Nope.

Manta: –Lee Pai Long is only the most legendary action film star in cinematic history!

Amidamaru: –Action film star? Cinematic history? What nefarious villainy is that?

Manta: –None, whatsoever!  Lee Pai Long fought against evil using only his fists. He was a Kung fu hero! –He’s gone down as the greatest in history for his superhuman stunts and his iconic, mid-fight shouting.

Yoh: –The greatest in history? This must have been before I was born, clearly.

Manta: –Why not come see one of his movies? It’ll blow your mind!! C’mon, you too, Anna! How about it?

Anna: –No way. I’m not paying for tickets to some movie. I’m sure even you understand.

Manta: –ACK!! –C’mon, Anna! If you all only knew how great he was, you’d definitely change your mind!! –He combined several fighting style to make his own style of kung fu, Dao Dan Do!

Yoh: –Dao Dan Do?

Manta: –Yup! And it was considered the most powerful fighting style ever! You could kill a foe with one hit! –In Chinese, the word “dao dan” means “to have the destructive power of a missile”! –Still, Dao Dan Do was not about killing your enemy. It was about using martial arts to realize your true self! –And about finding something that exists which best keeps you rooted to this world!

Yoh: –Wow, you really know your stuff, Manta!

Anna: –What are you saying? He admires these superhero types so much because he himself is a weakling. –The weaker the body is, the stronger you see that sort of admiration piddle out of people.

Manta: –Ope!

Yoh: –Hey… Don’t let her discouragement get to you, Manta.

Manta: –…The weaker I am? She’s right, Yoh. I could never like Lee Pai Long. And what’s the point? –Out of nowhere, Lee Pai Long died before he could ever complete his Dao Dan Do style.

Yoh: –Huh? He’s dead?

Manta: –Yeah. And what’s more, his corpse mysteriously disappeared during the funeral, but was never found.

Anna: –?! His corpse…disappeared?

Manta: –Are you interested now, Anna? Yoh’s been training really hard every day. He could use a break too!

Anna: –…Fine. We’re going.

Yoh: –Alright, everyone! Let’s go see just how strong Lee Pai Long is for ourselves!

Amidamaru: –I would like to come as well!

(Scene change to movie theater.)

Yoh: –I don’t believe it! Lee Pai Long really IS the greatest!

Manta: –See?! I told you so!♪

(A stranger appears.)

Anna: –…!!

Yoh: –…Hmm? Who are you?

Jun: –My name is Jun Tao. I believe you’ve met my brother, Ren.

Anna: –So, you’re a shaman too.

Jun: –Correct. Specifically, I am a Taoist.

Manta: –A Taoist? If I’m not wrong, Taoists are Chinese shamans who use charms to control jiang-shi, or zombies. –Depending on what’s written on the charm, Taoists can control their jiang-shi’s every move. –It’s a technique called “Choushi-soushi-jutsu”. It’s basically mind control.

Jun: –Indeed. Taoist shamans like myself adhere to a craft passed down in our country for generations. –Today, I have come to you asking for a favor.

Yoh: –A favor?

Jun: –Would you please hand over that samurai of yours? Amidamaru, was it? My dear brother wants it very much.

Yoh: –It doesn’t matter how nicely you ask for ‘it’, but Amidamaru isn’t some thing I hand over.

Jun: –It’s for your own good. If you don’t do as I ask, my Lee Pai Long will…

Yoh: –Your… Lee Pai Long?

Jun: –Indeed. Lee Pai Long is my guardian. He is a deadly weapon, collected by the Tao family years ago.

Manta: –A weapon?Collected?! H-How can you say that about a–

Jun: –Surrender the samurai or prepare to die by Lee Pai Long’s hand!

Yoh: –Not happening! You’ve had enough of this too, right Amidamaru?

Amidamaru: –Naturally!

Jun: –You just want to get in Ren’s way until the bitter end, don’t you?

Yoh: –It’s not that simple. Amidamaru is my friend. I don’t like people who treat to him like an object!

Jun: –You’re friend? Hohoho! Surely you can whip up a better excuse than that!

Yoh: –But it’s the truth!

Jun: –Just do as I say!

Yoh: –Not before I break the spell you put on Lee Pai Long!


Defeat Dialogue:

Jun: –Ohoho… My Lee Pai Long is unstoppable. –That samurai of yours is useless. Ren doesn’t need to waste his time with a spirit like that!

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Anna: –Pai Long’s spell is broken. He’s back to his true self.

Jun: –………

Lee: –Wh-What… happened… to me…?

Jun: –………………………..

Anna: –Are you going to let him go, Jun Tao?

Jun: –Maybe I was wrong. I didn’t understand Pai Long as my guardian, Pai Long as a person, anything. –I don’t know what’s right anymore. That’s all I can say. I’m at a complete and utter loss. –You really are strong, Yoh Asakura.

Anna: –Of course he is. I wouldn’t make him my husband if he wasn’t.

Jun: –I’m not qualified to control Pai Long.

Lee: –Wait, Jun Tao! I promise I will never lose myself again… –Would you please allow me to stay by your side as your jiang-shi?

Jun: –I accept. However, no more charms, I promise.

Lee: –Heh…

Jun: –Thank you, Yoh! You helped Lee Pai Long!

Yoh: –Hehehe!

[Manta’s Monologue]

“And with that, Jun and Pai Long disappeared into the moonlight.”

(End of Chapter 03.)

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