Shaman King: Spirit of Shamans (PSX) Story Translation, Chapter 4 vs. Ryu (Part 05/18)

61R1Q8JFQ1L._SX342_(第四廻 因縁600年)

Chapter 03: Ties Lasting 600 Years

(Abandoned bowling alley.)

Ryu: –Hmph… Tch! Dammit! Just who the hell are you, Yoh Asakura?! –After I met you, nothing’s the same! You stupid “shaman”! You ruined everything! Why?! …Hm?

???: –After 600 years, I’ve finally found someone who feels the way I do!

Ryu: –Wh-Who are you?!

???:–You want to be stronger, no? I can help you with that… Kyahyahyahyahyak!!

Ryu: –Uww… Uwoooooough!!

Possessed Ryu: –Uwahahahaha!! Is this Easter Sunday? ‘Cuz I’m back from the dead, baby! And I’m almost ready… –But first, I need to find the sword, Harusame!

(Asakura Residence)

Manta: –S-Sorry to keep you waiting, Anna, but dinner’s ready.

Anna:– …You weren’t kidding about the wait. You’d better hope it turned out delicious. –…*Munch*…*Munch*…

Manta: –…*Badump*…*Badump*…

Anna: –…*Munch*…*Munch*…

Yoh: –…*Badump*…*Badump*…

Anna: –Well, I can see myself eating this again, at least. You’re off the hook for now.

Manta: –Gee… It only took 11 times, but she finally approved of our cooking.

Yoh: –Hahaha… Finally’s right, Manta.

Anna: –Speed and refined tastes are necessary for cooking. Just keep hammering out those two points, and you’ll get there, someday.

Manta: –Sheesh… I was worried I’d be stuck here for the rest of my life.

Anna: –Oh? You’re not complaining, are you?

Yoh: –N-No, of course he wasn’t! M-Manta just really needs to get home soon, right Manta?

Manta: –Huh? Oh! R-Right…  I should head home for the night. Good plan. Ahaha…

Anna: –Take care on your way back!

(Manta, on his way home.)

Manta: –Awwwe! Thanks to Anna, I’m running late again! …Huh? –Ryu? But what’s he doing back in the graveyard?

Possessed Ryu: –Ehh? What do you want, shrimp? Good timing, at least. I want to ask you something.

Manta: –What? Ask me something?

Possessed Ryu: –The sword, Harusame… Do you have any idea where it is?

Manta: –Harusame… Isn’t that Amidamaru’s legendary blade? Do you mean THAT Harusame?

Possessed Ryu: –Amidamaru… Hehehe, so you DO know about his sword! –Alright, shrimp. I don’t want another peep outta you. Take me to the sword! Now!

(Asakura Residence.)

Yoh: –Huh? M-Manta?! What’s this feeling? Did something happen to Manta?

Anna: –People who can sense the supernatural are sometimes able to share each other’s feelings. –That sensation is no different than a foreboding from the stars… I felt it too.

Amidamaru: –Lady Anna, were you able to determine the whereabouts of Lord Manta?

Anna: –No, but any number of ghosts who heard his voice might.

???: –That won’t be necessary. The night watch is already here…

Possessed Ryu: –I can’t wait to settle things with him personally.

Manta: –Mmrrrmmmph! Mrrrmph..

Yoh: –Manta!!

Possessed Ryu: –Uh-oh, don’t come any closer! If you do… I burn down this house of yours. –Guess that doesn’t matter. If you don’t want anything to happen to the shrimp, I’m sure you’ll do as I say. –I’ve only come for one thing… Amidamaru!! I’m here to take my revenge upon you!!

Yoh: –Ryu? Can he see Amidamaru?!

Anna: –Everyone can sense the supernatural to some extent, Yoh. But this man is clearly possessed.

Possessed Ryu: –Hehehehehe…

Anna: –Come now, why don’t you show us your filthy face for what it really is?

Possessed Ryu: –You should watch that mouth of yours, little girl. You have no idea who you’re dealing with. –I’m Great Thief Tokagero! I’m here to settle the grudge I’ve shouldered for 600 years! –Eeeehyahyahyahyahya!

Anna: –What a corny name.

Tokagero: –What did you say?!

Anna: –Tokagero… That was the name of a man who led a band of thieves in these parts 600 years ago.

Tokagero: –Hehehehe… Do you understand now? Do you see yet why I’ve come here? Amidamaru, everything was your fault! You’re the one who killed me and my gang 600 years ago!

Amidamaru: –Really?! Uh, I mean… Sorry, but what was your name again?

Tokagero: –Whoa, hang on a minute!! Don’t tell me YOU forgot! I’m Great Thief Tokagero!

Yoh: –You can’t be serious, Amidamaru…

Amidamaru: –I killed so many rogues in my day, Lord Yoh. I couldn’t possibly remember every last one!

Tokagero: –Fine, whatever… Maybe disposing of this little shrimp will help kickstart your brain!

Manta: –Mmmrmmmph! Mmmrrrmmmph!!

Yoh: –Manta!! We have to help him!!

Tokagero: –Hyeh! If you want to save your little friend, you’ll have to get through me!


Defeat Dialogue:

Tokagero: –Serves you right, Amidamaru!! After 600 years, finally, I’ve had my revenge!! –Hyahyahyahyahya!

Continue? Yes or No.

(End of scene.)

Victory Dialogue:

Tokagero: –Grrk! …Why? –Why would you put your life on the line for this shrimp? Even when I could have killed you?!

Amidamaru: –That is… because we are his friends. –When you were alive, you only cared about your survival. You never opened your heart. –What you needed all this time was your own special place… A place with friends.

Tokagero: –A place…with friends…

Manta: –Yoh!

Yoh: –Manta! Are you all right? You’re not hurt, are you?

Manta: –Nope! I’m fine. Not a scratch on me!

Yoh: –Whew, that’s a relief!♪ But what about Ryu?

Anna: –You’ll never become the next Shaman King if you waste your life helping bad people like him.

Yoh: –Nah, Ryu’s not all bad. He was just possessed this whole time, remember?

Anna: –Well, duh! That wasn’t the point!More importantly, it seems he has the makings of a shaman.

Yoh: –Ryu the shaman… Eeheehee! I like the sound of that!

Anna: –You think I’m joking? Nothing’s keeping him and Tokagero from going full lizard style on you now.

Yoh: Hm? Oh, right. Tokagero. Are you feeling better now?

Tokagero: –Ahh, I’ve started feeling something inside after watching you all tonight. –Heck, maybe I didn’t think this when I was alive, but having friends doesn’t sound so bad!

Yoh: –You’ve got that right! ♪ And now, every last one of us is friends, heeheeheehee!

[Manta’s Monologue]

“Tokagero, the vengeful ghost who tried to kill us, and Wooden Sword Ryu became our newest companions. And soon enough, the latest act in our adventure would unfold for us.”

(End of Chapter 04.)

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